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Wow! Another Vore artist! How original

21 // Female // Ace/Aro
I'm mostly a writer, occasionally an artist when the muse strikes. Consider buying a commission to help me pay for college! I'd love to write something erotic for you!

This profile is currently getting a makeover, mind the mess~!

There isn't much to know about me, but I love making friends! Feel free to shoot me a message if you wanna chat!

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tested the freshly charged shears, making sure they were working. It
wouldn't be the first time she made her way all the way to the
livestock with a pair of broken shears. She looked up as her partner
in crime, Belle, let the door slam behind her, a smile on her face.
The Wooloo approached her and planted a soft kiss on Vera's cheek.
smile is my favorite sight in the morning," she cooed, holding
Vera close to her. The wolf nuzzled her way into her partners soft
wool and lau

your pockets, kid, I'm not gonna tell you again."
stared down the taller man, but reached into her pockets anyway,
turning them inside out. "I told you I don't have anything, but
here, see for yourself," she scowled. "Nothing. Empty."
stepped closer and gave her an irritated shove, "alright
smartass, empty the bag, then."
had run into a few Team Lotus members before, and this was as mean as
they get. From stealing Pokemon to stealin

feet his the carpeting of the airport, tired after sitting still for
over three hours. Makuta had decided to fly out of the country for
his vacation, something he'd never done before.
want to travel before you get too old," everyone told him. "When
you get older it gets harder to visit the places you want to go. Why
not spend spring break somewhere you've never gone before?"
took their advice, and he took a deep breath of the inner city air.
Smelled simil

back hit the wall with a soft intensity, looking up to her partner
with a shy smile. Vixie had talked her into going home for the first
time since they started dating, and while Vera worried it was too
soon she eventually gave in. Vixie placed a paw under Vera's chin,
lifting slowly and indulging in a kiss.
how much you can learn about someone in a week," she cooed,
planting another kiss farther down her muzzle. Vera leaned against
the wall and closed her eyes as Vixie

I'm sure from where you're standing it's hilarious, but this is
serious." Linda held onto his thumb, staring up at the towering
former king of Hell. "We need to find a way to reverse this
and Maze had stopped by at Lucifer's house for a friendly talk, and
when Maze found a bottle of liquor she took turns with Linda
polishing it off. Eventually the two found out why it wasn't kept
with the rest. They began slowly shrinking, their shirts becoming too

straightened his back to relieve the sore muscles, a wave of relief
creeping up his spine. No one said this job would be easy, but damn
did it pay well. From eight that morning until now he'd been working
shoveling hay and carrying water back and forth from the stables. It
was just a summer job, which was perfect for Makuta, but standing
this long without a break was murder on his body. It was only his
second weekend here.
you did good today," a familiar voice had Makuta

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Small update! I'm busy working with commissions and whatnot, plus I've got school coming up in less than a week. I'll have to move back onto campus on the 11th, the day after the sale ends. Everyone in my queue WILL still get their commissions done at the sale price :)

I've been a little innactive, but I'll do my best to keep up until I have to move in!

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