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Soft wind rustled through the peach blossoms, scattering the early pink petals. Spring rain had refreshed the earth, bringing with it the smell of damp soil and new grass. Above the cart trails and twisted roots, a butterfly danced in the fertile rays of sunlight that filtered through the trees. More drifted among the branches.

A young butterfly fluttered close to the ground, entranced by a cluster of tulips. He alighted on one of them and cupped the silky

A Sacrifice
The weight of a hundred lives weighed heavy on his young shoulders, and yet he stood strong. Knees-deep in the underbrush, he waded through the thick forest. Under his breath, he repeated the Words, a whispered mantra that had transcended meaning.
Where the sky is fire and the trees dance, it awaits.
His voice was raspy, whispered through chapped lips.
It had been many darks since the mouse boy had seen his people. He was little more than a child, young enough to still be given the l

A Doll’s Life
When the forest parting the village and the castle produced an ornate ebony carriage pulled by two thoroughbreds, the villagers knew what to expect.
“They come! They come!”, an elderly farmer had shouted, pitchfork still in hand and a spring to his step that he had not displayed in a long time. He was the first to seek refuge in his shack, lock the door, and disappear from sight altogether.
The warning was all it took. Doors were closed and barred, windows were sl

Fawn and Wolf
The wolf squatted, running her clawed finger through the marks on the ground. The unmistakable tracks of her mark – four points of pressure, barely two inches long, a hop’s length away from each other. Only a couple inches long and not too deep, despite the softness of the ground in this stretch of the forest. She brought a handful of dirt to her nose, and her nostrils flared as she recognized the distinctive scent of the fawn.
The little deer-child was clever, she gave

(Akairiot on deviantart)

My Little One

Cherry lay sprawled out on her stomach in the dry field grasses beneath a large oak tree, her fuzzy red furred ears wilting in the heat. Not even the slightest shred of a breeze tousled the thin hairs of her bushy tail, nor did it whish away any of the sweat pooling on the smooth shin of her back or limbs. The young red squ

They had always been there. Timeless as the hills. Certain as the sun. Before Keva was old enough to know anything, she knew that they were out there, watching them. The Keepers in the forest.
Keva’s mother, a comely, kind doe who, like her, had the softest fur of brown, had whispered lullabies to her while she was still a swaddled infant. Lullabies of the Keepers in the forest. Around the clearing. Beyond the grove. The Keepers watch us with all their love. Ever young. Ever fair. The Keep

Lucky Find

Mala glanced over her shoulder nervously as she wandered the darkened streets. The little deer's main concern was not that she might run into some predator but that she might be spotted by her fellow prey. A predator would likely assume that she was on some errand and had every right to be in the Nobles' Quadrant, if they bothered to notice her at all. The actual workers in this area, however, all knew each other

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