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Welcome to my page, here I place the stories I can get out from my head onto paper. (Figuratively)

Be a critic please, I have a desire to learn, as these are the first stories I ever written.

Yess, I have a new name and logo, It is for my "Fake it till you make it" uh.. vibe, Yup.

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The Link
By misterebony
Sharon lay there in bed, unable to sleep. Thoughts of what she saw on the computer were stirring in her mind. She tried to wrap her head around it, tried to make sense of it.
The link...... the link she clicked... she had been given it from her friend, and she didn't understand why.
*This was the link you wanted me to send. If your sure, you will need to contact me.*
Thing was... she asked for no link. Her best friend had never even ment

Lennox had a body that had just the right qualities, Thighs that begged to be squeezed, A belly that wasn't large, not flat, But had that nice little rounding, Breasts that would rest perfectly in your hands, Not too heavy, but light would never be the word to use.

As Lennox spins around we take in a sight of her back, Perfect pale skin that makes you want to run your fingertips over all the way down to that firm ass you just want to grab then continue to trail f

Trash day.

Today Vera has to commit to her punishment given by the court after she violated the law by eating one person too many last month, Vera's defence was that it was due to daylight saving time, And while it was a good defence, And likely saved her from being eaten herself, The punishment received was not to be happy about either.

By court, Vera was to be a public trash disposal this Friday, And people had already started

The Swallow.

It's another day on the set of the new horror movie "The Swallow" in which a starved pred cheerleader captain named Christine goes on a frenzy during prom, Eating one person after another.

While predators are rare, Non can actually eat more than one human, Maybe two small ones at best. So the idea of a frenzied predator is top horror!

"Christine" is one of the few Pred actresses

A dream.

It was nearly midnight when my eyes fell closed, One of the pizza boxes was still in hand reach, and a last slice of pepperoni and mushroom pizza was half-eaten in hand resting on my full belly. My head was resting on a Goomba plush with my drifting thoughts: "Ah, glorious food coma".

It's been another night of gluttony, Games and anime, And even though my body has gone plump from this month long self-imposed isolatio

Taking out the trash.

It was a hot summer day and Alice got out of bed late, Exhausted as the morning sun had turned her room into an oven, leaving her to wake up basted in her own sweat.

"I have to hydrate myself" Alice thought as she took a large bottle of sparkling water, Twist it open, and placed it to her eager lips. Gluck, gluck, gluck, Down Alice her throat went i

AITA for spending time with my stepson?

Me (42m) have a stepson (16m) named Tobias, His mother is no longer with us since Thanksgiving, Further, there is my daughter (19f)Liv.

Now I recently got a sausage maker for my birthday from my daughter and I was assembling it in the kitchen when Tobias came back from soccer practice, Tossing his gym bag on the sofa and leaving mild but clearly visible footprints over my floor. I looked up

It's been one week since Lennox turned eighteen and her parents told her she now should be more independent. While this didn't mean she was kicked out of the family home, It did mean she no longer would find financial support.

Of course Lennox would run through her meager saving at a fast pace, She now stares at the window of a well-known fashion store, Drooling over, What she'd call the perfect red leather jacket. "I have to have it" She stated, Her ey

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TMVore's Blog - Writing new stuff, what? Posted 7 months ago

Always plotting new things, but what is worse than having to pause writing a story because you're on a trip for a few days?

What is upcoming though?

My first time doing food transformation and a dating story.

Let's hope they both turn out well.

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