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You like dragons? I do. this show is for you.
You like Jet fighters and aviation in general ? I do. This show is for you.

You like Vore? he-he.

So, all 12 episodes of the first (perhaps only) season of "Hisomaso" have now aired and can be find subbed online.
Those who wanted to wait untill that moment, now is the time!

There is now a manga as well! only the 2 first chapters are out, it seems to tell the same story from a different perspective, and surprisingly some light alterations.

I overall really enjoyed this show, even if the story isn't amazing and the second half is kinda clumsy with a tonal shift that isn't pushed enough to be interesting. But I glad they stayed on a mainly-comedy route.

It has...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Hivelord 4 months ago Report

Did you remove some of your how to train your dragon stuff? Some of the really good ones are gone.


Posted by Darknerdygonzo 8 months ago Report

What happened to your starwars vore comics? Your hutt one with sabine wren was my fav! please re upload them if yah taken them down.


Posted by adamtheapple 1 year ago Report

i hope to see you draw again


Posted by z3d 2 years ago Report

Was looking at your gallery, the one thing you drew of rainbow dash eating all her friends and later coming back as ghosts is missing from your gallery

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Posted by animehero64 3 years ago Report

You take commission or request?


Posted by TeaBucket 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave! :D


Posted by wiseguy288 6 years ago Report

Thanks a bunch for the fave ^^


Posted by AthleticDashie 6 years ago Report

Hey, I found your Gilda, Rainbow Dash and Pinkamena Diane Pie Vore Pic for Villainous Delights


Posted by shepard1707 7 years ago Report

Love your stuff. Desperately hope for more smutty vore.

There's not enough HTTYD Smutty Vore.


Posted by jaggedjagd 7 years ago Report

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I'm as surprised as you >3>


Posted by Hariken 8 years ago Report

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Posted by Hariken 8 years ago Report

Do you possibly do requests, commissions or trades?

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