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It was the boldest move of their afterlife. Stealing food from a demons party, who else could have thought this was a good idea?
Adam and Mirabella had only recently met in a minuscule cracked opening down below a wall in the cellar of tremendously large castle. While trying to find safety, they stumbled on each other and decided, from a common agreement, to share the small space and team up for a better chance at survival. They had access to limited elements of food and drinks

Underground Vore
It was raining.
The city suffered the rage of a sudden storm, which the
meteorologists, very useless in Felarya, had not been able to
foresee. At dawn, the shower was well received, but by dusk the
torrential rain was raising several concerns. The streets were muddy
and deserted, except for a few unfortunates who were running in all
directions in search for shelter.The extreme west of Negav
was reputed to be the nest of infamous criminals in the past, many of
which would not he

A rumble shook the entire palace
as the enormous gavel struck down on a metallic plinth.
“NEXT!” resounded a terribly
strong and powerful voice.
The eternally long waiting line,
awaiting to be judged, slowly advanced by one step. All of the damned
souls were waiting to pass through the Doors of Misfortune, where
their fate would be decided by the Supreme Judge of Hell: Menocles.
Under a hellish dark sky and a
horizon filled with gray, lifeless clouds, Gaziv

Shadow of the
-Tu crois que nous
sommes à l’abri, ici?
-Je ne sais pas…
Et si tu allais voir, hein?
-Personne n’ira
voir rien du tout!
La journée avait
très mal commencé pour ces trois compagnons. Leur chemin les avait
mené jusqu’à la mythique ville d’Ur-Sagol. De par son prestige
d’autrefois, Ur-Sagol pouvait offrir à ces trois humains un lieu
de sécurité et de répit. Toutefois, bien mal leur en pris. À
peine avaient-ils eu le temps de se repérer dans cette imm

pour quelques fleurs de plus
forêt de Thayrn était bien tranquille ce jour-là. La fraîcheur
provenant de la côte rendait l’air plus froid que ne l’était
celui plus à l’intérieur du continent. Quelques harpies
profitaient des vents favorables afin de s’affairer à leurs
occupations quotidiennes, c’est-à-dire la chasse. Des mangurrs
pouvaient être aperçu ici et là en train de brouter l’herbe
florissante de cette forêt qui avait une flore remarquablement
unique. Les a

Jissy was interrupted by
a sudden, loud splash. She sat up, quickly, turning to the side,
where Roshan and Hlaani were still seated in comfortable talk. A
giant form had emerged from the water, displacing a large wave which
rushed up the embankment, soaking the two small beings, and spraying
the naga as well. Jissy stared, momentarily frozen in alarm, and
heard Milly gasp in shock beside her.
There, looming out of the
lake, water dri

tale of the Zlo-Kaiksa is distinctly unusual. The object consists in
a small box, nothing out of the ordinary, with a few indecipherable
engravings on each side. No-one knows what wood it is made of; some
have dared suggest it was carved from the wood of the tallest and
most powerful dryad ever to have lived, in an era long since passed.
The age of the box is likewise unknown. A book, found quite by chance
in the ruins of Ur-Sagol, says this of it: “The Zlo-Kaiksa, in all

Once Upon A Time…Felarya

Chapter Two: The Arrival

Little Peter ran. His speed was seemingly impossible for his young age - only eight years old. He was experiencing an almost unknown force within his young muscles. Yes, he was fit. But there was a difference between being in good shape and being at the apex of human capability. All his pursuers, who had all fallen into a group behind him, were futilely trying to keep up. Every one of them was older than he was, and he was cert

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Your welcome. I am probably the least qualify to answer, but I read your Welcome to Felary and it was pretty good. I'll read the other as soon as possible, have a great day.


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I have been followed by one of my favorites of the vore community. I think I just spewed happiness all over the floor, would you mind helping me clean it up? :D <3 Thanks so much!!!


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Oh, I *love* your stories! I read the heck out of them back when I was just a lurker, and they inspired me greatly ^^ I'll definitely be going through your catalog again to re-read your stories, too. They're just too dang good :D

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You're very welcome! ^_^ And I always have enjoyed your work; I've followed it for a while :3 I just found you on here coincidentially and decided to follow you so I wouldn't miss anything regardless ^^;

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I liked it a lots, it wsa very naughty and mischevious...;)


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I like your stories. I hope to see more excellent results from you.


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It was excellent, solid 9/10, make that 9.5. Superb.


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No problem ! Definitely an interesting story, even with no swallowing. The idea is quite nice, and makes for a good read.


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Great, I wonder if there will be a sequel?


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I love them! I especially got hooked on your felaryan ones :D

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