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Spring Cleaning! Posted 6 days ago

I'm planning to clean up the art abit. I'm mostly going to get rid of some things to help take out some of the clutter of the gallery. For those interested, here is a list of things I plan to delete right now, I'll delete these by Friday, so go ahead and save them while you still can!

There really isn't enough reason to justify these. If I reach this point, I might as well put the little extra effort to give it a flat color at least.

This never got finished, so I'm taking it down.

Not alot at this moment, but yeah figure it help. If you notice some folders or works have disappeared, don't worry. They have either been moved into a larger folder cause they don't have enough...
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Happy New Years! Posted 2 months ago
Namaste, and happy new years everyone!

I'm glad to see you all through another year! This has been...a interesting year to say the least, especially for me. Hopefully next year will be better though!

Now, I want to note, I was away for a few days on abit of a vacation. Fun right/ Except I got sick the first day and spent most of my time in the hotel. I'm back now and still recovering, so to my commissioners I will work on your stuff once I feel more human again.

Also, for those interested, heres some New Years resolutions on my part!

1. Keep up and try to extend my meditation sessions

2. Continue to improve upon my art

3. Finish Eternal Gluttony

4. Try to finish projects quicker

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Commissions Open Up Again! Posted 4 months ago
Namaste! I got less done than I would of liked, but I did get my new commission guide done. First of all...

Comic commissions are reopened with a change in prices, as well as a new price guide and what not! Course you may of noticed some changes to the prices...

One you likely all noticed is the price increase not just on comics, but on the pics themselves. Lately I've felt like I have been working more for less. The prices for drawings haven't really changed since I opened up for commissions and I feel my skill has grown since then, so I adjusted prices and made highlights a option. I also brought back shading too!

The reason for this isn't just a feeling though. Lately things have gotten...interesting. Life has kinda become unpredictable and things...
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Happy Halloween! Posted 4 months ago
Namaste and Happy Halloween!

Thank you to everyone who commissioned! I put off working on commissions to finish up the Halloween comic which you can see here!


Now, I'm still gonna work on those commissions, but only those. I'm gonna take a break for a week or two from them and work on my own stuff for a while. I plan to revise the price sheet and reopen comic commissions with revised prices as well.

Anyway, have a fun and safe holiday!
The Big 3-0! Posted 6 months ago
Namaste! Today is my 30th birthday!

I'll be out today doing food stuffs and such and wish you all a good day. ^^
Commissions open up again! Posted 8 months ago

Commissions have opened up again! Feel free to pm me when willing! Comic commissions are still closed though.

When I do however open them up, I will hopefully have a commission template for people since I feel that would be helpful to both me and commissioners.

Anyway, have a good day!
June Sale Over! Posted 8 months ago

Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know the sale is over! I am thankful to all commissioners and people who contributed!

For the next few weeks, commissions will be closed so I can focus more on my own projects. I will reopen in probably two weeks.

So yeah, thats about it. Enjoy your day!
June Sale! Posted 9 months ago

As the pic noted, todays the start of the 25% sale on all commissions!

Feel free to pm me if you are interested, and be sure to check my prices on pic commissions!


There will be no comic commissions during this sale though, so keep that in mind.
Sale Next Month! Posted 10 months ago

Hey folks, the last few months have been...rough to say the least. But I have good news!

Next month, not only will commissions be open, but we'll be having a sale, a 25% sale to be exact!

Of course, comic commissions will, still, be closed and will not be part of the sale. Sorry guys. I didn't give enough thought on how I wanted to do the prices for them while I was off from working on commissions. But I'll hopefully have one soon.

So yeah, look forward to that next month!...which is only a few days away!
About the vote Posted 10 months ago

Sorry about this, but I got sidetracked and a lack of motivation at the moment. Ill post the results next weekend as well as the vote.