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Hey everyone! I'm just a college student that likes to read and write vore stories. Ferals are my favorite for sure. I'm pretty busy during the week but I'll try to upload something whenever I have time.

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shut the taxi’s door and breathed in the brisk Alaskan air. He
wheeled his suitcase behind him and started the trek up his uncle’s
winding driveway. He was flanked by tall pine trees that were glazed
with fresh snow. Even though he had been in the state for hours, he
still hadn’t gotten over its innate beauty. Everywhere he looked
was a potential postcard picture. He had moved up because of his poor
health, an

gets caught in the rain and is forced to take shelter in a shed. If
only he knew it already had an inhabitant...
soft pitter patter of rainfall filled Josh’s ears as he rushed
through the woods. His clothes were quickly becoming soaked and his
shoes squelched with each step. It was just his luck to get caught in
the rain, and he had forgotten his fishing pole by the river in his
rush to get home.
sharp crack filled the night filled the night sky and he star

are almost there Will, just a bit farther now.”
walked down the street with Luke. We had met a few days ago in
school. He needed help with his math, and I offered to help him out.
After a while, we became friends. He was actually my only real friend
at school. No one else wanted to hang out with the bossy math nerd. I
didn’t blame them, most of the time I need control when we work in
groups. My standards are higher than theirs are, so when the others

Watching Bruce
Going to the
dog park was a great idea. Classes have been pretty stressful
lately, and I was recently sick so I lost a bunch of weight. I was
basically a twig now, and this was a great way to relax. I couldn’t
help but be happy walking through the grass, enjoying the sun, and
watching people play with their pets.
Then, something tackled me to the
ground and started licking my face. It was somebody’s dog, a
really big one too. It pinned me to the ground with its big paws a

sat on the edge of the cobblestone wall of his family farm. It was a
boring day, hot too. Earlier in the morning he had finished all of
his chores, so now he had nothing to do. John looked down over the
edge of the wall. He had to make sure that he didn’t fall off like
he did last week. That left a giant bruise on his back. The wall
about twenty feet tall, almost four times his height. It was
necessary for it to be so big though because of the animals. Almost
a century ago, all of

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Hi everyone,

I just posted my first story in a while, Housesitting. It might be my longest one yet, I hope everyone enjoys it! I certainly had fun writing it.

The last half year or so wasn't completely unproductive for my stories, I just started and stopped a lot of them without finishing them. And I doubt I ever will, even though some of them are nearly complete. It's just a lot more fun to work on new material. So my question for you all is this: Do you want me to post a compilation of these stories? Some of them will be pretty rough since I haven't edited, and some won't have satisfying conclusions since I stopped in the middle of the vore sometimes. But some people might still enjoy them, so I'll leave it up to you all.

Thanks for following my work here. Even though I write for...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Barnabajoe 2 years ago Report

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No problem!!!!! Your stories are so unique!!!! I'm trying to find more like them but it's impossible! Keep up the great work!


Posted by SpiceWeasel 2 years ago Report

Thanks :)


Posted by SpiceWeasel 2 years ago Report

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Maybe that should have been for the fave then. Whatever, I appreciate it either way! And keep writing!


Posted by SpiceWeasel 2 years ago Report

...And the watch. Thanks some more!


Posted by SpiceWeasel 2 years ago Report

More faves... Awesome, thank you!


Posted by SpiceWeasel 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the faves!


Posted by Cal_Art 3 years ago Report

Hi and thanks for the +watch and welcome to the site.


Posted by KinderFire 3 years ago Report

Sure thing! Feral vore was always a favorite of mine.
First off, welcome to the site! You should definitely continue to upload. So far so good. :3


Posted by Skittles209 3 years ago Report

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