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Fan Art 3 Posted 7 months ago
Alright! More fan art by largerarge again! Three new pieces of artwork featuring Angelina, Jessica, and Victoria & Me.
Thanks so much again dude for dedicating your time to make these pieces! Check out largerarge in case you haven't: https://aryion.com/g4/user/largerarge

-gift art: angelina's winter prep features Angelina as the Carnivorous Deer!

-gift art: jessica's swim meal features Jessica doing what she loves best: swimming with a full belly.
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Fan Art 2 Posted 10 months ago
Once again wondrous fan art has come in! Seriously thank you so much largerarge https://aryion.com/g4/user/largerarge for doing two lovely art pieces featuring Angelina and Victoria!

The first piece titled fanart angelina forest predator features Angelina.

The second piece titled fanart angelina and victoria features Victoria and Angelina.
Fan Art Posted 10 months ago
Hi ya'll! I want to start a mini blog series where I acknowledge the fan art that anyone wishes to make of my characters. I am very appreciative for anyone that takes the time out of their day to draw them that they simply enjoy!
If you ever wish to dedicate any visual piece that contains any of my characters, let me know and I will happily feature it in a blog post for others to see and hopefully attract them to you as well! ^_^
I will also count Trades/Commissions from other artists on here as well.

The first artwork comes from TyronneVB https://aryion.com/g4/user/TyronneVB titled Looking For More.
This piece features Victoria Roseingten and others.
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Voting Posted 1 year ago
So I want to try something interesting here and do a little poll vote for some future vore drawings. I'm currently working on Non-vore stuff, but soon as this stuff passes, my next set of drawings will be vore material once again! :)
I have five ideas that I'm going to do for sure, but I want you guys to be the ones to decide their release sequence. Now when I release these drawings is a mystery, but I will be releasing them in the sequence of highest to lowest votes. Each of the five drawing's titles will probably be what I use for them, but I may change the title upon release. The title will give you an idea of what to sort of expect from that particular drawing. Also poll will close in 14 days and...
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Commissions and Trade Posted 2 years ago
Hi everyone, hope is well! Anyways thanks again to all of you who enjoy and comment on my work!
So any who I am going to stop drawing vore stuff for a while and focus more on non-vore drawings. Just want to go back to doing non-vore stuff for a while, though one day I will return to drawing my vore ideas again! With that being said…

I am open to commissions once again! I’m only taking three commissions at a time and with commissions, I don’t mind if it’s vore or non-vore. As always, check my commission page for rules and stuff and PM if you’re interested: https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commissi ... tTastyPrey

Also I will be doing one art trade...
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Thanks and Holiday/Season Stuff Posted 2 years ago
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who participated in the Seeking Prey drawings! I'm glad for the most part almost all of the roles were filled! I'm hoping one day again I will do this, but try at it differently. Maybe in the form of a request, but we'll see. Thanks again guys! :)

Also just wanted to mention this a while ago, but I'm sure some of you have dug back into the Holiday/Seasons Vore folder and have noticed that only one drawing remains. There used to be 5 other drawings, but I deleted them. The reason for that is I made a gallery here on Eka's at such a late time. I didn't want to upload those Halloween, Christmas, etc. drawings in public viewing since I thought it'd be...
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Drawing Update Posted 2 years ago
Howdy everyone! So the final summer vore drawing is finally up making all six officially released! Check it out over in my gallery if you haven't!
Any who if you guys remember this ole drawing down below, just wanted to point out that I've updated it. It has an extra part in the end that me and my friend thought would add a little more to it. You can check it out in my commissions folder or through here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/391144
It has two meanings to it at the very end, hopefully you'll get them. ;)
Also I still have one opening slot for prey for Venera. If you still want to participate in that,...
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Looking for Prey Posted 2 years ago
So I've had people wishing they can be devoured by some of my lovely ladies and now can be your chance! I have four upcoming drawings that I plan on releasing in September after the Summer Vore themes are released and I'm looking for some people that want to be the prey in them. Usually the prey in my drawings are anonymous characters, but I thought mentioning someone's name and having them a part of the drawing could be neat! This is not a request mind you, but just more of if you want to be a part of the drawing and description. I won't be drawing you as a character either, it's just more you being the predator's bulge. :p
Down below are the girls that I will be using and I have slots open to them. Just make a comment down below on who you wish to be eaten by and those who comment...
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New Icon Signatures Posted 2 years ago
So I made these unique looking icons that will be replacing my usual last name signature from here on out. I think they are pretty nifty as they represent the four seasons of the year, indicating the time of the year that I do a vore drawing. I made them just for an easier way for many out there to remember me. I've already updated most of my older drawings with it, just the animations I won't be able to. Anyways just wanted to point that out! Thanks and I hope you guys dig it!
Some announcements Posted 2 years ago
Hey everyone! Hope everybody is having a great summer so far! Just wanted to make some small announcements!

Well first Summer Vore 2 is up and I'm happy to see people are quite enjoying so far along with the previous one! There are going to be 6 in total, each featuring a different girl from my cast of ladies. Every two Wednesdays until August 23rd of this year I will be uploading a new one. So stay tune every other Wednesday for the each!

Also I've made an update on my Patreon. What I intended on doing was to upload 2 works of mine every month and to view, you simply pledged $3 a month. However that will no longer be the case anymore just cause I know when school starts again, I'm going to be caught up with that along with work. In any case, if you enjoy my...
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