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A few important factoids, for the time being:

-I am very, very shy. If you want to get in touch it will probably have to happen by your initiative. Waiting for me to come to you will be disappointing for us both!
-I also live here and here
-As implied by the above, I like to roleplay. Leave a message here or there or somewhere in between if you want to sort something out, but for everyone's sake, please approach with the understanding that there's a 95% chance you'll be playing with Emmerich. I like thickset and predatorial women. I will not play one for you because you ask nicely.
-I take requests maybe possibly potentially hypothetically if I like you or your idea enough.
-I mean no insult by not thanking anyone for favourites and watches. I appreciate all attention, but I don't like how much leaving comments specifically to thank it tastes like self-promotion.
-Odds are good that I'll reply to all comments. Odds are 100% that I'll reply to notes.
-I'm on a constant hunt for criticism. If I don't know what I'm doing wrong it's never going to be fixed. I aim to improve - help me do that and you'll have my absolute gratitude.

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Shellfish's Blog - YCH raffle results! Posted 4 years ago

The YCH raffle's closed and rolled for and the results are Pieman24601 has won, as seen here! Thank you to all entries!

1. Voidlex at Eka's Portal
2. Pudgeasaurus at Eka's Portal
3. ArronRokas at Fur Affinity
4. Dezzykitsune at Fur Affinity
[ Continued ... ]

2 Replies
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Posted by lafrugele 8 months ago Report

omg thanks a lot for the watch ;___; GOASUIDCHASUIDFASDF

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Posted by Telhem 1 year ago Report

You've improved by leaps and bounds since I last saw your gallery!


Posted by Zego21 2 years ago Report

u still with us man ?


Posted by HowlaOfFreddys 3 years ago Report

Love your stuff~

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Posted by StormyRange 3 years ago Report

You do some crazy good stuffs, so gud \-3-/!


Posted by JamKat 4 years ago Report

I absolutely adore your art and characters! They're so cute, nomming each other up X3

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Posted by DarkArtist 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To Shellfish

Well thats a darn shame. XP


Posted by DarkArtist 4 years ago Report

Such good art, I can't imagine why I wasen't watching!


Posted by RedFox26 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave! ;)


Posted by ChaCheeryMousie 4 years ago Report

Aww, it's fine!^^ stuff happens, but you shouldn't do work you do feel like doing just to appease some random people. Only do sketches and stuff if it's something ya really feel like doing. You are however, still immensely talented and I hope your professional career has been treating you well in kind.


Posted by ChaCheeryMousie 4 years ago Report

Eeep! The pictures are so gooooooood! You are a talent! Please tell me you do lessons, or at least stream! ^0^

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