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Year 2020 Posted 1 month ago
The year is 2020. Where irony has come to die.
I'm writing steadily again. I will be finishing Little Pill before the end of the year.

Not to worry. I'm not Stephen King. I know how to write a good ending ;)

Stay tasty.
The Plague Posted 3 months ago
I have been watching the world burn. Not without some disappointment, of course.
The State I live in has been opened, closed, re-opened, closed again; phased forward; phased back -- it is beyond the pale.
It has given me whiplash.

I also live close to the actual seat of the Country's law-making pantheon, so whatever happens there, boils and froths over and affects my area as well. And I do work for the US government in an ABC agency (nothing sexy, trust me) so as you can imagine, things have been utterly chaotic.

But I have finally whittled down enough of my case load to find a stretch of uninterrupted time from now until end of October to polish up on my writing.

I see a huge surge of followers, likes, watches, and comments. I plan on...
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The Plague Posted 7 months ago
Hello intrepid reader:
We've battened down the hatches over here as we try to weather this plague.
I live near the epicenter of it all in the States (very near the political nexus) and so I am unsure when my next chapter will go up...

We are undergoing a shelter in place protocol, so if I am resigned to staying at home for the foreseeable future (I work for the government as well) with maximum telework policies effectuated, then I may have only the freest of time to write to my heart's content (especially during work-hour lulls).

For those of you interested, I now have Discord as well, and I am happy to connect with a few kindred spirits on there.

Stay safe, and stay tasty
Little Pill Posted 8 months ago
New chapter will be posted tonight.

You aren't ready for this.
Little Pill Posted 1 year ago
Hello, lovelies.
I'm working on the latest chapter....

But before I release it, I need to edit the preceding chapter. I underwent a spell of censorship when the new policies for 'under-age' went into effect, which effectively took down an important 'bridge chapter.' I'll be re-releasing " Red Rape," "Girl on Girl," and inserting the bridge chapter betwixt them. In addition to that, will be the next never before-seen chapter that I'm presently drafting. I would like to get this done within the next 2-3 weeks.

So keep your eyes peeled
Contrivances Posted 1 year ago
Apparently some of my chapters from "Glass Curtain'" were hidden? Archived? Removed from the record due to the under-age element (very frustrating). Can people still see the content of this story? The under-age content was actually integral to the plot. (Ah well). But, I understand the policy.

Strangely, I also noticed that one of my chapters in "Little Pill" glitched and made a duplicate of itself, overwriting the legitimate chapter, and throwing the "Little Pill" series out of sequence.

Very annoying. And I can't seem to upload it into the spot I want; it simply shifts to the end/most recent in the series.

I am thinking about downloading the content; deleting it; then re-uploading it in...
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Teaser Posted 1 year ago
I have been writing feverishly the past few days.

Yesterday alone I have cranked out 5,000 words for Little Pill.

5,000 words of F/F (yes, you read that right).
-- but, also, I suppose M/F/F (because I can't help myself...)

But, suffice to say, an F/F chapter is coming.

Keep your eyes peeled, lovelies.

-Queen Nephilim
Relentless Posted 2 years ago
This place won't let me go.
And, somehow, I have -like- 20 new watchers. Goodness...
Back Posted 3 years ago
I am back guys. And in a big way.
My life has changed in such a way I can be back

So. Hello.
Resurfacing Posted 4 years ago
What can I say.

As guilty as the day is long, Indighost flushed me out of hiding.

Initially, my absence was due to a culmination of events that cascaded one right directly into the other at the closing of 2015. (I moved 80 miles). Then, I abruptly moved again. (One could say I -ahem- slunk out in the middle of the night). And that adventure required moving 300 plus miles.

And just as I was getting my feet b'neath me, I was recruited by an international corporation. So, I've been hop-scotching across continents and countries.

But now, most of that has blown over. I am now acclimated to my new surroundings. And slowly but surely assimilating into my new position (an extension of my already 9-year-long career) which on most days...
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