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"You got another one?"

Sanni raised an eyebrow at her best friend, Lykas. A belch was her answer, followed by the muffled complaints and pleas for help from Lykas' stomach. The predator’s rotund middle protruding from under tank top that started fitting snug about two meals ago. Her arms, covered by a baggy green jacket. Brushing a golden lighting bolt shaped lock behind her ear, she shook her head cause the fluffy wolf ears on the top of he

The taciturn professor face never changed as she looked at the hopeful pink eyes of her student. The pair were seated comfortably inside Byleth’s dorm room as they had just finished with a marvelous tea time that both had enjoyed. Well… until the topic changed. It had been the same conversation that they had every week, and it always ended the same way.

Hilda didn’t want to be on the frontlines, but her potential and skill with a weapon we

Mercy sat in her office, tapping a pen against her chin. It was already quarter after 5, so it was likely she’s only fit one more client in for the day.

“Mei dear, send the last patient in, would you?

The door opened, revealing a dark skinned Egyptian woman. Her attire was casual, not unlike what one would wear to the gym. Black tights w

Hana Song, or D.Va as she was known to her fans, cracked her knuckles then removed the trademark headset from her head. Her brown hair, thankfully, didn’t show any sign of headset sitting there. She leaned back in her gaming chair, pushing her b- cup breast out from her petite form. The Desktop in front of her open to her Twitch streaming page showing that she was not currently streaming. 

Ten-hour streams had always been one of the most exhausting thi

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Hey everyone, I just wanted a sounding board for some random ideas that I have had for writing. Currently, I have been working on an Art trade with JohnMorningWood. (It's a secret :P) After this, I was thinking of either starting an interactive for Smash Bros or Fairy Tail like the Overwatch one, or starting the next Lyra Lands with Hilda.

What do you guys think?

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Posted by CassyInko 1 year ago Report

Thanks alot for the watch! :D


Posted by Colmillos 1 year ago Report

Hey man I never got a chance to say it but your Overwatch vote stories are quite alluring, especially the ones you’ve done involving Mercy! Just wanted to drop credit where it’s due, keep up the nice work


Posted by Chameleonette 1 year ago Report

Thank you so kindly for the watch! :) I appreciate it~


Posted by Delet932b4sk 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fave, man!


Posted by Malezor 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by TheClockworkBiscuit 1 year ago Report

Heya!! Mega thanks for watching, and the faves!!


Posted by Draconatedz 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! It's a huge honor, I've been a fan of your stuff for years now :>


Posted by Flame14 2 years ago Report

Thanks for adding to the Failiel part of Vore High. Was missing that part myself but I have all the chapters for a storyline with her from after this point. I'll try adding them later today.


Posted by dragonvenom 3 years ago Report

Please make more f/f fairy tail

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Posted by SeekGr 4 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch~!!XD

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Posted by chaos12 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To TheN7Slayer

No problem!


Posted by JohnMorningwood 4 years ago Report

Are your stories going to continue anytime soon? They're some of the best I've ever read!

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