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Almost ten years have passed since the Sky People were banished from their world by the hands of Eywa and her children – sent back to their own dying world from which it was unlikely they would return. Aya’Tè considered this idly as she sneaked through the underbrush, her bow in hand and arrow nocked, the anniversary day to be celebrated in remembrance of their victory only days away.Aya’Tè was young enough that she weren’t able to participate in the decisive battle, but it has been to

After another two months of hunting pirates and theory, Talos’Ana decided it was time to move on to field assignments. A decision that just happened to coincide with the delivery of a full kit of starting equipment – including full suits of Venator-class armors rated for use by Seekers, and a lander of their own. Nothing especially complex, though, as one can expect from starting equipment.Their lander was shaped in the image of a winged ocean creature, though one over ninety feet long and t

Army MealOoOoOThe battlefield of Zadnor lost none of its intensity as the fighting continued between the resistance groups of various occupied nations – chiefly the Bozjan one – and their much hated common adversary; the Garlean Empire. Doing the long since desolated no favors as muck and fresh wreckage added to the vista.H’aerindu frowned as she wandered the blasted wastes.Looking on the irregular landscape while her mind was awash in thoughts of all that was happening, and what happened

Pirate CleanupOoOoOLocated within the massive network of tunnels under the surface of Tusev II, dug by the long since defunct corporations that thoroughly mined out the planet before abandoning it when the last ember of light left the Tusev System’s sun, was Dead Sun Port. A veritable city built by the less than reputable denizens of a thousand different species that has served ever since as a pirate port.Violence and drugs flowed freely in its streets and bars.Its only tangible borders being

Prelude to a JourneyOoOoOThe alien pirate ship hung limply in the void of space not far from the border of one of the greatest interstellar power in known space, standing as a silent testament to the foolishness of its crew that had sized it up for plunder. But what they found instead was the prospect of their demise when a tiny vessel roughly shaped like a manta ray dropped out of shock-space and contested them in the strictest of terms.What followed was the fiercest battle they had ever experi

The bus stop became crowded in almost an instant as the latest bus arrived and let off a small mass of foreign tourists, of which the most notable were two statuesque vixens dressed in crop tops and jeans with ample holes in them. Unlike the rest they traveled with, these two wandered off on their own to look at the sights.And so far they were less than unimpressed.“What a tame-looking city this is…” Akane scoffed as she and Uni wandered the streets, looking for any kind of fun, “Think i

For all he was willing to do in the name of his progression up the empire’s ranks, Rourke did not much like his posting. Bozja was as off the beaten path as one could get, and since its lone great city came apart was just a scattered pile of ruins. Whatever the empire wanted here, he just couldn’t see it for the life of his.So between his duties he sought for what few womenfolk there are.As inferior as the locals are, at least they could offer some scarce entertainment. Faced with an imperia

On a planet far away from where the resistance was rebuilding, Rey continued with her training in the Force so she may be better prepared to take on the First Order in the future. It was a hard and arduous journey, though her good senses never failed her. Past a few hiccups she always prevailed in the challenges she faced.Now she sought a temple she heard was built by the Jedi in long ago.It started when she reentered civilization on an otherwise jungle-covered world, and made her way into its h

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Vir's Blog - Happy new year! Posted 5 years ago

Tried all month to think of a Christmas or New Year-themed story whether OC-story or fanfiction, but I'm sorry to say it did not quite pan out. Nevertheless, happy new year. ^^;

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Posted by TomFennek 6 months ago Report

I love your human/furry stories! Hope you continue with your beautiful work


Posted by darkemper 11 months ago Report

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no thank you for making stories so amazing to read, keep staying awesome an have a epic day


Posted by biscuitman 1 year ago Report

Two things I like, FFxiv and some vore stories, keep up the great work.


Posted by Xali 1 year ago Report

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you're very welcome and I hope to see more with the twins :)


Posted by AshLovehart 1 year ago Report

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Thank YOU for writing of cute slender boys gulping down giant prey!!! <3


Posted by z3d 1 year ago Report

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You are welcome! Always enjoy the vore stories involving alivin and Dennis.

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Posted by pbysteria 2 years ago Report

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Welcome, recently tried out FFXIV so was a nice cooincidence.


Posted by zobabu 3 years ago Report

Lovely stories you write there, especially enjoyed the WOW series so far. Keep it up!


Posted by Horoble 3 years ago Report

Happy birthday dear! I hope you have a wonderful day today, and that everything goes your way! Best of wishes and hugs and kisses, take care of yourself today!


Posted by RavenousVoid 4 years ago Report

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Your welcome.

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