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Your Girlfriend's Dog Vore By lovesdogs24 -- Report

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Dog/Human Vore M/M Unwilling, M/F Unwilling, Sexual themes Male Human/Dog, Male human/female human

Just some thoughts I had with my girlfriend's dog.
Probably could be written a bit better, but didn't focus on this one a lot. Let me know what you think :)

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 4 years ago Report

It's a wonderful little story, nice job


Posted by Lucky 4 years ago Report

I really like this story!

I'm super glad that someone ended up in Max's belly. I felt like he got kind of a raw deal at the beginning there.

I can appreciate the literary mechanic you used of the boyfriend's cum shrinking her, but it seems unlikely to me that there'd be enough volume? I was thinking you'd probably just have her accidentally swallow some of her own pill after it had a leak 'cause she filled it too full, not wanting a repeat of the previous boyfriend not being small enough. But I still like it all, it was a great read. <3


Posted by lovesdogs24 4 years ago Report

In Re to your comment....

Its a comfortable cool Californian Spring morning and Lucky finds himself seated at a picnic table at the dog park with his laptop, looking for inspiration to write a dog vore story himself. He gazes over the scene, trying to find something that piques his creativity. He sees many dogs playing. Some collies, a few mixes, a shepherd, a golden retriever, a husky, and two large dogs; an Irish Wolfhound and a Bernese Mountain dog. Around the park, some people are scattered about. Mostly women, and one man. The man walks around with a cardboard cup holder filled with cups of coffee. He hands coffee out to a few different women and chats with them while they sip. Lucky sighs. Nothing is really sparking a story. He leans against the table with his laptop on his lap and begins to mindlessly story board random ideas.

“Mind if I join you?”

Lucky looks up to see the young man with the coffee now standing near his picnic bench, looking at him through golden mirrored aviator sunglasses. “Uh, sure,” he responds.

“Coffee?” The young man pulls the last cup from the cardboard holder and offers it to Lucky. “I’ve got an extra today.”

“Oh,” Lucky thinks for a second. Strange, but he saw the man handing it out earlier. “Sure, thank you,” he smiles and pulls the coffee from the holder and takes a sip.

“So which one is yours,” the man asks.

“Well, none, actually, I just like to come here sometimes and write. Its relaxing.”

“You’re a writer? I didn’t know that,” the man talks, looking straight ahead, sipping his own coffee. “What kind of stories do you write?”

“Just some fiction here and there, nothing big,” Lucky replies, looking at the man and taking a few more gulps of his coffee before groaning and holding his abdomen. ‘Oooh, how much sugar did you put in this coffee?”

“Oh,” the young man takes a smug sip of his coffee, still looking straight out at the dogs in the park and leaning against the table with one arm resting on it, “I don’t think its the sugar.”

“It’s killing my stomach,” Lucky looks questionably at the cup of coffee as if he’d find answers on the side of it.

“Trust me, Lucky, its not the sugar,” the man grins.

Lucky jaw drops open and he begins to shake. How did this man know his pen name? He turns and looks at the man but, before he has a chance to say anything, the mysterious young man begins an evil villain in a movie style, completely overdramatized, monologue, revealing the entirety of his plan.

‘You see, Lucky,” he continues to watch the dogs at play as he speaks. “Shrinking is an interesting thing. When a man shrinks, everything shrinks. All the cells in his body, everything but the molecules within him, becomes smaller.”

Lucky’s heart is pounding. Adrenaline has already dumped. Fight or flight has kicked in and he wants to run, but he’s frozen and his head is beginning to spin. His coffee cup plummets from his hand, hits the bench, then splashes onto the grass below.

The man continues. “The man’s blood cells shrink. The plasma shrinks. And so, the overall volume of blood within him is reduced. But the serum coursing through him is unchanged, resulting in an ultra concentration of that serum in his blood and that serum needs to be excreted. It is filtered out by everything. It comes out of his pores, its filtered in his kidneys, and is processed in his testicles. When Becca sucked off her boyfriend, she received a near fully concentrated dose of the serum. A dose large enough to bring her down to size.”

Lucky’s vision is blurry as he looks up at the man. His head pounds. It feels like its ten times larger than his body.

“Obviously, not just sugar in that coffee,” the man chuckles and takes a sip of his own. “Before I fed Spot this morning, I had his meal jerk off into your drink.” He finally turns to the now tiny writer and stares at him over his aviator sunglasses. “Its just to prove a point; how such a small dose can make big changes.” He reaches out and plucks Lucky from his shirt that now lays around him and places him down on the bench beside him and continues, “to prove how the serum affects everyone differently.” He smiles deviously then calls out and whistles. “Max!”

Lucky is breathing hard. He’s still trying to comprehend what has happened to him and still trying to contemplate his options. Can he run? Can he jump from the bench? Should he? He begins to wish he did run as his vision clears up and he sees a golden dog with gorgeous flowing hair bounding towards him.

Max stops in front of his owner, panting hard and happily. His owner glances down at the little man, then back to the dog. The dog switches his gaze to the little man as well. He spots his panting and licks his chops with his broad tongue.

Lucky’s mouth is agape. He stops breathing. His head is screaming to run but he doesn’t move. Theres a stirring in his loins.

“Ah,” the man continues, “stuck between a rock and a hard place, huh?” He puts his coffee on the table behind him. “Stuck between your desire to live, and your desire to be eaten… Never thought it could be real, huh?” The man smiles and looks around, enjoying, immensely, the revenge he’s about to exact. “Well,” he says as he reaches down for the little man, “let me help you with that decision.”

Lucky shrinks away as the man reaches down for him but he’s quickly snatched up. He cradles Lucky in his hand with his pinking and pointer finger hooked under his arms. His head rests in the palm and his legs down over the man’s outstretched ring and middle fingers. Lucky faces outward from this position, forced to face the dog he is being lowered down to.

The man angles his hand, holding the man vertical in front of Max. The huge dog licks his chops again before pressing his nose into the small man. Lucky moans out in fear and excitement as the big wet nostrils flare and air rushes past his naked body into the dog’s nose. The big whiff is followed by a hard lick. Lucky’s body, chilled by his sudden nudeness in the open park, is warmed by the dog’s tongue. Max licks him vigorously, tasting his meal before he eats.

Lucky pleads weakly for release but, at the same time, he deeply enjoys the tongue bath. Max’s giant pink tongue spreads over his feet, and is pressed down, the full length covering him from feet to upper chest. The warm, rough muscle pushes into him first, leaving him an opportunity to stare into the gap between the tongue and the lips into Max’s mouth before he lifts his snout, dragging his tongue up over the man’s head, then slurping upwards, roughly dragging his tongue over Lucky’s entire body, stimulating his privates and leaving a trail of steaming hot saliva.

After many soaking licks, max lowers his snout even more and scoops Lucky’s feet into his maw, along with his owners fingers. He travels all the way up to the man’s waste. Lucky looks down and just sees a heavy black upper lip pressed across his abdomen, sealing his legs, and the huge fingers he rests on, in the dog’s mouth. He can feel the massive tongue sliding around the man’s fingers on either side to taste his body.

Lucky looks up. Some of the women the man had handed the coffee to are looking right at the group. He wonders if they can see him in the dog’s mouth or if they just think the man is feeding a snack to the dog. Unfortunately for Lucky, at that distance, the latter is true.

The man shifts his grip, moving his thumb and forefinger under Lucky’s armpits to let Max take his body all the way into his mouth. This time, Max engulfs Lucky all the way to his neck. The man’s fingers are inside the dog’s mouth as well so Max only bites softly and pulls on Lucky. But the man won’t release him yet. He makes his dog hold, suck, and lick on the man a little more before he finally pulls him back up. Lucky, now dripping with saliva, is pulled up to face Max’s owner.

The man pulls off his sunglasses and stares Lucky straight in the eyes.

“Do you still want to question the mechanics of concentrating a shrinking serum by reduction of volume that serum is contained in? Do you still think a tiny man’s cum isn’t enough?”

Lucky stutter’s to respond. He’s still stuck between pleading for his life and begging to be put back into Max’s mouth. Before he can make a coherent sentence, he is spun back around and lowered. Max, waiting with his jaws parted and tongue pulled back, eagerly waits below. Before Lucky is lowered down to the dog’s level, Max jumps. Lucky’s entire body, up to his pecs, are gripped in Max’s jaws. Lucky feels the grip under his armpits immediately loosen. In that split second, he knows this is it. His critique of vore has resulted in him becoming a meal. He’s happy, he’s terrified, and he’s eager for what’s next all at the same time. Max’s feet hit the ground and Lucky looks up at the man above him who has turned his attention to sipping his coffee and eyeing a group of college girls who just came into the park. He opens his mouth to scream but, the grip on his body loosens. He’s tossed up just enough for Max to slide him all the way into his mouth.

Lucky’s feet enter the dog’s throat. His face is squeezed against the dog’s hard palate and his entire body is pressed and molested from below by the massive rough tongue. He wriggles his arms. They’re free outside the dog’s mouth. He wonder’s what it looks like to see the beautiful, golden brown retriever with tow human arms sticking comically out of his mouth. But the thought doesn’t last long. Another toss and swallow and his arms are folded up above his head as his legs are squeezed together into Max’s throat. He imagines for a second he could spread his arms like Becca’s boyfriend did and make Max choke. But, he’s distracted as the more fleshy back of Max’s mouth closes again around his waist. The pleasure, the warmth, the stench of the air around him is just too much. He’s dominated in all the right ways. His eyes roll into his head and he shakes as his loins erupt into the dog's mouth.

Max's owner, glancing down at the time, watching the man disappear, smiles. He sees some of the white fluid gush out of the corner of his dog's mouth before another forceful swallow flings the sticky fluid off.

Lucky, mid orgasm, wishes Max would hold him there for a moment and take his time swallowing him down. But Max isn't here to pleasure his meals. Another jerk of his snout and opening of his throat brings Lucky down, all the way to his shoulders. The muscular throat squeezes the rest of his body eliciting unbelievable amounts of pleasure. Max immediately makes his more gentle final swallow stretching his head forward, pushing the fleshy opening of his throat over his prey's head as his muscular esophagus drags Lucky down to his digestive demise. Lucky is squeezed and dragged down now by rhythmic squeezing of slick muscular walls around him, passing him down the dog's neck, through his chest, and seconds later, through a tight opening into his final, hot, stinky resting place, surrounded by bones and chunks of Max's previous human meals melting away around him.

Then now satiated Golden Retriever licks his chops twice and returns to panting happily as his owner clips his leash on.

The man then takes care to pack Lucky’s clothes into his backpack along with his laptop. He slings the backpack over his shoulders, picks up Max’s leash, and walks over to the group of college girls, leaving only the spilled coffee behind to mark the spot where Lucky became dog food.

“My dog said he’ll give my number to anyone who gives him a belly rub,” the young man says as he approaches the young women, “any takers?”

They laugh and begin petting Max and letting him kiss them. The man watches the girls with his dog. He laughs knowing Lucky came onto the tongue they’re letting kiss them. He smiles deviously when they rub his belly. Knowing Lucky is being sloshed around in Max’s belly. He knows they might be able to feel him. But its too late. In a few short hours, Lucky will be be broken down and turned into a mushy, nutrient rich slurry to energize the happy dog. Never again will Lucky need to question whether a shrunken man’s cum would be enough to shrink a human. Never again will he have to do anything other then nourish a dog then be turned into a pile of shit.


Posted by aimy 4 years ago Report

Fair enough but this of course raises the natural question why it didn't make the dog shrink also :P


Posted by lovesdogs24 4 years ago Report

Aimy, that is a good question. Humans are likely able to metabolize the serum in a way that a dog simply cannot. There are no short term side effects of ingesting the serum but, a long term study has yet to be conducted.

Sorry, but I'm not going to feed you to Max for asking that question ;P


Posted by aimy 4 years ago Report

Ah never mind, it's just me who wonders on how this could be explained in any logical way. Now I think what happens to all that lost mass, where does it go? The cells shrink but not the molecules was you words, hmmmm a mystery that needs further scientific investigation and experiments.

That is fine I don't mind living a bit longer then. Since when it is a nice thing to feed somebody to an animal anyways? We are strange people indeed^^


Posted by lovesdogs24 4 years ago Report

Further investigation is needed. Possibly mass is converted into energy and expelled as heat. Excess fluids and mass could also be excreted through the skin, out the mouth, ect... though I'm sure that would make a mess. All I know is shrinking anmolecules seems much less likely.


Posted by aimy 4 years ago Report

Indeed! Oh, ehm... ever heard of the popular formula E=m*c²? The energetic equivalent of mass would be quite significant to say the least. To give you an idea: The mass converted to energy inside the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima was only ~1g.

Enough of that, just tell me it's magic and I'll shut up :D


Posted by Lucky 4 years ago Report

This is the most in-depth and imaginative reply I have ever seen. Your explanation is consistent with your world and even if it weren't, my argument is irrelevant, as I am currently melting in a dog's stomach, destined to be nothing more than a bowel movement.

Thanks. <3


Posted by lovesdogs24 4 years ago Report

I'm tempted to post this whole thread as a whole new story


Posted by Sharktooth 4 years ago Report

Aww dang. Seems good but i kinda had to stop
(Male prey is gross to me idky) i just cant read or look at it. No offense to anyone who does like it

But think you might ever make a female prey only version?


Posted by aimy 4 years ago Report

Hey, that was a great story thanks for sharing!

I liked your description on the retrievers actions and behaving as well as the detailed writing on it's preys perspective. It was great that the animal took it's time and you did a good job at describing the dread it's victim was experiencing as well as the conflicting pleasure ;) That he won against the dogs persistent tries to gobble him up was a surprise but a welcomed one, what happened next quickly ruined any possible happy feelings of victory inside the humans. The part where his girlfriend played with him was not really addressing me but that is OK (I preferred the feral action), but it made sense what happened to her next so I guess that was at least part of the motivation you included this?

One thing I have a little trouble with is to believe a dog that has a positive relationship with it's owner would do something as cruel as eating them. Maybe if it was near starving... but I doubt it would be that careless for the human it considered a friend - or do you have an good explanation for this?

Oh and one addition. While you described everything that happened before the swallowing, the process itself and the events inside the stomach where cut very short. I'm not asking for more details on the digestion process here just more what the victim experiences on the way down how it feels like to them also emotionally. I believe the stomach acid would not be strong enough to cause immediate pain anyways (well maybe at some sensitive spots like the eyes for example) but it will surely take some time to cause actual disintegration on the skin. Most likely one would suffocate long before that happens, what do you thing? That all is of course a matter of personal taste please do it to your liking :)

Sorry if this sounded a bit negative it is not meant that way, it's a great story. You asked for what people think so there you have my opinion :D


Posted by Bright 4 years ago Report

Nicely done karma ending there.


Posted by Drakira 4 years ago Report

I really wish I had more to say, but all of your stories have been great so far. I have thoroughly enjoyed the worlds you are building up, and I hope you continue with such lovely vore stories.


Posted by NikoMessiah 9 months ago Report

Good energy, but that digestion scene was a it too spicy for me...


Posted by horsefood 8 months ago Report

will there be a 2ed one? this one very good would love to see anther one like this one!