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Foxtail Posted 2 weeks ago
I'm advertising this game cause I love it so much

It's only 3 chapters so far but 8 are planned, it's really wonderful and deserves more love so I'm trying to get everyone interested that I can
Another game idea Posted 3 weeks ago
An arcade style game where Sam runs around on her jog and eats people, something I've thought about a few times..
Just an idea Posted 4 weeks ago
You should all stuff sugar cookies into my mouth until I'm so fat I can't move. Just a thought. Happy howlidays even though I'm a fox and foxes don't howl
*prey mode* Posted 1 month ago

I want to be inside that belly more than anything in the whole world ;3;
Hot moms are the best Posted 1 month ago
Like seriously
Should I continue working on Vorigin Story? Posted 1 month ago
Curious what number of people would be interested in the full game
Vore scenes Posted 2 months ago
I cant figure out how to make good vore scenes for Chocola RPG 3. Any ideas
If anyone wants to donate to help with Chocola RPG 3 Posted 3 months ago
Thaanks everyone
Costume Ideas for Chocola Posted 3 months ago
For a potential Halloween pic later
Is Game Maker Studio a good program to make vore platformers with? Posted 4 months ago
Its something I really wanna make but for some reason I cant get the program to start up (I got the trial version, didnt buy) so before I get all frustrated trying to figure it out, anyone know if it can make a nice vore platformer, or if theres already ones out there that would be a good example