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Hey peoples.

Uhh here, let's try and be (a bit) less mysterious!

I'm a writer, that much is probably obvious. I also tend to be rather... spotty? So you'll often see months go by without a story just because I ran out of steam, or something. That said, I'm almost always on so you can definitely message me or something if you wanna talk. I'm just terrible at starting conversations. However: I don't RP! Sorry folks. Also: I don't really have an OC to represent me. :p

Vore! Lots of types. Soft, but it tends to include digestion, even though it might not necessarily be permanent.
Inside of vore, I mainly like furries and pokemon.

I'm a rather (sex-repulsed) (bi/homoromantic?) asexual so I don't really like sexual content much (excluding cock vore and maybe UB??)
Also I should mention, don't really like scat either. So nothing of that except maybe a reference/implication.

Otherwise, enjoy my stuff! :V

Elsewhere: FA

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CONTENT WARNING: This is a little rougher than most of my stories. The digestion is a bit crunchy, though it's only ever portrayed from an external view (so no like, visual gore or anything) (also there's masturbation) if you're fine with that though, enjoy!Eman took a big bite of xir sandwich. As the fox began to chew, xe realized something was off. There was something… firm in the middle of xir bite. Xe prodded it with xir tongue and xe felt it squirm. Xe froze and xir fur stood up as xe wai

The Wild Springs nightclub. Late at night, after so many other establishments close, it becomes a hub of social activity in the city. It attracts all sorts of people all night long, for better or worse. With that sort of activity, a certain security is required. And while a few held that position, the one you’d be most likely to remember was Prynce. Not just because he was a handsome and muscular eagle with a distinct gut that you had to talk to on your way in, but because of his rather… uni

 Falcon Graves had a meeting. Which wasn't unusual for such an in-demand professional as himself, but today's meeting was with a... repeat client. One Mark Beaks, a grey parrot that was also the billionaire founder/CEO of a tech company named Waddle. A text had inexplicably arrived at his private number at 3 in the morning saying, "Hey Gravesy, up for another job? Bodyguarding this guy (me), deets at brunch!" Then, "You owe me for bailing you out." And then, "But you'll still get paid too s

 "Go, Ann, go!" Ann was a small and stocky woman who, lately, was something of an eating contest champion. She was stuffing hot dog after hot dog down her gullet at an unmatchable pace. Some of the crowd cheered her on as she did, particularly her boyfriend. She was a more recent champion, but very successful since her first win two weeks ago. She was approaching 50 with no sign of slowing down, let alone a sign that she had even eaten that many. Time was nearly up and she was eating e

 Grizz was popular. His polar bear brother didn't approve of it very much, but he was getting plenty of fame and fortune through the desires of random people on the internet. And... he was getting plenty of fat too. His lower body was a sizable, rotund dome that made his size nearly double what it was before all this started. Over the course of some months, Grizz had probably eaten a dozen or so people, not all of them aware he had actually digested his other brother that one time. Fortunat

 They'd made it. And they were gonna become the next legends. Something of a tag team, Drake and Mirco were a mercenary unit. They did odd jobs and ends, often requiring some level of violence. Yet it didn't pay quite as well as they liked, or in the way they wanted. Fortunately for them, they found something that did: The Apex Games. A bloodsport that could get them all the fame they desired. "We're here. Almost surreal ain't it?" Drake extended his arms out at the rest of the dropshi

 It was a hot and clear summer night. Certainly nice enough to go for a swim, despite it being dark out. The moon reflected nicely on the surface of a local pool, a pool that was fenced off and locked. Such a waste for it to be closed at night, one might think! Particularly on a nice night like this. Fortunately, fences and locks can be easily avoided. Especially when the lock is a very old one that can be opened by simply reaching your paw through the gate and fiddling a little. No securit

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Howdy! Hope everyone is having a voracious day :]

I don't have a story for today (I actually have an excuse nowadays, which is that I've been workin). That said, I thought it'd be fun perhaps to get a curiouscat! Mostly for asking characters I've written about questions, though you could ask me too if you want haha. I used to run ask blogs on tumblr way back when, so I thought this would be a fun thing to do between stories. I realize I don't exactly have a notable base of OCs but I hope some people will get a kick out of it :p Here's the link!

I do have a small thing I'll post tomorrow on aryion (<1000 words). And for the last thing, I've thought about changing my name? I know on aryion it's doable... I'm not sure what's...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by notitthrowaway 1 month ago Report

Hey. Would you mind if your stories were used to help train a custom vore AI module for NovelAI or similar AI writing system? The stories would just be fed into this system to train the module, they would not be saved by the system or be recoverable from the final module file. I like your writing and think it would be good to include in this dataset, but want to check if that's OK with you.


Posted by Halloween 5 months ago Report

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No problemo, Great story! The name and theme was very lucky grab since I love this aesthetic. :D


Posted by GeneticMess 6 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by Spider8Fiend 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favorite! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

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Posted by TaraTheSergal 2 years ago Report

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I have been good, rather bored but good


Posted by TaraTheSergal 2 years ago Report

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Haha, how odd. Well, i do like your stories so it works.
How are ya?


Posted by TaraTheSergal 2 years ago Report

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Uh, your welcome!
I did not expect to see this when i got on today, heh


Posted by FallenArt 2 years ago Report

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glad you like the snake too

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Posted by FallenArt 2 years ago Report

thanks for fav

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Posted by acidbath 2 years ago Report

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aw thank you! i quite liked your story, after i watched finding dory recently i was absolutely smitten with destiny and had to know if anyone had drawn/written anything of her and i was not disappointed!


Posted by DARKLUNCH 2 years ago Report

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I finally made the move my man, dA is a cest pool of edgy teenagers and tumblr users, the community is much calmer here


Posted by Bookie 3 years ago Report

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Quite the unique reads you offer, after all.

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