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Hey! I'm just a dude who lurked for years before deciding to write some stories. Enjoy!

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It all happened so fast.
After 5 shots of tequila - or maybe 6, you couldn't remember - your brain wasn't exactly operating at 100% efficiency. You'd barely reacted when a pair of hands pushed you from behind, shoving you into the walk-in closet. You stumbled onto the floor of the closet with a dull thump as the door slid shut. Darkness enveloped you, isolating you from the party going on outside, before you could even register what happened.
Then, as you tried to stumble to your feet, you were

Being a professional cameraman was Alex's dream.
He'd been interested in film since he was just a kid. Growing up, he'd spend his weekends renting movies from the old, dying Blockbuster down the street from his house and binging them with friends. Tarantino flicks, trashy rom-coms, old monster movies - he ate it all up. During his freshman year of High School, a Film class that he took as an elective sparked a deeper interest in the medium. Suddenly, he was seeing movies in a whole new way - he'

"Hang on, you want to do what?"
Amy was slumped over in a chair in the corner of the gym, basking in the afterglow of a tough workout, when she was approached by a vaguely punk-looking girl.
"I wanna swallow you," the punk girl repeated, brushing her pink hair out of her eyes. "So I can train with some extra weight. I left my dip belt at home."
Amy glanced at the girl's body while she processed the bizarre request. She was lean and ripped from her shoulders down to her calves - she could've ea

CaffeineFiend687: How much would a vore photo set with a patron cost?
That was the message that popped up on Tara's computer screen. She was used to getting bizarre, sexual DM's like this; after all, that's just what happens when you're a female cosplayer who specializes in lewd stuff. Normally, she'd just ignore it and move on with her night... But something about this particular DM caught her attention. She recognized the sender.
"CaffeineFiend687" had been supporting Tara on Patreon for years

Jason hadn't gone into the theater expecting a crowd.
He was seeing a niche indie film, one that juuust barely had the budget to get a limited run in a select few theaters. It was a slow-burn mystery story, it had little in the way of action, and the director behind it wasn't well-known. It also shared a release date with a brand new superhero movie, which was playing in the theater next door. Jason was almost positive he'd be viewing the movie alone.
He was wrong.
About five minutes into the fi

The feminine moan reverberated throughout the dimly-lit bedroom. In any other instance, it would've been audible throughout the entire house; however, on this particular night, the thumping EDM being blasted on the first floor was masking it.
The party was fun at first, sure. But Stella - she'd shown up to this frat party looking for a different sort of entertainment. The kind that you needed to sneak away to the second-floor bedroom to enjoy.
"Ohhh god..."
Tonight, he

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Hi I just wanted to let you know that iveread all your stories an you are just the best !! ???????????? kinda wish they would include some aftermath tho but I guess keeping us on age makes it so special! Love ya


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Welcome to Ekas !

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