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Hey peoples.

Uhh here, let's try and be (a bit) less mysterious!

I'm a writer, that much is probably obvious. I also tend to be rather... spotty? So you'll often see months go by without a story just because I ran out of steam, or something. That said, I'm almost always on so you can definitely message me or something if you wanna talk. I'm just terrible at starting conversations. However: I don't RP! Sorry folks. Also: I don't really have an OC to represent me. :p

Vore! Lots of types. Soft, but it tends to include digestion, even though it might not necessarily be permanent.
Inside of vore, I mainly like furries and pokemon.

I'm a rather (sex-repulsed) (bi/homoromantic?) asexual so I don't really like sexual content much (excluding cock vore and maybe UB??)
Also I should mention, don't really like scat either. So nothing of that except maybe a reference/implication.

Otherwise, enjoy my stuff! :V

Elsewhere: dA FA

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post alone wasn't
of that. Panda had never seen so many notes on his posts before
posting what he could salvage from his… journey
inside Grizz. He'd been mulling this over for about a few weeks. The
one-month anniversary of his social media renaissance was almost here
and he wanted more. Before the notes would fizzle out, he needed to
get more content. More to post! Fortunately, he had a big brother
that could help him out. Also, he was prepared this time! Even though
his phone mana

heads on their arms do not have brains. They use all three heads to
consume and destroy everything. [...] It responds to movement by
attacking. This scary, three-headed pokémon devours everything in
its path!”
bright blue sky, free of even clouds, was only marred by a single
black dot. A dragon, flying far above the ground, far away from its
proper environment in the mountains. It was restless. It was
searching for something to solve its boredom and hunger, ideally
together. It was

new connections in a new town is one of life’s many challenges.
Fortunately, many modern conventions exist to relieve the stress of
finding people. Applications, websites, or even just meeting up in a
club. Unfortunately, even those don’t guarantee success. And so, a
vaporeon was sitting in a club, drinking some drinking, surrounded by
others, yet he felt alone as ever.
was definitely hurting. It was a mistake to come to just a standard
club. He couldn’t do anything but sta

Today wasn't a school day. As an unfortunate result, Diamond Tiara was stuck at home with her mother, Spoiled Rich. Her father was likely off somewhere making business deals. So the Rich family could become even
rich. Despite any number of luxuries available to her in the massive mansion, she felt horribly bored. Looking outside towards Ponyville, she decided that she was going to get out of this house.

It was just a matter of havin

Alphys is the Royal Scientist for a reason. Well technically, that reason is partially falsified, but there are
reasons too. While not quite an artificial SOUL, creating an artificial body for a ghost is a pretty impressive feat. Not to mention any one of random inventions coming out of her lab. Plenty of hidden reasons, too. Hopefully ASGORE doesn’t know about those!! They’re hidden for a reason. It mak

around 18 hours a day, while nice for recharging, was terrible for
seeing certain times of day. Fortunately, every so often, Quark’s
schedule would line up with sunrise or sunset. Today was sunrise!
Despite the rather desolate state of the building he and Old Lace
inhabited, the morning sun shined through the windows at a very nice
angle. It cast long shadows across the few pieces of furniture they
both sat across from each other at a very basic wooden table, in what

She could hear her roommate coming down the hallway to their apartment easily. Not only was her roommate hooved, but quite heavyset. She walked over to the door with glee, ready to welcome her back from her shopping trip. As the hooves stopped in front of the door, she swung it open to reveal a heavy-set cow with bags of groceries on her arms. They squealed at each other a little bit before she stepped aside to allow her friend to squeeze through the door frame.

The othe

Rainbow Dash was
one to turn down a bet. Even if it was an absolutely ridiculous Pinkie Pie bet. Rainbow Dash was simply hanging out with her friends one fine Ponyville afternoon, when a sudden thought raced into Pinkie’s mind. It immediately visible to everyone else as she got super excited, unable to contain herself or the idea. “Ooh! Ooh! Girls! I just had the best idea for an eating contest,” she said.


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I'm using the blog function, kind of! No, I just wanted to post a thing because originally, I was going to release a horde of pokemon-based stories next. However, due to other things coming up, there will be two stories first and then pokemon stories. In the meantime, I compiled a decent-ish thing of my favorite pokemon preds using that one template.

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Oh didnt realize you were on FA too XD I see now lol On Eka's I have more excuse to post human stuff lol woo


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Thanks so much for the favorite!


Posted by Psychobunny 7 months ago

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Haha thanks I appreciate it! I really like your stories- 'The Big Man' and 'A Simple Theft' were great :) I'm looking forward to reading more of them!


Posted by Spider8Fiend 8 months ago

Thanks for the favorite! You can expect more SU vore goodness in the future!

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