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Leaving Patreon moving to Sponsus for subscribing to my content Posted 1 month ago
I love how vore is fine on Deviantart, but not the sex. And sex is fine on Patreon, but not the vore parts. Whatever, so I'm moving over to Sponsus, it's a smaller subscribe startup, but I was able to import my exact Patreon page, and had to edit very little, which was nice. https://sponsus.org/u/saintxtail I don't know if I have the ambition to update all of my images to remove Patreon's name, my time is much better spent just making content. I did update the links on most of my submissions to point to Sponsus instead of Patreon. I'm still kind of juggling between Patreon and Sponsus. Patrons can stay on Patreon, but there will be no blogs or main page to download from, that's all on Sponsus. Instead on Patreon I'll have to just send private messages. So yeah there is that. I'm not even...
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Still here. New Twitter Account Posted 3 months ago
SO I'm back. I had seriously burn out around October and I just did not want to draw anything anymore. However, hopefully my vacation helped and I'm ready to start drawing again.
I also started a new twitter account (I have no idea how to use twitter properly) but I'm doing my best. If you have a twitter you can follow me here

Saint's Twitter!

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year :3

5 Commission Slots Open (Bidding Only) Posted 11 months ago
Hey guys. I have 5 commissions slots open. However, it's an auction. Only the top five bidders will get a slot.
if you are interested you can place your bids here and make sure you read all the rules:

Charity Drive Results! Raised over $3500 Thank you! Posted 1 year ago
Special thanks to everyone who participated in the toy charity drive!
We raised over $3500 and bought toys for 300 kids!
Thanks so much again!

YCH Charity Auctions & Donate $12 get $20 Patreon rewards Posted 1 year ago
So I am having my usual YCH auctions that will be running in different groups for the next week. I am also doing a Christmas toy drive. If you donate a minimum $12 I'm offering $20 worth of my Patreon rewards.

$20 reward tier:
Color Pinup Archive: ( 36 pinup packs)
Sketch Pack Vault Archive: ( 86 older sketch packs)
Doodle Bin Archive. ( 300+ files)
(It's a lot of files...lol)

and 4 of my sketch packs.

So if any of this sounds interesting then check out my master Patreon blog post here with all the info you need and how to donate. Thanks a ton :D
30 YCH Charity Auction Commissions This Week Posted 1 year ago
YCH commission auctions are back. If you have been interested in getting some kind of custom art from me, now is your chance. I do these once every month and a half. It's a lot of information it'll be easier if you just follow the link below.

See all the rules and links to all the auctions that will be available this week over here:

Raised $2000 for Charity. Thank you! Posted 1 year ago
Hey guys, so the charity drive for April is over and everything has been tallied up. We raised a total of $2173.00 HELL YEAH!.

$173 is for coloring and the other $2000 was divided up between three charities. Everyone who won a commission got to choose which charity they wanted to donate to and the money was divided as such.

- Wildlife Conservation Society 56% = $1120
- Guidedog Foundation 24% = $480
- Humane Society 20% =$400

And the image abelow is all of my receipts (with my personal info blocked out, I hope) as proof of payment. It's a bit small here, but you can see the receipts and past charities on my website here

Super thanks to everyone who paid such generous amounts for their commissions! You...
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Charity Livestream Event This Weekend Cancelled Posted 1 year ago
I apologize to everyone who was looking forward to it, but I'm cancelling the charity livestream this weekend. I'm also not going to be doing livestream events or livestreams anymore/until further notice.
Don't ask me why, don't apologize to me, don't mention or talk to me about it. I've made up my mind and I don't want to discuss it because there is nothing to discuss and it'll just make me irritated.
Sorry again for those you who were going to participate.
Successful Charity Livestream! Raised $1000 Posted 2 years ago
So we did another hella successful charity livestream. I apologize again that commission slots were super tight this time around, but it worked out pretty well. Here are the break down of the funds:

Total donated to Alzheimer's Research: $595
Total donated to Foster kid's birthday: $265
Coloring Assistance for colored commissions: $60

Special thanks to Zwanzik who raised an extra $142 via her game livestream. Zwanzik was playing Dark Souls and by donating she would give herself a handicap in the game. Pretty impressive feats were accomplished such as defeating a boss while wearing no armor while being encumbered by a heavy weapon.

Special thanks to these peeps were hanging out at the livestream and contributed!

❤ ...
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Charity Livestream this weekend - $10 lineart Posted 2 years ago
Charity commission livestream. Please see my Patreon post for more details. $10 lineart and very limited color commission slots available for $40.