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I've been a lurker for a loooooong time. Looking for ways to give back to the community.

At the moment all I can offer is my writing, but I hope to be at a place where I can share 2D and 3D art soon. I'm still exploring my interests with erotica and fetish art and most of my work will probably seem vanilla compared to many galleries on here.

I've never had a chance to connect with fellow vorephiles before so feel free to shoot a message!

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Gunga_Galunga's Blog - Why I'm here Posted 3 weeks ago

As a few people have noted, I've been a member of Eka's for 13 years at this point, meaning I joined quite early in this website's life, but I've only just now started posting and making contributions. No, I am not an automated bot who's taken over this account to extract intelligence from foreign nationals. The real reason is far more boring.

I've been a vorephile for as long as I can remember, but I've always been ashamed of it. Even after discovering Eka's Portal and realizing I wasn't alone with this kink, I still felt bad for having it. I've lived a largely vanilla life, keeping vore completely secret from all my partners. I have never done role-play or sought any sort any sort of interaction with the vore community, aside from watching from a distance.

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Posted by TMVore 3 weeks ago Report

Keeping an eye on me, hm?


Posted by TMVore 1 month ago Report

I'm impressed by the power of your..lurking. 13 years and you only now started watching and favor?

No judgement, it's just a little funny and quite impressive.


Posted by Silhouette 1 month ago Report

I posted in the forum thread, but me too. Nice work.


Posted by Abelar 2 months ago Report

Same as the other guy, the interactive just kept me wanting to read more, really good job.


Posted by Cakyn 2 months ago Report

Ngl your interactive is great fr fr

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