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Welcome! This is where I put the ideas I pull from the deep, dark recesses of my mind. Enter at your own peril.

Discord: nomnomfap #8371

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Makoto’s Park Visitnomnomfap & Loud-Silence1337================================================================CHAPTER 1================================================================Makoto entered the building tentatively, the 22 year old woman of Japanese descent looking around quizzically. A park employee, a blonde young woman with a long ponytail, smiled and walked over to her, reassuringly.“Hi, and welcome to The Park! First time?”Makoto nodded, “I'm still pr

Boutique BanquetNomnomfapSusan walked into the washroom, her feet aching after standing for nearly 4 hours straight on her shift. She walked to the mirror and sighed, taking her reflection in as she adjusted her auburn hair, a few strands hanging over her forehead as she tied the back of it into an organized bun. Her green eyes in the mirror pierced into her own as she stared at herself. Despite the sweat sticking to her long sleeve shirt underneath her vest, she thought she still looked good

Hot TubNomnomfapThe young man walked through the forest, excited yet with a creeping feel of trepidation about the area he was in. He was following a scent, sweet and seductive, that lured him further into the mossy-covered landscape. He slowed down, his nude body feeling right at home in the warm humid air. He felt like stopping quite abruptly, for a reason he couldn’t put his finger on. He looked around, heartbeat increasing as the air became silent. Suddenly he felt something wrap ar

The Park: SnakeNomnomfapThe woman screamed, the tail of the snake firmly gripping her as it slithered off. She was coated in a layer of filth from the elephant that began to feel cool on her naked body as the air blew past.The snake took her up a forested area into an outcropping of rocks near a river. The massive reptile leaned its head in to drink some water with its long forked tongue, before lifting the woman above and proceeding to dunk her gently in the river. The lady struggled as she

CampingNomnomfapSnuggled under the light sleeping bag in their tent, Tom breathed a sigh of contentment as he wrapped his arms around Emelia. The two had a full day of hiking in the wilderness far from civilization, and all that remained of the fire outside was now warm glowing embers. Cozy inside the tent, the two campers had just finished a vigorous round of love-making and were basking in the afterglow. One of Tom's hands gently caressed Emelia's full breast as he ran the other hand lightl

The Garden


Karen had always longed to have a collection of exotic plants. She watched the documentaries on the internet and TV, people showing off their elaborate gardens full of large, colorful plant specimens of all varieties. Her wealthy husband had always been against the idea, citing the high costs of upkeep and possible r

entered the apartment, holding a brown box with a lid covered in
holes. She wore tight blue jeans with a white tank top that looked
to be one size too small, her considerable bust spilling out
showcasing her ample cleavage. She locked the front door, then
excitedly walked into the living room with the box in hand. On a
table against the wall there sat a large reptile terrarium, with
glass walls 4 feet wide by 2 feet tall. She approached the reptile
tank, setting the box d

was a crisp October afternoon when a burly man wearing a long-sleeve
shirt under a pair of overalls entered the barn, gravel crunching
under his feet as he carried one end of a rope in tow. At the other
end of the rope was a woman, stark naked, tied at the wrists being
pulled along. Dark hair flowed around her full face, one that was
wearing a look of discomfort and displeasure. From her large double
D-cup breasts swaying to and fro over her slightly paunchy belly to
her r

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Hello! Thanks to any of you reading who have enjoyed my work. I am currently working on the next chapter of the Park series, when I find time for writing outside of work and life in general. The positive feedback I've gotten from my stories so far keeps me going!

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