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Wow! Another Vore artist! How original

21 // Female
I'm mostly a writer, occasionally an artist when the muse strikes. Consider buying a commission to help me pay for college!

Mothman is real and I am him

There isn't much to know about me, but I love making friends! Feel free to shoot me a message if you wanna chat!

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are you looking at?" a voice grumbled from the thicket.
the girl sitting before her spoke it caused Marina to flinch. She
crept closer, careful to keep her long reptilian body hidden.
on earth did you hear me?" her quiet voice broke the soft
ambiance of the nature around them.
kidding?" The girl turned the page of a novel in her lap. The
swivel of her head brought her large hare ears into the light.
Marina's eyes widened, her hands grippin

evening started with Valerie pushing past Max, ignoring his friendly
smirk. He wondered why she decided come along if she was just gonna
be cold the entire time, but was answered when he saw Simon copping a
look at her ass on the way inside. Max rolled his eyes, but he was
happy his friends were enjoying themselves.
invited them to his parent's house on the lake, a little uncharted
neck of the woods home to a cozy cabin of stone and wood. They'd only
be around for a week. Max lifted a

telling you, we can't trust any food that was sent from Earth, that's
where we sent ZIM, remember?"
I'M telling you that they look tasty. Besides, I'm hungry, whats
wrong with a little taste?"
maybe if someone hadn't eaten all of our reserve, we wouldn't be
forced to MAKE this decision!"
conversation reached tired ears, not really sticking at first as real
words. When Dib's eyes adjusted to the room he was suddenly very
aware of where he was.

door swung shut behind James, his face still flushed from the walk
home. He leaned against the door and pulled his phone from his
pocket. He stared at his lock screen, the smiling face of his fiance
staring back. A shock of adrenaline made him grin madly. Fiance! A
word he'd never thought he'd use. A joyful beagle ran to meet him,
his tail wagging madly behind him as he greeted his owner. He reached
down to pet Bubbles, roughing up his fur before standing again.
sounds of a first person

not that hard, Goodra," Jack shook his head. "Charm is one
of the easiest moves to learn, I just...okay, if you want to catch
their eye, you've gotta nail this. Do you understand?"
sorry Jack...I don't know what I'm doing wrong..."
pokemon glanced around the room of the trainers school, watching all
the other trainers teach their pets. Their pokemon responded on
command, following their instructions perfectly. And when they
didn't, the two stopped t

froze as something passed in front of him. His orange eyes gleamed
from the shadows as he watched the guards pass, then he slipped
around the corner and continued on. the satchel resting at his side
already had a decent amount of stolen goods, but he'd had so much
luck in looting this place that he couldn't resist one more room.
Woodland Realm was a gorgeous place, the allure of nature at every
turn making Makuta feel safe despite what he was doing. The riches
hidden here went far be

quite the fighter, aren't you?" The woman took in his words with
her back pressed firmly against the wall. She could barely feel the
bricks that scraped against her palms, her heartbeat was echoing all
around her as panic took over her body. The light rain worked to hide
the figure in front of her, but she could tell he was tall, and
growing closer.
like a good chase to wake up the appetite," the stranger
chuckled, his footsteps splashing in the standing pud

tested the freshly charged shears, making sure they were working. It
wouldn't be the first time she made her way all the way to the
livestock with a pair of broken shears. She looked up as her partner
in crime, Belle, let the door slam behind her, a smile on her face.
The Wooloo approached her and planted a soft kiss on Vera's cheek.
smile is my favorite sight in the morning," she cooed, holding
Vera close to her. The wolf nuzzled her way into her partners soft
wool and lau

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