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Gypsi is my Best girl!
Such a gentle giant Sweetheart of fluff and hellfire. Bubbly and fun. Kind-hearted and caring.
Ummm.... But! Just don’t stand directly behind or in front of her if wanna keep on living... ok?

"I will work for Foo- Is suddenly struck down by a door kicked flying off its hinges. Pinned there by a particularly encouraging Wolf
"No! You stop that Right now. You take the monies and use ‘em to buy the foods and stuffs."

I am always open for private commission.
Your money, your discretion if the work is posted.

Best contact is through Telegram
But feel free to PM me.

For contact and commissions
Discord: GypsiBADDOG#1590

I do as you pay for.
You're money, your discretion.

Obviously if you pay more I'm obligated to prioritize your work but PLEASE do not suggest that unless absolutely NECESSARY.

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ShieUne's Blog - I hate 0.3.. Posted 11 months ago

My graphite fine-liner is finicky little prick.
The refill rods are so small and fragile and the metal tip guard has no tolerance for temperature deformation.
A degree too warm? It's jammed.
A degree too cold? Goodbye rod when you least expect it.

I bet you're wondering why use it if I have such a problem with it.
It's about the surface area relative to the bite of the paper. The smaller the difference the smoother and more consistent the lines and shading i can put down.

So while its annoying to work with and can literally set me back hours of possible working time waiting for it to like me again. It's actually a really amazing experience to work with, when it wants to be worked with. That is.
0.5, 0.7 are great for out and in...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by BalouCyan 1 year ago Report

I‘m a big fan of your work! Keep it up!


Posted by shrunken1ninja 1 year ago Report

thanks for the watch.


Posted by Eurodex 1 year ago Report

Thank you so much for the watch. ^_^

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Posted by delete2590h26nb 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To ShieUne

want to be friends? and draw your ocs?


Posted by Heimko 1 year ago Report

I would suggest setting up some "DO"s and "DON'T"s in your commission status if you're open for anything, either requests, trades or commissions.


Posted by ShieUne 2 years ago Report

I've never done a renamon thing.
I might do something today... maybe..
If you guys have some in mind . Feel free to through it my way.


Posted by EmissaryOfRainbows 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch

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Posted by EmissaryOfRainbows 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch

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