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Hi there! And welcome to my userpage! Home of the one and only BadlyDrawnDedede: imaginary rockstar, old soul, terrible jokester, and closet vorarephile! So, in short, umm….. a somewhat normal person.

Here on Eka's, I mostly specialize in story writing since my visual art skills aren't too great, but I still post some pictures and doodles every now and then. The tales I write span a wide variety of tags and genres (well, except furries and minors), so chances are if you're thinking of something, I've either got it or plan to write with it! I don't post as much as I used to since I'm currently attending college and working a job, but I still manage to sneak in some odd things here and there!

In the time that I'm not being a total degenerate, I love nothing more than hanging out with friends, feeding my baking addiction, and singing along to my favorite rock and roll tunes! Maybe I'll post some pictures or videos of some normal things I do so I can balance out my overall horniness on here. :3

Best Bud:  MeltedCheese If you haven't checked out any of their works yet, I highly advise you go do so!

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." ~1 Peter 4:8

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Ahem! Goodness me, I was not expecting the response I got on the vore ASMR video I somewhat made as a joke. Honestly, I thought after it went up that it would just be passed over or people wouldn't give it much attention because of how terrible the audio quality was. But, alas, here I am, with a bunch of favorites and comments on the video both here and on YouTube.

I will say, if you are one of those people who've given those kind words, thank you very much for the support. It's because of your graciousness that I'm announcing what this blog post is really about: more vids!

If the people are asking for it, might as well provide, right? As of...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by PopstarPlatinum 2 months ago Report

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Hello everyone, I’m a good friend of Dedede. For those wondering what happened, Dedede was banned by Eka for speaking his mind and giving his honest opinion on the whole underage vore scene here. Technically, though, he says that he was banned over him “taunting” Eka in his YouTube video covering the matter when, really, all he did was state the obvious and refer to her as “Queen Eka the First” in his description.

This was really petty of Eka to ban Dedede over this, especially considering that she will readily have full-on arguments with anyone who disagrees with her own personal set of views and will ban users over “memey” content, but won’t do anything about the shady characters on the site that contribute to the sexual harassment and pedophilia that the portal is synonymous with. Goes to show what the admins really care about…

For those wondering, though, Dedede is still gonna be active. You can find him on DeviantArt under the same username, his YouTube channel of the same name, and his Discord (BadlyDrawnDedede#2432). He says it’s gonna suck not seeing all the friends he’s made here, but that’s the price of not letting power-hungry mods control every waking thought of yours and actually standing up for what’s right.

Dedede was a good-hearted user that tried his damndest to bring a smile to everyone’s face. If you don’t believe me, check his blogs. He didn’t deserve to be banned because Eka didn’t share the same set of values as him or because she couldn’t take a joke. Tell Eka that, if she’s going to ban users because they voice their own honest opinions of her, that she might want to start going after the users that fetishize actual people as underage kids to fap to.


Posted by Supercalifragilistic 2 months ago Report

This might be a delayed comment on the serious topic that you had to deal with, but upon hearing that important video first.. I was moved just how you stood up for yourself. It gotten to my attention and I checked out some of your stuff too. Really hope things will turn out great for you, and continue being amazing! You deserve every fiber of good attentions.


Posted by MomDoer69 3 months ago Report

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Thank you!


Posted by mangosbellyart 4 months ago Report

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thank you!


Posted by Airylight 4 months ago Report

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thank you! and I hope as well too ^^


Posted by OrangeSoda 5 months ago Report

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Will do tho I'll try my best to keep juicy as possible, Thank you very much <3


Posted by WeirdoWolfGirl 5 months ago Report

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Posted by furbooba 5 months ago Report

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Posted by Rosewell 6 months ago Report

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sure,and thx

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