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Villa Home
hate the city!" Villa, the dog girl complained as she left her
office job in a huff.
always dreamed of living in the big city as a little girl, growing up
on a rural dairy farm. Just being away from all the brainless cow
girls and the relentless pushes from her parents to settle down with
a nice guy to take over the farm for them. But...
That cat slut manager! Where does she get off!? I may be a female
dog, but she's the real bitch!"

the best you've got? Perhaps I should be eating you."
exhausted harpy lies defeated before me.
as I was studying to finish school for good I was sucked into a new
weird ass one where every girl wants to eat me. Just my luck.
avoid the chaos that was homeroom I made them a deal. Beat me in a
sport of my choosing and you can devour me.
harpy just lost at basketball. But to be fair, it was the first time
she ever played.
other challengers?&qu

of the Butt
do you have two hearts!? Or-or two lungs!? Oh, wait, four lungs!
Dah!" I investigate, trying to climb over the centaur.
I've ended up in a school full of monsterish girls, and
it—is—awesome! I mean, how do they work? Why are they all here?
Can they really eat me whole!? They say that they can... Hmm...
whatever! The teacher stepped out, causing all these girls to check
out the 'new girl,' so I'm checking them out too!
how do you get en

Confusion, disorientation
and a few cases of bedhead. A group of random people with no obvious
connecting traits found themselves in a ruined world, as if their
life skipped frames all of a sudden.Around them, collapsed
buildings and skyscrapers, vines and rust coating them and the
cracked concrete ground around them. Wrecks of cars and trash
littered the street. It was as a scene out of some Apocalypse film,
set centuries after humans. At least, that's how it felt at a

Ellette the, pet?
up commoners! The only reason I would lower myself to even consider
the idea of contemplating the possibility of calling you monsters my
classmates is because that harlot of a headmaster kidnapped me."
I stand straight and proud in front of the class as I deliver my
introduction speech as an edict for the peasants. "So until my
family has it's army come reclaim me and take this land as it's own,
I shall allow you all to serve me."

and Delicious.
that's the deal. Understand? Good!" The weird devil woman told
me. Her Victoria's secret attire distracting me from most of the one
sided conversation.
was in... some other place. A weird world... With weird people... A
weird dream if ever I had one. What on earth could have triggered me
to have such a fantasy?
movie marathon mixed with a lot of sweets. That's how these things go
right? I wonder what movie she was from... Maybe there was a lingerie

Ms Spica's
Monstergirl Butt Lover?
An awkward silence
stood between the two.
On one side, Ms
Spica, the succubus headmistress, dressed in nothing but her usual
bikini and black thong.
On the other, a
tiny five year old girl in the schools sailor uniform. Brown hair in
two pigtails, green eyes staring blankly and white skin slightly
flushed from a chilled breeze.
Like usual, Ms
Spica's summoning had worked, and this wasn't the first time she had
tried to integrate a child into the school. But som

Spica's Hungry Monstergirls
clank, slam!
God..." Between heavy and pained breaths, a voice, barely a
whisper murmurs, "M-monsters... They're really... Real... And
all of them... Want to eat me?"
slight girl had thrown herself into a hall locker in an attempt to
through off her pursuers. The uniform she had been forced into was
messed, drenched in cold sweat and ripped at the shoulder where a
werewolf made a grab for her. The girls wavy black

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Yup, a plan was formed :p
I'm currently practicing with the program with my free time and posing them is a lot of fun. Now comes the animation side however... Urk >.<
Not hard per say. Just time consuming.
Still, I'll be making a new DA account tomorrow for most of my MMD images and progress. I'll leave the adult ones for Eka's only though. They wouldn't be banned from DA by any of their rules, but I want the account to focus on the other aspects of vore. Like comedy scenarios, cartoony stuff, cute angles, etc. Basically all ages stuff. While it's a fetish, I want to apeal to those with a casual or curious interest in it.
R18 stuff can stay in my topics here for the audience with the fetish.

I might change my focus on it and put adult stuff up there one day, but for now this is the...
[ Continued ... ]

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Hey, how've you been? Whatever happened to the part two of Unrivalled Devotion?


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Hello:) It's me BlackWeston from da.

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great i cant wait to see what they get themselves into


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i do gotta ask when the next pred classes story will be


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Thanks for the favorute :) Have a nice vacation, though maybe not so vorish :)


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Ah okay, you ever considered it though? When I get a tablet, I do plan on drawing Tao vore too :3


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Would you be willing to write a story involving Taokaka?


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Hello! Have I already talked about how much I wanna get digested by Taokaka? <<


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