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I write stories about being eaten so I can afford to eat so I can live longer to write stores about being eaten-

22 // She/They // AroAce
I'm mostly a writer, occasionally an artist when the muse strikes. Consider buying a commission to help me pay for food!

I'm a pretty simple person, rather vanilla in most ways. I watch a lot of youtube, and a few cartoons as well, and I'm a pretty chill person. Don't be scared to send me a message! I like making friends and bonding over stupid stuff.

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  Rylon pushed aside a thick fern, closing his eyes as the massive leaf brushed against his face. He stepped over the plant and returned to the dirt path that he had been following not moments before. He'd only abandoned the road when a whiff of fresh meat had hit his nose, leading the boy off the worn road and into the foliage. Unfortunately, it was just a plant that imitated the smell of blood and flesh. Feeling foolish for being so gullible, Rylon brushed stray leaves from his outfit and

 Christina licked her fingers free of the salt left behind by the bowl of beer nuts she'd just polished off. It was only an appetizer, nothing compared to the monstrous amount of food she'd just ordered from the man behind the bar. The empty bowl clattered across the counter as she slid it away from her. She made the rounds often to this particular bar, and she was well known as their best customer. When Christina visited, the barmaids often fought over who would get to serve her, as t

 Francine wanted one more look over her airbnb listing. She scrolled down the page, her eyes scanning the words for typos. She was looking for a little money on the side, and figured renting out her body was a nice way to go about that. Francine hadn't listed her home, after all, she'd posted her stomach.  For as little as a day or as long as a month, curious travelers could curl up in her gut and let her give them a place to stay. Francine was no stranger to the act itself, swallowing

 "Ankha!" Came a pained cry from the cat's front door. She turned, startled by the sudden commotion, and took a step back as a familiar wolf came barreling towards her. The intruder's cheeks were red and her eyes were weary, she looked on the verge of tears. "Audie? What's wrong? Why did you run in here screaming?" Ankha asked, her full attention stolen by the panicked wolf.  Audie held her head in her hands and shook it slightly, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "I don't

 The flashing lights of the concert came to an abrupt halt before shutting off all together. The screams of adoration and praise changed to howling panic as people pushed and shoved in the blinding darkness. The speakers had cut out, the music had stopped, and all that remained were the stars above that barely lit up the sky. There was a new voice among the crowd, one all too familiar for the citizens of Zuan.  The speakers entered an obnoxious feedback loop, sending an ear-piercing sq

 This was the first time Ann got to visit the city where Chel was raised. It was much different than her little town; the tallest building out in any small country city tended to be the church, but here a dozen logos threatened to puncture the clouds, resting on top of massive skyscrapers. They'd come all the way from their college campus out of state to visit Chel's sickly grandfather. When the taxi finally came to a stop outside of the retirement home, Ann wasn't sure she was ready.

 Tori tapped her pen against her notebook impatiently, racing the seconds as they ticked on the clock. Her eyes were stuck to the laptop in front of her, darting to the top line of the email before scanning the words again. She had been working on getting this grant for months now, and her heart was anxiously trying to decipher what they meant. Her documentary team was working on a special piece about prey species, how they were treated in modern society, and the predators throughout histor

 James loved Jess as much as one friend could love the other without crossing a line. She was outgoing and fun loving, there was never a dull moment when she was in the room. If Jess tried, she could have been beautiful; she had a gorgeous set of blonde locks and tanned skin from her many weekends spent on the beach. But she didn't take care of her body very well, that blonde hair was present in places that should have been shaved clean, and her gut was a steadily growing sphere consisting

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So, I finally got a "real" job, which unfortunately has put me behind on patreon rewards. Rest assured your stories are on the way!! It will just take me a little longer to get them finished.

I'll be pausing patreon in August, so July will be the last month you are charged until I start them up again. You will have PLENTY of warning in advance before it's opened again!

So, for those tagged below (with one exception, you know who you are), you now have two 5k stories in the works! I look forward to getting them to you as soon as I can!

 maxmax  Randomness  Heartless and  Random415

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