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An Invasive Species in Galar
Gloria and Marnie were strolling along at a leisurely pace as the gentle sun and calm breeze cleansed them of their built-up stress. It had already been over a month since the annual Champion's Cup had concluded, but all the hype and enthusiasm surrounding it had yet to show any signs of slowing down, which had created little opportunity for the two esteemed and exceedingly popular trainers to wind down from what had been another hectic season.
They had chosen a rela

A Predator at U. A. High School
It was another day at the most renowned heroics academy in Japan, the place where the most capable youth were moulded into inspiring saviours of the innocent, all taught by the same individuals who they aspired to be like one day. The bright morning sun lit up the entire campus as all the enrolled students made their way inside, lightening their spirits and raising their optimism with its rays before their end of term assessments.
Momo Yaoyorozu didn't particularl

A Serperior Specimen
''Servine! Use vine whip!''
Hilda's firm command, spoken with confidence, sounded loud and clear across the open grassland, unaffected by the still afternoon air and inspiring swift action from the pokémon at which it was directed. A distinct crack rang out quickly after, which in turn was immediately followed by a pained whine from the Poochyena that had been on the receiving end.
''Nice one! Now hit it with energy ball!''
A rush of excitement coursed through the tra

An Unlucky Leaf
The sun shone bright all over Kanto, its rays unencumbered by a cloudless sky and relentless against all they touched. It was a paradise for all the grass-type pokémon living in the region, save for the carnivorous ones, just as it was for the various bug-types that either gathered nectar from them or just straight up fed on them.
There were other kinds that benefited from the scorching conditions, be it the birds who had a buffet of the aforementioned insects to choose fr

Bernadetta's Favourite Gift
It was another bright and pleasant Sunday at the monastery at Garreg Mach, and all the different kinds of people present were going about their day as usual; be they a teacher marking essays, a groundsman keeping the monastery clean and tidy, a merchant selling his or her wares, or a soldier on patrol. Most of the students were taking the opportunity to let off some steam after another gruelling week of study and training, while a select few opted to continue pushing

The Salamander Girl's Unusual Client
Another scorching day was gradually transitioning into a warm evening in the Yellow Volcanic lands, and the Succubus District was becoming quieter as the sun further descended behind the wide horizon. Anywhere else in the world, the idea that such an area wouldn't be busy at night would only be believed if pigs were flying and the sky was falling, but in this particular location it wasn't all that uncommon.
The succu-girls who worked there were fire dragon s

A Warning Gone Unheeded
In a small house on the edge of the entertainment district of the bustling city of Laissez Fayre, Maya Mahabala was comfortably lying down on soft cushions on a wicker lounging chair, soaking up the warm rays of the summer sun. She basked in the light without a single piece of clothing covering her tanned body, only wearing her gem-adorned silver hairpiece, and hummed contently as she felt the wonderful warmth touch her all over.
The carefree girl wasn't concerned about b

Sweet Temptations
As the bells of the monastery chimed their familiar tune, Lysithea put down her pen and leant back in her chair, and sighed quietly. She skimmed through her essay on advanced dark magic one more time before getting up and stretched her arms while letting out a loud yawn. Another free day was almost over, and it had gone by just as quickly as all the others. She left her dormitory and made her way towards the dining hall, meeting up with Leonie along the way, who had the room ne

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Hi all,

Once I finish my next personal story, I'll be working on a Splatoon story that will have quite a lot of characters in it. The problem is that I'm not all that confident in my ability to make them all myself, so I thought it would be interesting to let users their own OCs take part instead. Specifically, I'm looking for eight female inklings to be the main-ish focus. So, if you think you might want your OC to be included, take a look at my forum post here that has a lot more details.

I'll primarily answer questions over there and ones I get in my PMs, but feel free to ask them here too.

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np, keep up the great work<3


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Hi mate thanks for the watch and favs! I appreciate your support!


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Sorry for the late acknowledgement, but thank you for the watch!

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