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The stars seemed brighter than usual tonight, but then again it was their first time camping someplace far from their home city and deep in the wilderness. Anya felt her eyes go wide as she looked up in boundless wonder, her mouth slightly agape. “Anya, hey, snap out of it already!” she heard Karin near shout at her from the side, making the ogling girl look down and at the small circle of tents standing around the roaring campfire.And the three fellow equines whose attention were largely on

Good old Mor Dhona was dim as evening loomed, and the skies darkened. Everything was settling down for the approaching night and its few streets emptied. Leaving it looking quite abandoned, bar the appearance of a single Viera dressed in simple flannel who had elected to stretch herself out on one of the few outdoor benches to take a rest.H’aerindu had just arrived by aetheryte when she spotted the sleeping bunny-eared woman out the corner of her eyes, and was intrigued.It was a rare sight aft

After the Great Rift formed, splitting the galaxy almost from end to end, the radiance of its stars took on a luster foreboding to the Aeldari. More on guard than ever, the Farseers of what great craft-worlds remained redoubled their efforts to detect encroaching threats and act on them… which led to the discovery of a new presence in the outer fringe, belonging to an existence not of this galaxy. One that is not of the Great Devourer.To ascertain this, Erendala and his battleship, the Fae Ym

The battle through Numbani’s streets was going poorly as the sounds of fighting persisted in the far distance under a communication blackout. No one knew what the rest were doing, which left and Tracer in a bit of a pickle as they tried to find everyone else after getting split off during a particularly hectic engagement – an ambush started by both rogue Omnic and Talon forces. And as if that wasn’t enough, exhaustion crept on them unbidden. “Even for me, this is a slog.” Lena Fox

Cow LevelHunger weighed down hard as Maina trudged through the steaming jungle, her hooves dropping hard on grass and foliage wet from recent rain while she tried to find her way around this turgid place. Some meat would have been perfect right about now, her mind having no thought of the oft poisonous fruits around here – having learned to keep her sticky fingers to herself from experience.Chewing at nothing, she continued to stomp forth when she came across a clearing with boulders jutting o

Several hours after the police confrontation that led to the kidnapping of two officers, both of whom held positions of some distinction, Zootopia was just starting to settle down after the resulting backlash and vows of swift action… when a wave of mounting confusion swept across the great mall located in downtown Savannah Central.From outside, nothing was noted about aside from the crowds getting louder.Amarr only took this for the illusion mod working as he and the others reemerged after ho

The hour was 08:00 sharp, and the new employment office opened up for another giving day of business. Eager to see if its advertisement held true, people entered in droves, starting with a few and soon building up to a small stream – not even noticing how the perception of their surroundings lessened as they took the elevator up to the sixth floor, where the office was situated and their jobless status would hopefully be lifted.Unaware that what awaited them was the prospect of becoming breakf

The drop pod fell a long way after the destruction of their ship, but that was a simple matter of course when it’s supposed to locate a habitable planet and make for an emergency landing. Darlaa rather hated how uncomfortable its descent was, and vowed she would complain about it to the Eclipse leadership when rescue does come along.They ought to do better than buying knock-off equipment.It wasn’t like they as a mercenary outfit could make the kind of purchases that proper national armed for

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Vir's Blog - Happy new year! Posted 6 years ago

Tried all month to think of a Christmas or New Year-themed story whether OC-story or fanfiction, but I'm sorry to say it did not quite pan out. Nevertheless, happy new year. ^^;

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Posted by ShinjiIkari 3 weeks ago Report

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Sorry for assuming then, your stories are still awesome. Thanks for sharing them!


Posted by ShinjiIkari 3 weeks ago Report

One moment! I'm following you since a while but only now made the connection, are you the Vir in Pachas Quest?


Posted by Xenophage17 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To Vir

No worries, loved your stuff for a while but never got around to favouriting some. Fixed that


Posted by 101danmnations 4 months ago Report

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Not a problem. ^^


Posted by z3d 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To Vir

No problem! Been a fan of your stories since the first story with the twin human preds

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Posted by banzai 4 months ago Report

Its always enjoyable to read about your characters eating their way through other worlds :3

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Posted by darkemper 4 months ago Report

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it was a fantastically awesome story, so I had to fav it an I can't wait to see what amazing story you make next-
-keep staying awesome an perfectly epic day


Posted by Ilove 4 months ago Report

<< Reply To Vir

No prob man! always been a big fan of your stuff :D


Posted by SeekGr 6 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch~!! x3

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Posted by JustNothing 7 months ago Report

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Sry for the I guess 30-40 faves but I go vorny when I read M/? with cute boys AND scat on top of that >w<
Realy great stuff you have.


Posted by TomFennek 1 year ago Report

I love your human/furry stories! Hope you continue with your beautiful work


Posted by darkemper 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Vir

no thank you for making stories so amazing to read, keep staying awesome an have a epic day

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