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Vote for your Favorite Fid OCs of 2022! Posted 10 months ago
It's that time of the year again! I feel a bit underwhelmed this year with progress in series to give more insight into more of my characters, but I hope to change that from this point onwards with all the single pictures I've been doing as well as more series planned for the future. Please check out the poll and vote for all of your favorite characters for this year! Thanks for participating!
One Last Pixelmon Journal (Discord server) Posted 1 year ago
As you read in the title, we now have our own dedicated Pixelmon Discord server that centers around the events and updates pertaining to it, and also tournament announcements! Our player base is still quite small, so don't shy out of joining!

Just to reiterate from the previous journal, but we have a full adventure in our server, including a Victory Road and E4, the completion of which will grant you access to a Secret Market that sells building blocks, Mega Stones, and other valuable items! We hold PvP tournies every week now, and rewards include Malgold, a currency that could get you a sketch from me (you would just have to be in the main server, and the Pixelmon discord will enable you to join it)!

Since all news and updates...
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An Update on the Pixelmon Server! Posted 1 year ago
The Pixelmon Server was still in-work when I first made the invite journal 12 days ago, but now we can say that we have a fully laid out adventure for people to enjoy! We have 8 main towns with 8 gyms and also a challenging Victory Road and League gauntlet, leading to acquiring the Shiny Charm early and a secret market that sells things like Mega stones, building blocks, and much more! We also hold events every now and then such as Pokemon Outbreaks, EXP multipliers, and monthly PvP tournaments.

Something to be aware of is that we are using a custom resource pack for the server now, and this has apparently caused issues with people crashing upon trying to join. This can be remedied by installing the resource pack yourself manually or following this guide:...
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Fid's Pixelmon Server for the Community! Posted 1 year ago
EDIT: If you're having trouble joining and crashing while trying to join, try follow this video:

I've recently opened up a Pixelmon server, and anyone is free to join! Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod that mixes the gameplay of Pokemon with the Minecraft world. All Pokemon up to (most of) the Hisuian variants are currently included! We are running the server on the Java Edition of MC. We have routes and towns set up with gyms, though not everything is complete just yet. We're planning a Victory Road and Elite Four gauntlet as well. There will also be Pokemon NPCs based off of my characters that give extra quests (this is also in-work)! When there's enough traffic, I can hold PvP Pokemon Battle Tournaments that could...
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Introducing the wiki replacement: The Character Compendium! Posted 1 year ago
My wiki on Fandom was unfortunately taken down because of fetish content that they disagreed with, so I've been working super hard creating a new document on Google Docs showcasing most of my characters and all of the information tied to them! You all can view it via the link below, but I will warn you that it's a huge doc and may take a bit to load. It should also be viewed on PC for the best experience. This has taken quite a chunk of my time, so I hope that you all enjoy! I've also posted this link to my front page.
Vote for your Favorite Fid OCs of 2021! Posted 1 year ago
It's that time of the year again! With some new characters introduced and more insight given to a lot of already existing ones (and some inevitable changes in taste), I look forward to seeing the results this year! Please vote for your favorite characters (multiple answers enabled!) on the Strawpoll here:

Thank you for your time!
Commissions on hold, READ FOR MORE INFO. Posted 2 years ago
Hello, everyone! Some of you might not know, but I plan on taking on the freelance life, and am closer than ever in achieving this. I will be leaving my job in a few months to work full time in providing content for you guys and building my worlds and characters. In this pursuit, I am planning on closing commissions for an indefinite amount of time, as I have also changed around Patreon tiers to harbor new rewards, including quest participation and private streams.

I will clarify more on what this entails and the new layouts of the reward tiers this upcoming month (with a picture!), and I would like to spend the time I have in June to prepare for this new system and to get myself ready for this new, huge alteration in lifestyle. I want to make the changes as soon as possible...
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Saying Goodbye to Twitter and Opening a Subreddit! Posted 2 years ago
In recent light of my decision to deactivate my Twitter accounts, I needed a new place that would serve as a hub for all the things that I'm working on, and I have decided that making a subreddit would be the way to go. With a subreddit, I can not only make organized posts dealing with updates relating to all of my projects, but it could also serve as a cozy forum as well! I will also be submitting concepts and sketches to my Ask Tumblr from now on, which means that there will be unique art pieces there you probably won't find elsewhere! I also occasionally open up for Asks on the Tumblr, where you can ask any of my OCs anything and get their answer drawn out!



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May '21 Commissions Closed! Posted 2 years ago
Thank you to everyone who submitted an application! Please take a gander at the Trello to see whose ideas I liked.

Everything under "Pending" is ideas that I like, but is NOT YET CHOSEN, please remember. I will isolate the winners tomorrow and send emails accordingly. If you don't get an email and are no longer on the pending list, that means your application wasn't chosen.
May '21 Commissions Open! Posted 2 years ago
Remember there's a new price guide!

The first week of the month will be the acceptance phase, where I take in the forms, look through everything, and accept those commissions that I think I will enjoy the most. I will close the application in a few days.

Access the form here and completely fill it out with what you want. All the information relating to commissions are in the forms as well. Thank you and good luck, everyone!