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Greeting's new friend, and welcome to my art channel here on Eka's Portal.

My name is Bill, if you like I also go by William.

I have been on this site for over 12 years now and have had mostly a good time, yes there are morons here but that is what the block button is for after all ^^

I am an OK-ish MS paint artist in my mid 30's who loves safe vore and unbirth as well as drawing my OC's The Bloops.

Bloops are more or less adorable Voreophiles/sex addicts that where once other beings before being turned into Bloops by there loving masters the Villager Bloop Makers AKA The VBM's.

The word Bloop is short for Blop Like Odd Ooze People.
Let's just say they are like your typical friendly village of weird beings you find in most RPG's or late 70's Early 80's cartoons....Aside from all the sex and safe vore lol.

Aside from that I sometimes will draw the odd oc that is not a Dloop or VBM doing things, as you will see in my gallery.

I also take commissions to, if you are interested in that we can chat in the PM's and discuss a price there.

Right then, I will leave you to it, have a look round while you are here and have fun ^^

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Sorry it's been a while all, I have been on Discord a lot lately and since there was nothing for me to draw due to burnout and lack of commission requests I have not really had a reason to be here that much.

It was my birthday on the 24th of March though, it was a nice day and I got a commission done. It's kind of but not really a sequel to that pac-man one I did.

I can't upload it just yet though, waiting for the commissioner to pay for it first, then it will be up here for you all ^^

TBH I have been up and down with my emotions lately, but RN am OK for the most part and wanting to draw a little bit here and there.

I still need some time though.
Well any-who, just popped in to let you all know am fine ^^

Later all ^^

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Posted by LostKnight 2 months ago Report

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Oh your welcome sorry i took so long


Posted by mercecol000 2 months ago Report

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You're welcome.^^


Posted by Tism 2 months ago Report

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Posted by mungam88 3 months ago Report

wow! thanks for the watch¡¡it is a great honor coming from the person who introduced me in the vore, and that inspires me to draw


Posted by mercecol000 4 months ago Report

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That's good.^^


Posted by Jbcoolerninja23 5 months ago Report

Yeah how are you doing hopefully your doing good :)


Posted by mercecol000 5 months ago Report

Hey bud, how you doing?


Posted by 007siren 5 months ago Report

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OH! Thanks, that's a good idea! I constantly forget about those tags lol

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Posted by piigg 5 months ago Report

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Posted by Slimeman64 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the favs!


Posted by Slimeman64 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the favs!


Posted by Chrisis 6 months ago Report

Thanks for adding New Year: Expanding Exaggerated Expression to your favorites!

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