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 “It’s a girl!” “A girl?!” The surprised parents stared at the nurse cutting the umbilical cord from their daughter. They had an ultrasound a few months ago and were expecting twin boys, yet Kate had just given birth to one boy and one girl. The nurse placed the crying girl in a bassinet next to her crying brother. “I…I think there’s still one more coming.” said Kate. Joshua, her husband, shook his head in disbelief. “That’s impossible.” Seve

 Linda frowned as she walked by the minivan sitting in her parking space. She hoped that the driver misunderstood the “Reserved For Avortionist” sign to mean “Reserved For Avortion Customers”, but the trashy bumper stickers made it difficult to assume good things about the car’s owner. If it weren’t for her blue eyes and red lips, Linda would almost be devoid of all color. She had jet-black hair with paper-white skin, and wore a white trench coat with black buttons. Her lon

 The two mermaids dashed around the ocean, dodging and parrying the other’s ovipositer with dizzying speed. The red mermaid feinted a retreat, completely exposing her egg duct as she swam backwards. The orange mermaid saw through the trick, but was too exhausted to pass on the opportunity. She charged towards her opponent, who predictably darted downwards to counter-attack. “AH!” cried the orange mermaid, feeling an ovipositer penetrate her egg duct. “Hah…victory…at la

 “Mommy, I want bubble gum!” said the 4 year-old girl, riding inside a shopping cart. “No, it’s bad for your teeth.” said her mother, moving the last of her groceries onto the checkout conveyor belt. “But I want it!” “No buts.” The girl made a pouting noise. The mother checked her texts while the female cashier scanned and bagged her items. [Hey hun, where are you?] She texted her husband back, [Still at the grocery store. Avery is being a bra

 “Fifty kids? How does that even happen?” “Don’t know, you should ask her when she gets here.” Both teachers were talking while they set up a line of folding chairs in the gymnasium. Ms. Reiner had a brown buzz cut and a pregnant belly that bulged from her toned, taut body. Mrs. Gray, who spoke with a noticeable Southern drawl, was a thick woman in her 40’s with golden hair tied in a bun. Reiner had arrived three hours early so that she could prepare the more difficult

or treat!” shouted the two early-teenage girls as the door opened.
“Happy Halloween!” said the woman answering the door, who
appeared to be pregnant and in her mid-thirties, “Wow, those are
some awesome costumes! What are you supposed to be?” The larger
girl was wrapped from head to toe in toilet paper that barely
concealed her dark brown skin and wide hips, so it was safe to assume
the question was directed towards the other girl with a more unique
costume. She was short and

you guys really need to do that here?” asked Sarah, standing near
the dining room with her arms crossed. Tina was kneeling and
passionately performing cunnilingus on Maddie, who was sprawled out
naked on the living room sofa. Tina grunted something that sounded
like “Not really” while Maddie smirked and grasped Tina’s head.
“Sorry, Sarah,” Maddie said as she gently pushed Tina’s face
deeper inside of her, “I just thought you might want to join in.”
scoffed at her o

everyone! My name is Ms. Karla and I’m going to be your teacher,”
she said to the 30 kindergartners sitting around her in a
semi-circle. Karla was 23 years old and half-Asian, both her dark
hair and pudgy body were somewhat shorter than average. The kids
excitedly chattered their greetings while she waited for them to
quiet down. “I’m very excited to meet all of you, so let’s
start off today by sayings your name and favorite color. We’ll take
turns so that everyone has a chance

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