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has been long since my colleague Y and I had this friendship at work.
I love her very much. Already for years. Each morning I was glad to
see her again at the office. In the weekend I waited for the next
week to meet her again. We could not do more than talking and
flirting here and there as both she and I were married and had
children. And yet, the years only made us find each other more and
more keeping the minimal distance.
was my vore fetish that I surprised her very much when I finall

to the girl that I convince to eat me
what I would like it simply that you eat me.
very simple.
pick me up, put me to your mouth, push me backwards with your tongue
and swallow
yes, like you always do, like any other food you eat
do not chew, I want to go down as one piece.
chewing can hurt
don’t worry, I am not too big, like a small medicament, a
could lick me with your tongue before, I may slip easier
after, let’s do it now, befo

telepathically caught me and made me follow her to a side room where
she sat herself on the sofa, and so did I next to her.
know you are a looking for vore, she said.
was shocked that my most intimate secret was known to her, how do
pred sense, my dear. I caught your look while I was eating that cake.
certainly turned on in me as I recalled that view of her mouth biting
each piece and being swallowed down to her amazing body bite by bite.
have another piece, care

for long period no writing, I just “didn’t have it”
you are with your favorite pred girl, and read through. I hope you
did you make your self so tiny? the girl asked me, as she became huge
size over me while she is sitting and I am standing near her legs.
is a trick I learned.
can you turn yourself back to normal?
but this takes time.
can't hear you good, let me lie down near you.
so she came to lie near me, and standing I was near her sma

Monologue to all these nice girls that show their nice open mouth and uvula on the web...


Yes nice girl, I really love looking in your mouth. Show me your face, if possible more than this, and if I like you I like to go to your mouth.

Behind your lips, as you open your mouth the wide view of your inside is revealed. I stand still and look from outside. Above me your nose, your eyes. I am ready to step in...

I go through your lips, over your front teeth. I step on your tongue, i

I was suddenly tiny man between her crossed legs. Her huge tummy ruling above me and her looking at me from far above.

Girl: who are you little man?

Me: ahhh, ammm, where I am?

Girl: well, you are in my room. I am Sonja.

Me: Mac, nice to meet you. You are so big.

Girl: I am not so big, but you are so small, never saw a real man so small like you. How did you get to my room?

Me: don't know. Suddenly.

Girl: can I pick you up?

Me: but.. be careful, you can smash me with your hand

This story is Anal vore, so those that are not into it, please ignore.

Personally it is of my favourites...

It was long that he searched for this potion that will realize his dream just to pick up a girl he ran into by chance, in public, and that her ass that look to him through her pants wanted so much to invite him inside...

Anyway he drove that day in that full bus, had the chance to be seated, when this black hair attracting girl stood just in front of him, and yea - it was the a

Mark watching his pal Andrew being eaten as a banana by their godess...

(Mark's view

Following the other story “Andrew eaten as a Banana by his godess...” which described Andrew's point of view..)

Mark came that day to their common pool where he usually met Andrew. It was weird though, Andrew did not come, but he would usually send a note. Anyway, their pal godess Sophie was there as usual, lying in the sun with her amazing look, hair, breasts, belly, legs - everything, so

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I'm looking for more vore slides dialogues like this one

if you know of any let me know..

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its nice to see that you are not dead :3


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thanks for the watch


Posted by DT5459 10 years ago Report

long time nothing, but today I post a story. I hope it compensates a bit. thanks for the watches and supportive comments along the time


Posted by Gypa 10 years ago Report

At the firsst sight your stories sound promising and intressting I think I will need to gave them more proper read.


Posted by lovethetailhole 11 years ago Report

Amazing writing you write short and to the point, you use great dialog, and are not afraid to put scat in it. Nice job


Posted by atak 12 years ago Report

I love your stories, and do love that you include full digestion, and scat in them. I love how your predators act, that what happens to their food is just 'their fate', and is what they accepted when they were willing to be eaten alive ^^.

I look forward to seeing more of your stories!


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Thanks for the watch!


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u should post ur stories on deviant art ;P


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Thanks for the watch!

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