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I write stories about being eaten so I can afford to eat so I can live longer to write stores about being eaten-

22 // She/They // AroAce
I'm mostly a writer, occasionally an artist when the muse strikes. Consider buying a commission to help me pay for food! I currently have a Halloween sale on commissions! Check it out before it's gone!

I'm a pretty simple person, rather vanilla in most ways. I watch a lot of youtube, and a few cartoons as well (I just like them more than sitcoms, lol) and I'm a pretty chill person. Don't be scared to send me a message! I like friends, and I don't bite :p

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 "It's exhilarating, and exiting. It feels like Viagra on steroids," Booth laughed. "Exhilarating and exciting mean the same thing. And I've never taken Viagra for obvious reasons," Bones huffs, looking down at the tiny herb resting between them.  She wasn't sure how long they had been utilizing it, as the past few months have been a blur in her mind. It started a couple years ago when she discovered a new plant that had interesting effects on the local wildlife. Specifically, thi

 Emma stumbled into the nearest building and collapsed onto a bench, desperate to escape the noise of the partygoers outside. That party fucking sucked. Despite the campus being the host of the party, there had been alcohol passed from cup to cup, and Emma had her fair share of drinks. Unfortunately, alcohol was the only good part of the whole thing. Sure she could head to a different party off campus, but those tended to be unsafe. Emma had lost more than one friend at some frat party, onl

 There's nothing in the known universe worse than owing a massive sum to a large, powerful race. When the debt runs high enough, life can substitute where money can't, and that's exactly how Makuta found himself in his current position.  Makuta's leader had stooped to selling off their own warriors to the Lumeris race to clear their own head of debt. Unfortunately, the few picked for this exchange included Makuta, who had been ripped from his life without warning. He'd been stripp

 There was an angry buzzing invading Makuta's brain, yanking him from sleep. For one blissful moment he was tempted to reach for the alarm clock, but he was quickly reminded that he was not sleeping peacefully in his own bed. The feline quickly jerked himself awake, rubbing at his eyes to help them adjust. It had been less than a year since Earth was invaded. The violent race of aliens had attacked unannounced and taken the planet by surprise, leading to chaos and fear. Makuta had mana

 "I don't understand why I can't just come with you," Anna pouted, tugging at Clover's arm. The dragon stopped in her tracks and turned to face her lover, smiling softly as she met the wolf's begging puppy eyes.  "I told you, love, this is a business trip, not pleasure. Of course I want you there, but they aren't allowing plus one's this year." Clover swiftly pulled her arm free and continued placing folded shirts into her second suitcase. "Besides, they're not even sending me som

 Charlie slid his novel away from his face slowly. For the past fifteen minutes there had been a hole seared into his head from a stranger's gaze, and he was steadily growing anxious. His own eyes jumped from passenger to passenger as he searched for the culprit, but no one caught his attention. Several times he had tried to return to his book, but the uneasy feeling of being stalked was making the words run together in his head until he couldn't understand them.  He snapped the book s

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October is here, so it's time for a sale! Ten stories at half price, for this month only.

Want a story for $5 per 1,000 words? Read below to claim a slot!

Normal rules apply, so if you've commissioned me before you already know the drill. The only subject I will not write is vore or sexual acts involving children. Other than that, it's free game. Any type of vore, any type of pred, feral to furry to human to monster!

As mentioned above, there will only be 10 of these sale slots available, and once they're full they're full! To claim a spot, either reply to this thread or send me a PM.
Your commission can be kept private, or uploaded publicly depending on your preference.

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