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the ice of the northern glacier it emerged from its ageless slumber
and devoured most of those who were studying it, thinking of it as
just a well-preserved corpse. Nothing could be further from the truth
as the hulking T-rex thrust itself free of the compound, its hanging
stomach bloated with dozens of unfortunate paleontologists.
to what weapons they had, it progressed south.
of course it would.
from the ice and into the forests where it went on to hunt the local

more the winter has come, and with it the starlight celebration.
Rose-colored garlands and decorations of light adorning tall pine
trees filled the streets of both realm’s cities and countryside
towns alike. Cheer was in the air despite all that was going on
otherwise, for which Y’shtola did not offer much attention as she
visited a potential backer to aid the Scions’ ailing funds without
the others’ knowing, wishing for it to be a surprise.
Rose was a wealthy merchant from Kuga

on the northern coast of Fiore, Silva Town was a popular tourist
destination known for its baroque architecture that sees much traffic
throughout the year. Lucy marveled at the place as she and several of
her friends among the Fairy Tail guild of mages traversed its streets
in search of a suitable inn to house them for the night.
was nighttime, yet even now the town was so alive.
surged up and down the streets, and music was in the air. Had she the
strength, she would have join

groaned as she felt her belly ache. Not just a little peckish but
outright starved after having flown to and from all morning, giving
her slight insight to what it must be like to be Masazumi every
damned morning as she made her way across the airspace above the
Murayama with a package in hand for delivery.
one does for her lover while she’s away.
to make sweet love and having little to no room to eat during work,
how was a fallen angel such as herself supposed to live like t

better for the road than a full belly. Spend that piece at Rhon Ron’s
place, yes? Eat for three before you leave!”
did not quite expect to meet the First’s equivalent of kobolds
anytime soon, or ever at all considering how reclusive those she knew
tended to be within their little corner of Eorzea, but she found the
tune with them rather quickly.
at the very least…
H’rindu smiled at his suggestion, her bushy tail held high, “I
like the way you think

Margot sat
deep in thought with her compatriots around one of the many tables of
this bar out in the depths of the black shroud as they all considered
the way forward. Days had gone by since one of their pals were
injured during a quest and was forced to retire.
It was
understandable but left their group at an understaffed three.
This was bad,
because they need four members at least to explore the nearby ruins.
ideas?” the busty highlander asked.
her elezen compatriot, Jea

yet another mission complete, it was time to return home.
just had to happen on an afternoon far from the land of fire when the
sky threatened to fill with clouds and quite literally rain on their
like we won’t reach the next town in time.” Ino lamented.
we might as well find the largest tree here and spend the night
beneath its boughs, just as we usually do.” Sakura told her with a
small smile.
blonde shook her head, “It’s so unfair.”

was a scout.
a celebrated job far as occupations go, but a necessary one. For a
whole day she sat without a roof above her head as she spied across
the barren plains, and worried every now and then how this exposure
would affect her beautiful bronze skin.
was hardly out of line as all Ananta tend to be mindful about their
hours upon hours she remained put while busying herself on what
ointments to use once she and those she came with make their
victorious return

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Vir's Blog - Happy new year! Posted 4 years ago

Tried all month to think of a Christmas or New Year-themed story whether OC-story or fanfiction, but I'm sorry to say it did not quite pan out. Nevertheless, happy new year. ^^;

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Posted by Xali 1 month ago Report

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you're very welcome and I hope to see more with the twins :)


Posted by AshLovehart 2 months ago Report

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Thank YOU for writing of cute slender boys gulping down giant prey!!! <3


Posted by z3d 2 months ago Report

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You are welcome! Always enjoy the vore stories involving alivin and Dennis.


Posted by pbysteria 1 year ago Report

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Welcome, recently tried out FFXIV so was a nice cooincidence.


Posted by zobabu 1 year ago Report

Lovely stories you write there, especially enjoyed the WOW series so far. Keep it up!


Posted by Horoble 1 year ago Report

Happy birthday dear! I hope you have a wonderful day today, and that everything goes your way! Best of wishes and hugs and kisses, take care of yourself today!


Posted by RavenousVoid 2 years ago Report

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Your welcome.


Posted by Blahblahbum 3 years ago Report

Can't wait to see new work from you, hopefully another wonderful piece from the ME universe. :D


Posted by Nathairach 3 years ago Report

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My pleasure! I'm happy to watch someone with your level of talent!


Posted by Reiyali 3 years ago Report

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You're welcome! I love your writing!

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