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Bandit queens of the Fort Lucenne Mall

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I've been going through a rut where I just cant draw the simplest thing, I don't really know why. Was hoping to get the commissions from a couple weeks ago done before I had to take new ones this week but it doesnt seem like that's the case, but its still necassary to take new commissions cause I gotta pay 50 bucks a week. I guess I'm just venting a little, or trying to make up for the fact I don't really know what to do about it and maybe someone will have an idea, I dunno. On the plus side I made a bit more progress on Chocola RPG at least

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Posted by CarriedEmperor 5 days ago Report

The bandit queens of Lucenne mall? Why the hell does that sound familiar?


Posted by MrWiseGuy 11 days ago Report

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Posted by MrWiseGuy 12 days ago Report

Are you gonna make vore art based on CTRNF?


Posted by yes 2 weeks ago Report

Lol did you get your new pfp from OneyPlays?


Posted by F1reDem0n 2 weeks ago Report

*has a sudden influux of comment replies and isn't sure why*
*goes to check and see's they are all from you*

Oh you Carni~


Posted by Joannabonana 2 weeks ago Report

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Thanks! Im glad you like them :3 Been a fan of your stuff for a while now!


Posted by KuyolCosmo 3 weeks ago Report

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Posted by fallenandscattered01 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the fave
My commissions are open! only if you are interested


Posted by DrakaNoms 1 month ago Report

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Hell yeah!
I almost can't believe how much cool new shit they're adding too! It's almost like a brand new game on top of the remake :3
Spyro, Tawna, new skins for everyone, new tracks~


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Posted by LoliWolfAlicia 1 month ago Report

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sorry for asking, thanks for replying though

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Posted by LoliWolfAlicia 1 month ago Report

Do you think youll ever reupload the rest of a bunny in the park?

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Posted by yerbabuena 1 month ago Report

OI your art is also great!~

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