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Hello, my name is William, but my friends call me Bill.

I, am A 33 years old man from "Great-Brian/England/UK" and I like to draw my OC's known as Bloop's AKA "Blob Like Odd Ooze People"

I can draw other stuff but my Bloop's come first, Well unless an art trade or cash is involved that is lol

I like to roll-play as a Bloop called Bill. Yes it's my real name to but it keeps confusion out the way.

You may find some typo's in my art due to mild dyslexia that I have had for years. But, I am getting better.

I have been here for just over 10 years and loved every moment of it.

All my art is drawn in MS-paint useing a screen tablet.

I do take commissions fore £5 to $20/£16 May be a bit more depending on the complexity of the picture/item.

Plus I do art trades to, but I have to be in the mood for them ^^;

I do not draw "underage characters" of any kind so don't ask thank you.

PM me for any other questions or if you would like to be a new friend ^^

And if you are new here, welcome to Eka's Portal :D

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Well, it's not that I don't think they are any good for vore pics.
I think some are really good for it.

The problem is if you try to have a laugh or make a joke or draw them a way that people don't like you can get a lot of shit from people for it.

About a year and 7-10 months ago I made a joke about a Pokemon looking like my OC's and I said they ripped me off. I got some really stupid and in the odd case hateful comments from people because of it.

It is called the "Sacred Cow" it's when people get way too offended by somthing even if it was a joke and will go out of there way to prove it is not that and they will go as far as to threaten the person. it can be dangerous in situations.

Now most...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by denysvision3 2 days ago Report

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Hy, it was ark to remake it on my phone


Posted by dArtCrave 2 days ago Report

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Posted by dArtCrave 4 days ago Report

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Posted by SilhouetteofKid 8 days ago Report

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No prob man, keep it up! ^^


Posted by CronoDragon 11 days ago Report

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You're welcome ^^


Posted by Crazycat15 2 weeks ago Report

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no problem

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Posted by Jbcoolerninja 2 weeks ago Report

You came a long way to overcome your dyslexia and you did it i am proud of you man keep on improving your spelling and your art


Posted by merelyatoy 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by MrSaigneur 2 months ago Report

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Thanks ^^ i thought i already follow you, now it's done ^^

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Posted by Victusu 2 months ago Report

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Yw :7

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Posted by Victusu 2 months ago Report

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No problemo, ya'll welcome mate.

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Posted by Mettra 2 months ago Report

Thx for the fav mirror ^^

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