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Taking a hiatus again. Lost interest in writing for now I guess. Once I find the spark, you'll see posts again! Until then, please enjoy my current gallery

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The Roadside Zoo- Episode 4- A Recurring Theme
—Late Night Rounds—
The Hill County Zoo has been quiet for quite a few hours now. Molly hasn’t thought much of the slightly unusual tour she had given earlier in the day but that was about to change.
As the park gates closed, the slender, brown haired college grad picked up her, Shadow, from her office and locked up. She always loved bringing her dog to work, especially since the big black lab was always happy to do rounds with he

Boys Will Be Boys
Its a cloudy Thursday afternoon in a quietly busy suburban neighborhood. Down one cul-de-sac, two boys are out turning the large turnaround at the end of the street into their playground. Having just gotten home from school, Jonny Warner and his new friend, Andrew Book, have dropped their book bags by the side of the street and are busy running around, playing some sort of game. Their mothers stand on a driveway and catch up on the day’s event.
At the first few drops of

The Roadside Zoo- Ep. 3- The Reptile House Continues
—The Chameleon—
“What about that Chameleon over there,” Anthony asks Molly, the keeper leading the school group’s tour through the reptile house. Anthony and his classmates had just watched an Australian Perenie swallow one of their female classmates, Kim. Kim still resides inside the large lizard resting under a headlamp and she twitches periodically. All the classmates had enjoyed the show but Anthony seemed mos

A Horse Named Sky
Liz is a country girl at heart. Tall, dirty blonde, rocking jean booty shorts and cowboy boots kind of girl. She sticks out like a sore thumb walking around the northern suburbs of Chicago, but she fits in just perfectly at the Horseback riding complex she works at, The Grove. Her love affair with horses started young but what brought the 22 year old to work here was it was the only way she could actually own a horse. When she got the job, she asked if she could keep a horse th

The Roadside Zoo- Ep. 2- The Field Trip
—The Field Trip—
“Wowwwwww” the group of school kids press their noses to the glass of the terrarium where a grey and off-white stripped lizard has just poked its head out of the log he calls home.
“This, here, is Aussie,” the zookeeper, Molly, says as she fits a microphone over her head. “He’s an Australian Goanna,” she says slowly so the students understand her. She goes on to explain their backgroun

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Still not sure if I'm going to open a new thread for each story's plot line or if I'll just keep them all in here. We'll see how it goes.

Like I said in my previous blog post, my story lines are really just chopped up tidbits of a story that get tied together with creative prose. Now you can at least see what goes on in this writer's head.


--My Newfie- Prey's perspective--

A look into what transpired after Ryan led Bruno into the forest for a walk

Follow up to- My Newfie-
In play: Mr. Warner, Mrs. Warner, Bruno, High schooler: Ryan

Begin partway through prior chap:
-Lying on ground with massive dog, fantasizing about vore.
-Thrilled when owner says to take for walk
-Run around forest. Enter clearing. Bruno lays down, tired.
-Runs hands on dog’s body....
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by SpiceWeasel 4 months ago

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by JustSomePrey 10 months ago

Man, every time I see new content from you, I wish for a non-fatal version just because you write so well.


Posted by JustSomePrey 11 months ago

<< Reply To lovesdogs24

I did have a few ideas on how to do make it somewhat realistically non-fatal. However, I only suggested that as non-fatal vore is fairly rare, oddly enough in a purely fantasy fetish. It actually wasn't even a suggestion, more of a request, it's your story after all.


Posted by JustSomePrey 11 months ago

<< Reply To lovesdogs24

Cool! I'm still hoping for a non-fatal alternate ending.


Posted by JustSomePrey 11 months ago

Are you going to be posting "A Horse Named Sky" here too, and continuing it?


Posted by Lucky 11 months ago

<< Reply To lovesdogs24

I think you need to Privately Message (PM) Leshana. She is the technical moderator of this site. If you type her name in the search bar it should be easy to locate her.


Posted by Lucky 11 months ago

Your writing is good. You should get a gallery!

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