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Michael had been warned. Whilst out playing in the woods with his older sister and friends,





come upon



them to cross over the boundary line into the forbidden zone. When they'd dared him he obliged and went so f

A Bear’s Last Meal Before Hibernation
I was lost. I’d been hiking all day but in late afternoon, high in the mountains the weather changed and became severe. People had died in less and with nowhere to pitch my tent on the rough ground I was forced to look for shelter elsewhere.
I found, after a degree of frantic scrambling, the wide entrance to a cave. I stepped inside out of the downpour and rummaged through my rucksack for my flashlight. Its long yellow beam reached down the tunne

How to Feed Your Dragon: Part 2
"No! Please!" Lou cried as the wet stone floor scuffed at her back and bottom. "I'm not ready yet! I'm not going!" Naz began to stir as the screaming offering was presented to her. The dragon sat up and yawned, revealing more clearly than before, it's rows of gums and teeth. It's tongue lolled out like a panting wolf and in that instant Lou could smell it's hot breath, sweaty and carnivorous.
"Sorry honey." Nina said woefully, "but there's room for one more in th

How to Feed Your Dragon: Part 1
The girls shivered in their cage. The humid air from the rock walls hung around them as a vaporous mist, making their thin clothes and hair, sourly damp. In the distance they heard the torrent of a waterfall and the faint clang of someone hammering steel. They looked beyond the thick iron bars and, from amidst the gloom of a slender tunnel, saw the shape of a figure approaching.
Nina, a muscular and buxom women wearing a leather corset and a thin cloth skirt, saun

Goldilocks & the Three Bears

‘Well, well…’ said Mommy bear as her husband and son arrived either side of the bed. ‘Kids these days.’ She concluded, looking down at the snoozing lump that was Goldilocks.

‘I told you someone was sleeping in my bed!’ Baby bear remarked bitterly. ‘Didn’t I!’

‘Sure did.’ Dadd

Vicky opened her eyes and saw very little. She lay squeezed inside the ogre’s fist and felt herself being carried, an odd swinging motion that rose and fell like the sway of a ship in rough seas. Her legs dangled from the enormous fingers that clasped her. She guessed that little Lisa must be in the ogre’s other hand. Poor Lisa, thought Vicky, that girl had caught the worst of this adventure.
The last thing the ogre had said to them before she was picked up was

The girls stood little chance. So far, since their capture at the crash site, out of the eleven that had been bundled into the sac, nine had been disposed of.
The Lieutenant had been the first to go. Swallowed alive by the smaller of the two male ogre’s whilst Hannah, a little while later, met with a similar fate with Blacky. The first girls to be taken inside one of the female’s wombs were Katy and Lisa; both packed tightly inside Blondey with very

On a remote planet, amidst the vast rooms deep within the lair of the ogres, the remaining group of ship survivors huddled together. All women, they sat on the soft sandy floor of a great room as the evil ogre’s came to collect them. The burning torches on the walls and the soft moonlight through the ceiling, some sixty feet up, cast the creatures in a sinister glow.
Laura, one of the ships medical officers, had staid silent throughout the whole ordeal. She was roo

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