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Cirrus Tail sat on Pepper Dust’s back porch. Soft snow drifted about in oscillating waves as if somepony had stirred up a snowglobe gently and let it sit for awhile. He shivered from the bitter winds that had penetrated the sanctuary of wood and masonry and decided that their best use of their time was to whip circles around his body.

Taking in a deep breath, he waited a few seconds and let his plum scarf billow like a flag before resolve told him to push on. He k


The hike to Southern Equestria had been harsh. But after days of hoofing it, the environment around me changed from plains to swamp -- pristine plains slowly turning from vibrant green, to dull brown, to wet clumpy, mossy vegetation. Large bodies of water sat there, as if waiting for something. I stayed away.

The air slow turned stale and slow, but smelling of wild berries and soil. It also got a bit cooler, but not so much to w

blinki - 09/02/2017

It was now late evening and the horizon was a beautiful pink and purple twilight. Not far from a puffy white cloud house was a bored-looking cyan pegasus longing on a fluffy cloud. It had been tough to find some thrills lately ever since she attained Wonde

rbolt status. She laid blue hooves behind her head and idly dangled her hind legs off the cloud and thought. It was weird, but she was about

Somewhere far in outskirts of a tiny town a white pony rose from her slumber. Daylight broke and the sleepy pony decided it best to move on. She stretched her marshmallowy body and her ridiculously shapely hips and bounded up the stairs, a familiar pressure building inside of her. After depositing her previous night’s meal remains in a freshly dug ditch (she had some class), mare walked over to a cold river and freshened up a bit. Seeing some leafy grass, she bit and munched into the patch

It had been another day in Ponyville. The sun was shining brightly and everything was just great. Ponies bustled, they ambled, they chattered amongst and generally did the things small horses tended to do,which included being cute and colorful.

But Twilight wasn’t so bustly. Today of all days she was sick. Okay, she wasn't sick, but sometimes ponies need to exaggerate a little to get a day off. And that’s what she was going to do today.

The blue pony was whirled to the floor.

“You know, I don’t really like curious ponies. If you dig too deep, you might find yourself looking back from the dirt!”, a white mare said angrily, her fangs and teeth bared.

Soft Feather squirmed as he tried to place a hoof on firm ground. This endeavour was cut short, however, when sudden pain blossomed on his side. Ribs and chest protested as his world saile

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Posted by Shoelace 2 months ago Report

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Thanks a lot <3 we really appreciate :3 for the moment we will see how it goes, but since it's still our first month as full time artist, we are trying to see how we want our career to be :)

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Posted by Shoelace 3 months ago Report

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No, we do not have one

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Posted by CardinalExeroth 9 months ago Report

Thank you for the fav, hope you enjoyed the story!

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Posted by CABEZILLA142DXD 1 year ago Report

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I don't even know if patreon would allow my stuff lol


Posted by MirceaKitsune 1 year ago Report

Thank you for the fave!


Posted by Underside 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav. (^⩌^)

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Posted by Destiny 2 years ago Report

Thank-you for the watch


Posted by Gat 2 years ago Report

A very happy new year and thank you for watching <3


Posted by SplitterPic 2 years ago Report

thanks for the fav ^^


Posted by Scottglass 3 years ago Report

Thanksies for the watch!
I’d love to know whatcha like about my art! ^^


Posted by TaciturnTiger 4 years ago Report

Thank you for watching me. Can't really say that it's going to give a good return, but hey.


Posted by jjlava 4 years ago Report

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No problem, keep making great stuff and they'll keep coming.

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