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I owe an explanation Posted 8 months ago
For everyone waiting on content from me, commissioners, patreon members and just other fans.

So my contributions might be a bit infrequent, in the coming months and they already kind of are infrequent at the moment.

Long story short, my father has cancer, this might be the last Christmas we'll have him.

I'm spending what time he has left with him a lot. That doesn't leave a load of time for my death fetish writing which brings up the topic of death and dying in ways that are awkward for me right now.

So I've been on hiatus, everything, free stories, manips, commisions and the patreon which I'm going to try and make some updates for, but it will be slower for now.

But yeah that's whats going on. To be clear this isn't me...
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wtf life Posted 1 year ago
My boss resigned.

I assumed his position despite the fact that three other people in the department have more years and experience than me in this field and in management. The CEO and my boss thought I was the one for the job. I am perplexed.

So I guess I'm in charge of an entire software engineering department for a multi million dollar company. In fact next week I have to manage a software evaluation for a customer that is worth some 6 million in revenue. No pressure it's only my first week in this position.

Needless to say my involvement in the site might lag a bit while I catch up to this plot twist.

How did I: a pervy fetish writer and game maker end up here? It boggles my mind. It also terrifies me to be responsible for so much.
Busy month! Posted 2 years ago
Lots of exciting stuff happening right now. Let's get the big one out of the way...

VVN my visual novel game is reborn and going into active development thanks to whatever patreon support I get. As long as I've got a good amount coming towards me I'll continue developing it. The game will always be free to patrons and non patrons.

Game thread: viewtopic.php?f=79&t=53382
Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/ryanshowseason3

Next I've created alongside VVN a set of twitter profiles that exist in that universe. They tell a narrative as well and...
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Break time Posted 2 years ago
Taking a small hiatus on stories to recharge. Last one I could feel the creative juices running low so I'm slowing it down a bit so I make the best I can for my commissioners.

So don't expect stories from me for a week or so. I'm taking time instead to visit Boston with the wife and slap together another project in a weeks time and see if it sticks.
Been quiet for a while. Posted 3 years ago
Well I've been a bit absent lately, so sorry first off to anyone who's still got a commission with me that I haven't gotten to yet.

Excuses incoming.

So I got tapped by someone in the federal govt to do some work in a field I'm proficient in. Completely outside of vore but it definitely kept me busy the last couple months.

Definitely a moment of "Holy shit I need to resemble a human being who has their shit together because this is serious business."

So yah. Thank god that's over now and I can go back to being a useless piece of shit and making smut for the thanks and pocket change.

So expect more smut soon'ish. Just getting back to the commissions now.
ryanshow 2016 World tour! Posted 3 years ago
Things are going to get a lil busy for a while, probly til the end of October. Any updates on projects between now and then will be an unlikely blessing.

Getting shipped out to Europe for weeks at a time for business and sporadic amounts of vacation in between. If nothing else it nets me a trip to Europe which I've never been to but wanted to visit sometime.

Countries and dates on the tour are still forthcoming 8)
I bought photoshop Posted 4 years ago
It's pretty nice to work with a modern program with good features. Hopefully I'll get to use it for a story sometime soon. For now you'll just have to marvel at this example of what I can accomplish now!