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I don't really upload here anymore! If an artist I commission uploads my art, that's how you get to see it! If they don't upload it, you might find it uploaded by me elsewhere!

Most of the art of the oc's you'll find here is outdated, more relevant art of them won't be uploaded here! My oc's are mine own and or shared with someone else!

tags: MLP, fat furs, feral horses, dicks, anthros, a bit of everything

I dont rp, I don't really respond to pm's!

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(Goto last paragraph to read about the pig OC I recently got)

On the subject of the Chrysalis vore I've commissioned, currently the proposed fictional timeline is as follows:
-Rarity shoves Spike up Fluttershy's ass for a day
-word of Rarity shoving spike up Fluttershy's ass reaches the Queen (new method of love absorption learned aka anal vore)**
-AV's Rainbow Dash (first AV test, queen still visibly skinny)
-AV's Rarity (and forces Rarity to AV Spike to mock her previous actions) (the big red toy was hers, now belongs to the Queen for her pleasure)
-vores Applejack*
-vores Fluttershy*
-vores Pinkie Pie*
-finally AV's Twilight Sparkle (at this point Chrysalis is considerably curvier from having consumed the others)
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by lifehack 4 months ago Report

where can I find his art, now that he isn't here anymore?


Posted by Bellyl0ver 1 year ago Report

Do you happen to have a mobile friendly version of regretful gulp?

[ Reply ]


Posted by Pbj45 1 year ago Report

Fran might be my favorite character of all time


Posted by Walter 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To karps

Ah, I suppose I couldn't run an idea by you then?

I won't hassle you about it though. I do hope she's easy to find though. The simple alterations you've given her just really make me a fan of the design.


Posted by Walter 2 years ago Report

Would you mind my using your Salazzle design in a commission? Also are there other places to follow you since you don't post here anymore?


Posted by TinyHero 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To karps

That’s fair, I’m just happy to hear an answer, and sorry for the late reply as well... ^^;


Posted by TinyHero 2 years ago Report

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by 121199 2 years ago Report

Casillia looks amazing! I look forward to more of her in future!


Posted by F1reDem0n 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To karps

Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Life's been...rough as of late.

I can understand your reasoning and I harbor no ill feelings. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed you talking about it elsewhere or that I might have done something personally wrong that I could apologize for.


Posted by F1reDem0n 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To karps

Oh okay. I didn't know that. May I ask the reason? Not that I mind either way, I just am a person who it makes more sense to properly understand something rather then try and go down a road that would be bad.


Posted by F1reDem0n 2 years ago Report

Any idea why I can't post a comment on some of your submissions Karps?



Posted by DirtyMac 2 years ago Report

Thanks for watching. Hope you like my work.

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