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I will eventually put more characters on this site.

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Encounter with necromancers.You have decided to relax at the local pub since the day has been uneventful so far. After getting comfortable at a empty table with your drink the peaceful atmphsere of the place is disrupted as a Tengu, which is a anthro crow race, leads a group of four robed figures into a tavern. The dark feathered bird explains out loud to everyone their that they are not here to cause trouble and just came in to relax as well. Though instead of calming the citizens down a mix

Hatching a Fox part 4AdultSize: 2.13 meters tall, 7 feet. Weight: Varies with fast metabolism.Olidus seems to have reached her maximum height as she has had a sign of growth for almost a year now. Which is a great thing for several reasons, mainly being able to still fit in the house and not having to eat a meal worth several pay checks.Seems Olidus and I are talking to eachother as more of room mates instead of as a father and experiment created daughter. This morning Olidus released a

Hatching a FoxThese are select notes from over the course of years raising the fox.Child Age:Size: Height 1.07 meters tall, 3.5 feet. Weight 22.68 Kg, 50 pounds.Decided to raise Olidus like other parents do, by sticking her infront of the television and streaming educational cartoons. So until the fox is able to be around other people, she will just watch cartoon animals teaching her the basics.After months of watching this show Olidus has started to lick her lips when the rodent char

Hatching a Fox: Part 2.Day 2:Finally got a few more measurements now that the fox is not sleepy and has balance enough to stand on its own. Current height is 0.61 meters, which is two feet tall. Its spine is angled at about sixty degrees, so spine did not end up human like as the primate experiments. The vulpine has hands that have three fingers and a thumb, a small vestigile dew claw is close to the wrist.I am prepared to care for the beast just like I did the others in the lab. Will fee

Experiment Day 1.The egg hatched at 5:23 Central Timezone, it is currently 6:38 Centeral Timezone. Weight is 2.54 Kilograms, which is 5 pounds 6 ounces. I have yet to do other measurments on the creature as it is currently curled up on my lap asleep. As this is more of a journal I might as well start from the beginning of how I got this little thing.After five years of college I was only able to work at the labratory for two months before the funding was removed. But at least the paycheck

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Just uploaded the story I put on FA for last haloween and thinking of making a another story with Felya if the story gains interest.

Would it work if the next chapter is a YCH to use as a main character to go along with or against her?

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