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Smug and Satisfied By TheN7Slayer -- Report

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My first vore commision from  M0re4117

This is Danni, she tends to be prey more often thab pred, but everyonce and awhile she gets to have her own meal.

Heres a little something that I wrote for it:

The churns of the foxgirl's stomach working on her busty prey caused Danni's ears to lay flat in pleasure. It even shot down to the sky colored tip of her blue tail, the furry appendage wagging behind her. She was never much of a predator, but something about the curvy brunette had awakened a hunger in her she had never known before.

The woman pushed desperately against her fleshy bindings. Her ridiculous bust making even more degined bulges with their obscene size. Danni's stomach, having never known food of this sheer mass before, was incredibly taut around her prey's busty form. Her head was positioned at the top of the pale dome, her panicked expression outlined clearly. The gut gurgled, another churn gripping the unfortunate brunette roughly. Another attempt to push the fox girl's food farther down.

Moans of pain mingled with sloshing of acids and the fizzling of them beginning to work on the prime cut of high quality meat. The pred shuddered in pleasure again, a hand raising to rest on the entombed woman's head. Danni couldn't help the smug expression she wore.

"God I can't wait til your lewd body is packed into my tits…"

Normally soft spoken, the predator couldn't help but feel turned on by completely dominating another person. Closing an eye, the foxgirl smirked at the stewing meat. Finally starting to slow down, the fizzling turned to popping. The caustic cauldron finally ready for digestion to truly begin.

"You looked like you were born to be devoured with a body like that." Small alabaster hands groping the massive mammaries that felt a tiny bit softer than when she had felt them up when devouring her food. More than likely just a hopefully imagination. "So I suppose you could say it's only natural that your milk cow breasts are melting in my gut like a nice juicy steak~"

Another churn pushed the first bits of chyme from the still living woman down into her starving intestines.

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Posted by FireRed2 7 months ago Report

Looks lovely


Posted by TheN7Slayer 7 months ago Report

Thank you! :)


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 7 months ago Report

Oh damn, this is quite good, and I admit I love the description. Watch earned.


Posted by TheN7Slayer 7 months ago Report

Thanks! M0re does a great job as always. Also yeah I used to write vore alot more, but kinda have fallen out of it.


Posted by Zz22 7 months ago Report

Oh wow, everything about this is great


Posted by TheN7Slayer 7 months ago Report

I love the piece alot! M0re is a very talented artist :)


Posted by M0re4117 7 months ago Report

aaaawwww gracias <3


Posted by Handsomekingdedede 7 months ago Report

love the detailed bulges of her prey~ makes me wanna nom someone who I really like or inlove with and just cuddle up with her outlines~ UwU


Posted by TheN7Slayer 7 months ago Report

Its a very appeling vore scenario for sure


Posted by Helvetios 7 months ago Report

That description really sealed this, especially the mention of bits of her body already being pumped into the intestines while she’s still alive. Absolutely love it when food is still alive that far into digestion <3


Posted by TheN7Slayer 7 months ago Report

I am a huge sucker for digestion. It and the post vore weight gain are by a very large margin my favorite thing in vore.


Posted by carlj 7 months ago Report

She's cute, especially with a full belly ^^


Posted by TheN7Slayer 7 months ago Report

Thank you! :)