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Chrysalis timeline of events and new oc Posted 5 years ago
(Goto last paragraph to read about the pig OC I recently got)

On the subject of the Chrysalis vore I've commissioned, currently the proposed fictional timeline is as follows:
-Rarity shoves Spike up Fluttershy's ass for a day
-word of Rarity shoving spike up Fluttershy's ass reaches the Queen (new method of love absorption learned aka anal vore)**
-AV's Rainbow Dash (first AV test, queen still visibly skinny)
-AV's Rarity (and forces Rarity to AV Spike to mock her previous actions) (the big red toy was hers, now belongs to the Queen for her pleasure)
-vores Applejack*
-vores Fluttershy*
-vores Pinkie Pie*
-finally AV's Twilight Sparkle (at this point Chrysalis is considerably curvier from having consumed the others)
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Chrysie Vore Posted 5 years ago
On the matter of the character Queen Chrysalis, I think vore content with her is absolutely satisfying and fitting. Her character and personality is the most deserving of the role of a predator, next to nightmare moon and gilda. That is mostly why I like her featured in vore artwork most. I was initially going to have the mane 6 all be devoured by her in my favorite form of vore, but I have no plans as of now. Rarity is my favorite of the six, and now since I've had her put in some art I don't have too much of an interest in commissioning others to have Fluttershy, Applejack, or Pinkie Pie be eaten by Chrysalis in the similar manner I've had Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash eaten. It would be really awesome to see Fluttershy as a prey to Chrysie, though!

If I were to have...
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Sai Posted 5 years ago
Paint Tool Sai is amazing! I love using it to ink sketches, it's so much more user-friendly, I think. The painting in Sai is also really fun, but I had so many issues trying to color things inside the lines without having artifacts. The fill tool is only so helpful, and sometimes it makes more work for me to do. :s It's probably my method but I still prefer other programs when it comes to coloring.
Comic soon! Posted 5 years ago
I'm finishing a pony vore comic that Dragga sketched for me. Will be colored and inked soon!
Multiple submissions of the same piece Posted 6 years ago
I like art! I like different versions of the same art, and I like seeing the process of art as it begins and nears completion. That's why I like to upload several versions of the stuff I do, including the sketches, lines, and, lastly, colors. I also like seeing the progression of other artists' work as well, either in the forms of works-in-progress sketches, etc, or checking their streams to see it done in real time. So please pardon the spam of multiple entries, even if they're only slightly different!
Avi Posted 6 years ago
Welp, gotta make an avatar for this site!
Art's up Posted 6 years ago
Hope some people out there like the art I put up! I happen to like mlp vore quite a bit, and av is my favorite type of vore, but I also like the two separately!
Art soon Posted 6 years ago
Okay, art is coming soon. The gallery is up and I have a few things to share.
Considering doing art Posted 6 years ago
I commission a lot of stuff all the time, but I never really do my own stuff. Even if I do something creative, it's not entirely mine. I'll think about doing some art at some point, but for now I'll stick with commissions.
*Achoo!* Posted 9 years ago
I just sneezed.

I haven't seen this place in a while, and since I never posted anything ever here....I'm going to. I'm just pretty bored at the moment now, actually.

So, like, yeah. I was drawing, got bored, watched Family Guy, and...yeah. I dunno, something just made me come back here. I remember that I kind of liked vore.

Hm. Anyways, this account is like...a proxy or something. I don't use it to actually do anything, it's one of those accounts that one creates for the fun of it. I guess one use of this account is to comment on some stuff I see here. I think that's why I first created this account.

That's all, I guess.