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Hello! Welcome to my Eka's profile - I'm very new to the site. Vore is a newer interest of mine but I like it a lot, and it's super fun to draw, so I'll be posting some stuff here as well as on my tumblr, which hosts other art as well as my own:

I'd also like to note that while I enjoy vore a great deal, I don't exactly like it as a fetish; it doesn't interest me in that way. I find it to be a super unique concept which allows for interesting character concepts, designs, and dynamics. It's really fun to draw and I like experimenting with it! So feel free to talk to me about it, just don't get too suggestive, please.

I really enjoy drawing soft/clean oral vore and stuffing. NSFW is fine; implied digestion can be cute, I think.

I'm not much a fan of any other vore to be quite honest, though tail and soul vore seem interesting to me. I'm very iffy on hard vore, unless there are candy gore elements to it (bright colors, cartoony style).

I also like drawing Pokemon vore the most! However, I'm open to trying pretty much anything - furry, monster, human, ect.

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By ragnar

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Hiya!! It's been a long, long time since I've logged into Eka's (maybe over a year? Wrow). I basically don't use this site anymore now that I'm on FA, which I vastly prefer despite it's faults. So, if you'd like to continue following my work, follow me there! I'm still EclairsCollection and should be easy to find!

I'll also say I made a Twitter too, and you can follow me @EclairsCargo. I post art/commissions there as well.

One more also!! I have a patreon! If you like my stuff and would like to support me, here's a link:

Uh that's it! It's unlikely I'll upload anything else to this account, or reply to messages or...
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Posted by SnowPandor 3 years ago Report

Hate to bug ya i was wondering bout the old ych you have and still buy them or no?

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Posted by Camlio420 4 years ago Report

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It works very well now~ Glad you're happy I commented


Posted by Camlio420 4 years ago Report

Thought you should know your page color theme makes it really, really hard to read any of the titles of your art.


Posted by Tsubasa17 5 years ago Report

Hello there! Saw your Marble's Snack in my New Submissions, and I love it! One problem, for me at least: Everything is so pink! I can't see the words! My eyes are burning from all the pink! Other than that, please, continue


Posted by Lemon-scentedBiscut 5 years ago Report

shoutout 2 u for being so great


Posted by CakeInferno 6 years ago Report

Your art...


Take this watch, but use it wisely!

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Posted by Deviant123 6 years ago Report

Amazing artwork!:D


Posted by Radar 6 years ago Report

Love your stuff; been following you on tumblr for a while but just barely noticed you had an eka's~


Posted by 9kirby99 6 years ago Report

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Ah, okay. I was mostly asking for one to do later, since I can't draw much over my spring break anyway. ^^;


Posted by 9kirby99 6 years ago Report

Hi there! Up to try a trade?


Posted by ragnar 6 years ago Report

Welcome to the portal! You have some nice artwork ... And I'm honoured to have received your first fave ^^


Posted by CGR-7 6 years ago Report

Hey there, E.C.. Welcome to the Portal. =)

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