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Hello internet surfers. We've come to the point on the web where those not familiar with the concept of vore will have to change to a different site for the sake of their sanity. In fairness to those users, we will now take a few seconds before we begin my profile... Thank you, here's my profile.

Welcome to the page of BadlyDrawnDedede: Imaginary rock star, old soul, and closet vorarephile! So, in short, umm... a somewhat normal person.

I'm usually pretty chill about the specifics of stuff I like; Macro and same size, safe and fatal, male and female pred and prey, it's all cool. If I were to pick an absolute favorite, I would probably have to say macro/micro, since there's so much room for creativity with scenarios. I will state right now that I'm not a furry, and, while that and anthro aren't my style, I personally don't mind if you are one and/or like said material.

While I don't RP, I do consider myself pred. Usually, many of the thoughts revolve around safe vore, protection, and other gentler ideas. The one time fatal does come into the picture is when someone really has karma coming back to them in a lewd sense of justice. There's something to be said about both kinds of consumption, really.

I'm usually on here fairly often, so if you ever need help with anything or just want to chat a bit, feel free to PM me. I'll attempt to respond whenever I can.

During the time in which I'm not being a degenerate, I can be found watching South Park and old Spongebob episodes, playing indie games, going on long walks, and singing along to my favorite rock and roll track!

Quotes to Live By:

"What makes me happiest in life? I sell smiles for a living. 'Here, have one free. It looks good on you.' That's what makes me happy." ~David Lee Roth

"Judging others and being quick to criticize just pollutes your life. Learning how to open your hand is the best thing you can possibly learn." ~Paul Stanley

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." ~1 Peter 4:8

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Heyo to all, just a quick question on something I've been thinking of: Should I introduce some OCs to stay and have multiple stories on? I've already had thoughts on maybe introducing a human/naga duo to stick around, but I think the people who read the stories should have a say. Or, heck, maybe say characters that you'd like to see created.

The only characters I'm planning on writing more stories for is with Jurogen and June from "A Paladin's Rage" (Which will be two more to make a trio of tales), but nothing else otherwise.

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Posted by quickcrunch 2 weeks ago Report

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hello! thank you so much for the welcome! it is appreciated

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Posted by littlebun 2 weeks ago Report

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Howdy!! thank you so much!! :D

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Posted by Fur477Dummy 3 weeks ago Report

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Awwwwww thanks sm! Means a lot and hell yeah I'll love my stay here! Finally I can shed my true form here-


Posted by smolviolet 3 weeks ago Report

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Thank you! That's really nice of you to say, i'll keep that in mind! <3


Posted by aGuppy 4 weeks ago Report

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"Shine on, you crazy diamond." Pink Floyd?


Posted by GreenJester 1 month ago Report

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Thanks for the warms welcome! I'm super happy to be a part of this community, finally after the longest time. Also, thank! I'll gladly PM you whenever I get the chance!


Posted by Ruigi 1 month ago Report

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Posted by Yangsama1 1 month ago Report

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Thank yous I will

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Posted by Clarzie 1 month ago Report

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Thank you soo much <3!!


Posted by VLady 1 month ago Report

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Thanks :)
Crazy is exactly my thing ;)


Posted by NanaTheTanooki 1 month ago Report

Hey um, do you have a Discord, would be neat talking to another fellow Cookie Run Vore fan, ig.

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