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Chocola RPG 3 Itch page Posted 1 month ago
Just mentioning Chocola RPG 3 is on itch now, and will be updated there from now on
Loona is the hottest girl of all time Posted 1 month ago
And there's nothing that could convince me otherwise
I have a new kink Posted 2 months ago
Nipple fucking and then cumming inside said nipples to inflate the tiddies

I gotta do something with this
Chocola costume ideas (for RPG) Posted 4 months ago
Wanna have unlockable costumes for Chocola to wear, I have a Rabid Skull costume for her (which I think she looks quite good in), but it'd be pretty helpful to get some ideas of what you guys would like to see Chocola in, so if you have any ideas toss em at me
Nice Ankha animation Posted 4 months ago
If you're into Ankha then watch this, its short but sooo good
Chocola RPG ideas Posted 5 months ago
Ideas for side quests, fetish scenes, gameplay mechanics, just drop em here
I'm 30 today Posted 5 months ago
I guess I've reached milfhood sorta. I wonder what kind of milfy outfit would suit me best
Wanna commission art of Juno from Beastars Posted 6 months ago
I dunno from who though so I thought I'd throw this out there

Edit: Had to buy a new bed so nevermind ahhh
What's your favorite look for milfs? Posted 6 months ago
I say big ponytail, big hoop earrings, tight jeans and a sweater with a cleavage window. What do you think?
Regarding Chocola RPG episode 3 Posted 7 months ago
I haven't made any progress for chapter 2 and a big reason for that is because of how hard the graphics are to draw. Long story short I'm seriously considering restarting the game over as a Gameboy game made in GB Studio, since the graphics there are really easy to draw because of the low resolution. I'd really hate to discard what I've already done and I so really like the graphics I've already made, but I'm not sure how much more of it I can do on my own. Making this suck even more is I already said save data would be transferable to chapter 2 but I have a bad habit of getting ahead of myself. But I'm still undecided on it, but I'm currently experimenting with it

edit: I guess I wont go through with it