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Welcome to my gallery, my little side hobby where I write about people being eaten.

Here my stories will be about, but not limited to soft and casual vore, with willing and, sometimes unwilling, preys.

For the sutff I will do:
Female Preds and Preys
Male Preds and Preys (But mostly femboys and very effeminate males)
Oral vore
Anal vore
Cock vore
Plant vore
Disposal (sometimes... If I remember)
Public and casual sex
Fatality (While I like reformation and stuff, I think fatality makes things interesting)
Transformation (Inanimate and such)

For the stuff I won't do:
Anthro and Furry (Although monster girls, monster boys and demi humans are more than fine)
Feet stuff (I don't like it)
Child sex (I may have a child being eaten or eating once in a while, but always soft vore and never sexualized)
Giants, shrinking and such (No offense, but I think that's pretty boring.)

If you have a suggestion, request or wants to talk with me (Maybe I'll even be open to RP) send me a PM.

Disclaimer: None of my stories represent my real life views and I don't condone the things represented here to be done in real life. All of this is silly fiction.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

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Very few people would dare venturing deep into the heart of a jungle, specially during the summer in South America, with the high temperatures and the density of the jungle. But that didn’t stop the Wells family from doing it. The five large and beautiful women kept venturing into the woods, going past all the plants, with the large trees looming over them, giving some protection against the sun. This whole camping trip idea came out of nowhere from the family’s two matriarchs, Eliza

It was early in the morning and the bed creaked uncontrollably as the two men kept fucking. On top, there was Ron, a 48-years-old man, now widower, who was looking at his own reflection on the mirror next to the bed while he kept ramming his junk between two massive globes of flesh. Said globes of flesh belonged to Quentin, his 23-years-old neighbor, who was on all fours, biting the pillow underneath him. It was the second time this morning that the giant assed femboy was getting railed as a par

Vore and Feminization: A correlation and analysis between the two and it’s future.By Professor Geraldine Parker from Willow Creek University. May 20 1980.In recent times a social uproar has started as more and more men with more feminine traits started to walk around the world. Many are claiming that this has a direct correlation with vore, that the act of eating someone causes those changes. Well, I am here to address those statements and for starters, they are completely true, but let&rs

r/AskReddit posted by [deleted]How did a step-parent win you over?u/Cursed-Comet10When I was 9 my mom began dating this guy from her work and he was such an improvement from my deadbeat dad. He actually cared for me and my sister, watched my games, went to see my sister’s dances. He even taught us how to seduce and eat a prey. I remember when I was 13, he brought two ladies to our house and taught sis and me to eat them. Sis was a pretty small girl, so he had some extra attention to her. L

“Man, thanks for having me today.” Jim said as he stepped inside his best friend’s house, it was a Friday afternoon and they were planning on spending the whole weekend together, playing games, watching movies and just being boys.“No problem, dude.” Marcus replied as he guided Marcus to the living room. “You know you can always count on me for anything. Besides, since my mom won’t be home until Monday, we can have the whole house for ourselves.” He reassured his best frie

Christine looked around the restaurant, inspecting the sleek decorated tables, the paintings on the wall, the many clients enjoying their meals and the “Staff members are not on the menu” signs on the walls. There were many sexy men, women and futas working at The Aurora Chimney, all of them using their matching uniforms and Christine, being a middle-aged single mom, loved eyeing them up and down. But there was one waitress in particular that had caught her attention from a while now. The wa

Working as a manager on a big restaurant pays the bills, but it isn’t really what I would call a dream job, and working the night shifts is not something I usually look forwards to. Actually, I never look forward to it for the usual reasons: It’s often the most agitated time with a seemingly never-ending flow of costumers coming in and a lot of them aren’t nice. You got a lot of those so-called “Karens” coming to bother me for slightest mistake that one of the waiters may

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Do people here read more on mobile or desktop? Also, is there anything wrong with the format of my stories, do you guys prefer another format other than rtf?

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