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Hello everyone! I’m Lily, but you can call me Bunny Lily, Bunny, or something else like that ^^ welcome to my user page, I hope you’ll enjoy your tour!

I’m an amateur of cooking vore, absolutely on the prey side of things (although I can be a pred, I don’t enjoy it as much). I am currently much more of a writer, since it’s way easier for me, although I’m slowly getting into learning how to draw. In the meantime, I’ll mostly upload written stories (it might take a while before I start uploading drawings, since I’m very picky with myself and I don’t think I’ll soon be able to do something I deem good enough to show publicly).

About me, here I am a true bunny girl, with genuine ears and tail, not fake ones I’m putting on my head and above my butt ^^ as I said, I’m much more of a prey, especially since I know how to come back from being made into a delicious meal :D (I know that some people do not like this, but eh, bear with me :p). My distinctive features are my heterochromia (left eye is deep blue, right eye is amethyst) and four silver strings of hair, and you can see both on my own pretty picture. Also, obviously, my peculiar taste that I hope will be good enough for you :D

You can think of me as an embodiment of a greater character. In other words, I’m not just a regular bunny, either ^^ You’ll get to know more with time :p

My works will be mostly revolving around two things: cooking vore in random scenarios and world-building.
The random scenarios are ideas I had or enjoy and wanted to put into words, and they won’t be limited to cooking vore (there’ll also be more slice-of-lice things, some bits of erotic/sex, other activities, maybe some oral vore as well). They should be mostly readable each on their own, without links.
The world-building stories are works where I plan to create and develop at least one world (possibly several) where vore is a relatively common/accepted thing. These stories will probably be heavier in details, but they should all contain some vore as well. I’m not quite sure how that will go, though, time will tell.

Now for a warning: there’ll be lolis in some of my works. I am not against it (and I can quite like it) as long as it is fictional, and everything in my works is fictional. These characters are totally different from real children (they are more mature, understand things more, behave like people of older age), and they should be treated as such. I am absolutely against doing things to children IRL, so please do not mix these up. If that is not your cup of tea, it’s perfectly fine, but I advise you to check the tags on each of my work before reading them. Might help you know if they could interest you, too.

I’m always open for talking, be it about works, random chatting, about vore, myself or RP ^^ but if you do contact me, please be courteous and open-minded. If that’s the case, everything should be fine ^^

All that being said (it’s already way too long), I hope you’ll enjoy your tour here!

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A fitting meal for a reunion

The office was bustling with work as usual. The company was on a relatively busy period, not enough that workers needed to be hired, but enough that the employees were looking forward to each break. Luckily for them, that

wasn’t a bad company to work in, and they had several small breaks throughout the day. During the second br

Lily’s Tasty Tales: Hansel & Gretel

The forest was calm as usual, the wind causing some noise when passing through the


, the wild animals running here and there. It would have made for a nice scenery for a walk on the beaten paths. That was, however, not what was on the mind of the two girls that were wandering

Jouer la dinde

Les cours ont beau être intéressants, je m’ennuie facilement, et aujourd’hui ne fait pas exception. Même si on est vendredi, et que l’emploi du temps est plus léger que le reste de la semaine, je pense à autre chose, pas vraiment à ce que dit l’enseignant.

Playing the turkey

Even if the classes are interesting, I easily get bored, today just like any other day. We’re Friday, and the schedule is lighter than the rest of the week, but I still don’t really think about what the teacher’s saying.

“Lily, focus, it’s almost

Vendre sa viande partie 2

La journée du vendredi passa relativement lentement, en partie à cause des cours que Shana devait suivre. Elle accueillit la cloche avec soulagement, et sortit rapidement dans la cour avec ses amies. Avant de les quitter et de rentrer, elle leur sourit.

« Au fait, j’ai

To sell one’s meat part 2

Friday went by relatively slowly, partly because of the classes. Shana happily welcomed the bell and quickly went outside with her friends. Before leaving them, she smiled at them.

By the way, there’s something I hav

Vendre sa viande

Shana profitait de la douceur du temps pour se promener, après avoir passé un dimanche à travailler pour l’interrogation qui arrivait. Elle aimait marcher dans les petites rues de son village, qui approchait de la taille d’une ville sans pour autant en être véritablement une. Le printemps était agréable, et la jeune fil

To sell one’s meat

Shana was enjoying the good weather, talking a walk after a Sunday spent studying for the upcoming test. She liked walking in the small streets of her village, close to a town’s size without becoming one. This spring was very nice, so the girl was taking on every opportunity she had to go outside. That day, she was walking down the shopping street, looking at every

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BunnyLily's Blog - Commissions now open! Posted 2 months ago

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a good day!

During my recent talks with someone, they told me about commissions, that I could maybe manage to pull some off. I've thought for a long time that I wouldn't be any good with commissions, that my works wouldn't warrant payment, but they convinced me to give it a try, since I have nothing to lose anyway.

So here I am, opening commissions! I still feel a bit messy about all this, but hopefully my commission status page is informative enough. If you're interested, be sure to give it a read ^^

Thanks for your time, keep enjoying things over here, and have a nice day :3

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