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Hana Song, or D.Va as she was known to her fans, cracked her knuckles then removed the trademark headset from her head. Her brown hair, thankfully, didn’t show any sign of headset sitting there. She leaned back in her gaming chair, pushing her b- cup breast out from her petite form. The Desktop in front of her open to her Twitch streaming page showing that she was not currently streaming. 

Ten-hour streams had always been one of the most exhausting thi

Summary of previous events:

You are a new male student attending the prestigious school that is Vore High, as you walk in and get registered to attend classes on the different ways to swallow people whole, you are prompted to to choose a House to become a part of.

You picked Alpha Beta Alpha and after meeting with the bitches there you now have to capture a a girl to take back with you to show them that you are worthy.



A woman strode briskly down through the empty parking lot. The ghostly light illuminating her


raven hair and


coal eyes which were held in contrast to her fair skin. Her long black locks were swept back in casual style, leaving her face open. Her face, while not as youthful as it had been t

It was a standard mission, stop the Talon operatives from escorting the payload in Route 66, Pharah thought, pushing against the stomach around her. It grumbled in response, tightening around her naked form. Stomach acids dripping in-between the valley of her D-cup breasts. The juices tingled for now, but she knew that eventually the feeling would be much worse.

The Helix

Mercy let out a moan, her delicate
fingers groping the contents of her stomach. The swiss doctor’s
stomach gurgled and churned as her stomach began to digest its
contents in earnest. “Well Hannah, I can’t say that I’m going
to miss you… but I suppose I wouldn’t mind if you stayed.” The
blonde gently grabbed D.Va’s exposed ass through her own skin. The
Korean gamer inside gave an indignant shriek and flailed angrily.
Mercy gasped in pleasure at his prey’s attempts at escape “J

Lisanna Strauss
licked her lips in a primal hunger, The silver haired beauty gazed
longingly at the cause, one Lucy Heartfilia. It was lunch, and the
guild members that weren’t out on a job had gathered for their
meal. A plate of bland looking food sat in front of her, but Lisanna
wasn’t hungry for normal food. Her current craving was currently
discussing her novel-in-progress with Fairy Tail’s resident script
mage, Levy McGarden. The youngest of the Strauss siblings drooled as
she watched

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So for those that follow me, and read these blogs (thank you very much for that by the way.) Which of the Interactive Paths do you like? Which scenarios and pred/prey pairings do you like?

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