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A walk in the Green

Slurp, Slurp…

“You know Tex… I blame this on you.” Storm said.

“Why Stormy…” Tex answered, panting a bit. “I don’t really see how this is on me.”

Stormy, aka Storm Cloud, looked at Tex, aka Swirling Vortex, with a look that was best described with
“Are you kid

It was somewhat of a sad event. For nearly two years raider parties had attacked the lands of Ponysa. The dragon pillage villages and even town for gold, gems and other valuables, often taking nearly everything of the ponies.

These struggles had raged so long that the ponies are tired. In a lucky twist of fate, the Dragon Lord Blaze agreed to peace talks.

Now all four alicorn queens of Ponysa sat across the Dragon Lord and negotiate the points of

The sun was mere minutes from vanishing behind the horizon, creating a beautiful sunset, when Hard Break opened the door to his house.

He walked through it and used one of his hind hooves to close it behind him. His silver mane and grey fur were damped from the work and in dire need of a good scrub in the shower. After the door was closed, he shifted his body and let his saddle bag hit the ground, creating a loud
, caused by its loa

Travel Writer lays in the hammock of his rented cabin in the old windjammer. The ship cuts through the sea amid a lightning storm, but Travel wasn’t worried. He swung lazily from side to side while listening to the sound of waves and rain on the hull outside. Occasionally lighting would flash through the thick glass of the portholes, but all he could hear was the creaking of the ship's hull and the sound of the rain hitting the decks above.

Travel looked around in









. The

Sister helps.

Marie was a nun at the local church. She tends the garden and helps the people, if they come with their problems. She was loved by all, as she was kind, caring and beautiful, with her height of 5”5, platin blond hair and an hour glass figure, with big d-cup breast and wide hips.

Right now, she was outside the small chapel watering the flowerbed, when she heard footsteps behind her. Ma

Toothless Lover Feast

It was a beautiful day on Berk.

Beyond the boundaries of the village, Toothless was having a great time together with his rider Hiccup in the cove, where their friendship had begun. They spend the whole day, flying around and swimming in the small pond inside the cove. After all, what they had done, both were pretty hungry, so they eat out

It was mid-evening and Celestia’s sun was already down and Luna’s moon was newly up, when Fluttershy walked hurriedly through the streets of Ponyville.
She was hurrying as she and her friends had wanted to meet at Rarity’s boutique to discuss taking a vacation together, since they were all free for a few weeks. Sadly, some of her animals had had a disagreement so the yellow pegasi had to take time to deal with them, and it had taken a lot of time to sort out. "I hope the girls

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