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Hi I'm Saint.. I uhh don't say much but I hope you like my art :3

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So quite a bit of you guys have been wanting me to switch to Fanbox on Pixiv, because you can only use paypal and currently the payment options for Sponsus is limited. Well let me explain why I don't want switching to Fanbox.

1. Paypal does NOT allow for the sale of nsfw content, illustrations included. It is rare, but if you are a hentai/fringe creator and paypal catches you, they will suspend your account and keep your money. Paypal has bigger fish to fry and so they don't bother most artists, so I'm sure some of you are used to paying via paypal for stuff all the time but there is a small chance they could suspend the account of the artist if they get on their radar.

2. Subscribestar used to take paypal in the early days and then paypal dropped their support...
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Posted by AIYFProductions 4 months ago Report

Hey there, just wanting to say that I like your content. The Neptunia stuff the most. And I'm wondering where I could find/get the Neptunia vore pinups.


Posted by BadlyDrawnDedede 9 months ago Report

Hello there! Love the stuff you're making! Take my watch and keep up the good work!


Posted by brrt 1 year ago Report

Hi Saint, how have you been? One doubt, I never provoke you to play a game using any Kadokawa Corporation application like the RPG Maker MV?


Posted by Appdattta 1 year ago Report

Hey love your stuff!


Posted by Vitanix 2 years ago Report

wow very nice gallery I think I'll look around the next few days. but I've really enjoyed what I've seen so far.


Posted by JamKat 2 years ago Report

Merry Christmas!

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Posted by Ento 2 years ago Report

Hey, saintx, I adore your art, Ever thought about doing a cooking vore sketch pack?


Posted by JamKat 2 years ago Report

Happy Vore Day! :3

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Posted by Rendezvore 3 years ago Report

I really don't mean to bug ya, but I'm not sure what the best method of contact is. You mentioned you would update your forum post if you found a colorist. I also don't know if my PM got through. Going through a hard time with family issues right now, so I really just need confirmation.


Posted by nnickerson100 3 years ago Report

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oh alright. i saw those and recognized the works and thought that they were puling some chinese bootleg nonsense. tbh i didnt actuly expect to get any results at all if i searched vore on amazon.

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