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Mecha-sadist and alleged angel from Jupiter. I like to draw bad things happening to good people. My favorite scenarios tend to revolve around heroic characters (usually female) meeting a humilating end in the digestive system of a cruel predator. I like a variety of preds: males, females and monsters of various sorts.

I identify more with a pred or obersever role in vore and other fetishes. I like to put on a uncaring persona around the victims of my art and enjoy it if others join in. Opinions expressed are for entertainment purposes only.

I've suffered for my art. Now it's your turn.

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So I've not put up much artwork recent - I've not really been able to find the time to properly finish/colour any of it! But that doesn't mean I've not been sketching stuff. I got a chance to scan a whole load of pencil sketches today - I figure it'd be better to put them up as they are than for them to never see the light of day.

I'll be putting bits and pieces up when I get the time to sift through them and maybe clean 'em up a little. A whole lot more monster/f stuff than I've currently got in my gallery, plus some monster girls and other assorted things. I've also got some interesting hardvore/guro art that I'm gonna try putting up here - some of it is non-vore, but I think it'd still be relevant to some people's interests.

If any of it gets a lot of interest then I may pick those...
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Posted by Hereforvore 11 days ago

Any plans to open requests or commissions in the future?

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Posted by Jimjohn101 1 month ago

Thanks for the favorites Genly ^^


Posted by Kitti 2 months ago

Hey, thanks for the watch! I appreciate it.~

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Posted by AlphaSaban 4 months ago

Thanks for the fave! Always enjoyed your work!


Posted by juliacon 5 months ago

Your "Who's that turd?" series are amazing! i wish to see more of that in the future


Posted by Marrickmiddler 9 months ago

Hm, given your history, would it be safe to say you really aren't into male prey scenarios?


Posted by Slimeman64 9 months ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by PhantomWolf 9 months ago

Thanks for the fave


Posted by Jimjohn101 9 months ago

Thanks a ton for the favorite Genly ^^ Means a lot to me!


Posted by Killer8496 10 months ago

I'll probably go around asking a lot of people these questions. But what got you into vore and disposal in the first place? And what is it that you like about vore and Disposal specifically?


Posted by helmett 10 months ago

I enjoy the theme of heroines failing and paying for their mistakes. Good stuff, thanks for making and sharing it.


Posted by deaddanny 1 year ago

I really liked your: Alec and Dusk stories. I hope you write more in the future.

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