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Looking for some people to RP with! Posted 1 year ago
Its been a long time since I posted here, but I figured I would post on my blog to see if anyone was interested. Looking for more people to RP with. I tend to be more of a prey so predators are very welcone! Just DM me here if you are interested.
Random Writing Thoughts and the Like. Posted 3 years ago
Hey everyone, I just wanted a sounding board for some random ideas that I have had for writing. Currently, I have been working on an Art trade with JohnMorningWood. (It's a secret :P) After this, I was thinking of either starting an interactive for Smash Bros or Fairy Tail like the Overwatch one, or starting the next Lyra Lands with Hilda.

What do you guys think?
OVOREwatch Interactive: Which is the best path? Posted 4 years ago
So for those that follow me, and read these blogs (thank you very much for that by the way.) Which of the Interactive Paths do you like? Which scenarios and pred/prey pairings do you like?
OVORewatch Interactive Posted 4 years ago
Hey guys!

I have had a lot of plans to write more Overwatch vore. Unfortunately when you have a lot of plans. It becomes harder to work on just one of them to completion. To solve this issue to simply move to write what ever I want and I allow others to write as well. I created this Interactive.

Honestly, I would like to see other people write on this as well but definitely will post completed scenes just like I have with Vore High.
Come on by and let me know what you think. :-D
Vore High Interactive Posted 4 years ago
Hey guys,
Haven't posted in awhile due to college and the like, but if any of you that are watching me wanted to read some more of my writings I've recently started filling some of the interactive for Vore High out. I really used to like it when it was present on
Unfortunately, it seems that not all of the chapters were carried over and there are quite a few gaps. I see this as a good and bad thing. Its good due to other writers having more room to write the narrative without there being as much of a "plot" for others to follow so their writings can be more of what they envisioned. And obviously its bad because there were some great routes in it that have been lost.
Anyone who writes and watches me I would appreciate it if you began filling some...
[ Continued ... ]