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Hi! I'm Very, I like drawing monster people eating people and suchlike, but my interests are fairly varied.

Many of characters of mine are nonbinary and may use they/them pronouns, so please keep that in mind! (in general, please use gender neutral pronouns if you're not sure about a character's gender!)

I want to keep this an LGBTQ+ friendly space, please be respectful.

Also, I'm super uncomfortable with children in vore, so if I block you, it's nothing personal.

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Very's Blog - hiya. it's me. Posted 4 months ago

oh good lord the blog formatting is entirely different now. does BBCode work? Hello world?
ok it does


I left in a huff about a year ago, most I'm willing to elaborate on is I was in a frenzied panic due to someone mistagging some vore works of mine with tags that pertained to squicks I don't want to be involved with my art to any capacity, ever, and I freaked out.

I think after some reflecting on things, I may be ready to return. I'm like a bad rash, you can't get rid of me that easily. this site, for all its misgivings, still is one of the best places to share the niche content I'm into. I will be keeping tagging by third parties turned off until further notice because, yeesh. I don't want a repeat of what happened last...
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Posted by DireFoxy 1 year ago Report

H E C K your stuff is cute. Please give me more boys gettin' devoured and junk. Good stuff..~ <3


Posted by Foochan 2 years ago Report

thanks for the fav! love your jack in the box character and your art <3


Posted by chomp 2 years ago Report

your critter designs are gorgeous, oof <3


Posted by TheOneWhoDraws 3 years ago Report

Your artstyle is so fantastic, I really love the way you draw your animals


Posted by sintipede 4 years ago Report


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Posted by Kougousei 4 years ago Report

wow, omg, thank you for the watch, I'm flattered to hell .u.


Posted by bG 4 years ago Report

oh my god I'm so sorry what was I thinking

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Posted by bG 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To Very

why thank you VERY much ~w~

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