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Hello friend my name is William but my friends call me Bill for short.

I am a straight 32 year old MS paint, Safe vore artist/cartoonist that likes to roll-play as a slime that tastes like sweets and get's off to different forms of safe and none gross vore.

And in my art from time to time I like to put in ether MEME references or funny jokes related to movies and pop culture from the 90's-2000-nds since that was the time I grew up in.

I live in the UK but at the moment things are not going so good for my country as you probably know by now via the news ecs.

But still "one must press on! Stiff upper lip and all that crap!" lol yeah.

I have been on this site for over 10 years now and I have quite a mixed bag of vore art that I hope you will like.

At the moment I am drawing my RP/ Slime-sona character and his friends in there world on a island known as Slime Islands where about 94% of the islanders are slime folk.

The group of slime's I and my friends come from are called Bloops witch is short for Blob Like Odd Ooze People.

We are candy makers and have some rather odd trades that make us a bit different to other slime's as you will probably find out later on if you bother to look at my crap lol

I try to draw once a day and sometimes even more depending on my time limit so there will be a lot of art from me even if most of it is just me getting into trouble or someone!

Now if you don't like me pretending to be my slime-sona you can ask me to stop and I will.

I can get a bit carried away and please forgive my spelling to.

I have mild spelling dyslexia and it is a pain and gets in the way from time to time.

So yeah that is it and if you would like to know anything just ask and I will try to answer your question.

Oh and one last thing. I have a strict no underage artwork rule in my gallery so don't ask for it.

I can do commotions now but you will have to pm me so we can discuss what you want me to draw for you.

No one under the age of 21 real or not. I don't do that kind of stuff here.

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Am feeling better now.

My real friends got my back and helped me through it all :)

Thank's guys (^-^) now let's put the shit-storm behind us and move on.

Phew that was one rough fortnight.

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Posted by Mysterymaster 20 minutes ago Report

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i would have faved ALL your stuff, but that might have been a bit much. also, what's not to like about your art? its a really nice style.


Posted by mynamej 14 hours ago Report

Thanks for watching ^_^


Posted by ZeBourgeoisie 3 days ago Report

I'm glad you like my content so much. I really appreciate it.


Posted by Crow0fCainhurst01 4 days ago Report

<< Reply To mirrormind101

I will very much so~! you have very nice art^^


Posted by bloodwolfvamp 6 days ago Report

<< Reply To mirrormind101

hey i fav what i like and i like our ar so i fve...i wont go overboard this time like i have before


Posted by Nightmare49 8 days ago Report

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HTML5 video is perfect and Flash is only great for old Flash animations that need interactions. Edge and Opera have Flash players built right into the browsers.


Posted by Nightmare49 8 days ago Report

<< Reply To mirrormind101

True but a good one would be an Epic server CPU. If they can get one. But in time they can get a more powerful one.


Posted by Nightmare49 8 days ago Report

<< Reply To mirrormind101

It just won't let me do the art i want and see it completely. I wanted it to scale or cover the entire page but inside i can only do full sized or small

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