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I've been drawing for quite some time, doing vore, bbws, and a whole lot of other things! If your interested in commissioning or supporting me, please check out the links to my commission page and/or my Patreon!

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DarkArtist's Blog - Happy New Years! Posted 1 month ago

Namaste, and happy new years everyone!

I'm glad to see you all through another year! This has been...a interesting year to say the least, especially for me. Hopefully next year will be better though!

Now, I want to note, I was away for a few days on abit of a vacation. Fun right/ Except I got sick the first day and spent most of my time in the hotel. I'm back now and still recovering, so to my commissioners I will work on your stuff once I feel more human again.

Also, for those interested, heres some New Years resolutions on my part!

1. Keep up and try to extend my meditation sessions

2. Continue to improve upon my art

3. Finish Eternal Gluttony

4. Try to finish projects quicker

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by artman99 2 months ago Report

Out of curiosity, what does Night's voice sound like?


Posted by artman99 2 months ago Report

I'm confused? Is Malik technically someone who exists within a main canon for Night, or is he the sort that exists in an AU?


Posted by monkeyRLG 2 months ago Report

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Posted by AfraArt 3 months ago Report

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Oh Thx!~ <3


Posted by slimjam 4 months ago Report

So I can't help but notice that Dr Eggman seems to have weaponized your gallery...


Posted by MrWiseGuy 4 months ago Report

Will we see Nina cortex related stuff now that she's in CTRNF?


Posted by artman99 4 months ago Report

Is there any continuity when it comes to characters like Night?


Posted by The_Riseing_Sun 7 months ago Report



Posted by MrWiseGuy 7 months ago Report

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Thank you i just wanted to know i'm just excited to see the winner


Posted by artman99 8 months ago Report

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Does that include pictures that involve certain characters (your own and canon Sonic characters for instance)?


Posted by artman99 8 months ago Report

Is most of your art based on what you feel like drawing? Because if so, I can respect that.


Posted by dokudoku 11 months ago Report

I get a little bit Genghis Khan, don't want you to get it on with nobody else but me.

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