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I've been drawing for quite some time, doing vore, bbws, and a whole lot of other things! If your interested in commissioning or supporting me, please check out the links to my commission page and/or my Patreon!

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Hey folks, just gonna wish you all a happy new years as well as make a few mentions of plans for next year!

Next year I hope to finish up Fun and Games(Only a few more pics left!), as well as attempt to finish up Eternal Gluttony. I also have some other stuff in mind, including a spyro themed pic I want to get done.

Also I have a plan, that may either unfold next month or February. Basically I'm going to bring in all my waifus from past and present and put them in a major vore off, leading to eventually one being the last one standing! Granted I want to get my current projects completed(Or at least in a manageable position) before I'm comfortable enough to do it.

Anyway, thats about it. Other than maybe trying some more shading or something I believe that covers it all. Have a good new...
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Posted by vmoartet 2 weeks ago

Hey there! Just a heads up, I'm catching up on four years worth of art in my inbox, so you may have a large influx of faves coming your way from me. Apologies in advance for the spam!


Posted by ATailDesired 3 weeks ago

You're welcome, just watching all the nice lewds ya make~


Posted by Badfurson 3 weeks ago

<< Reply To DarkArtist

No problem! Now that I'm no longer just lurking, I'm adding all the artists I used to follow anonymously.


Posted by Zakkerus 1 month ago

Hey, just wondering, was the image of yours with Amy Rose being used as a butt plug by Night taken down?


Posted by bookworm9763 2 months ago

Thanks for the day, I'm a big fan of yours!


Posted by TinyHero 2 months ago

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by dokudoku 5 months ago

Manko :3


Posted by DirtyMac 10 months ago

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Ah. I see. I did enjoy your Night Minigame quite a bit.
(Sorry for my late reply as well.)


Posted by Gabriel0813 10 months ago

Thanks for the fave


Posted by DirtyMac 11 months ago

You ever get any lbp installments after the first one? (Sorry for the random ask.)


Posted by kenshirosan666 11 months ago

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It's OK, "Nice Job" is nice words on their own

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