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A gentle rumble is felt in your belly, as the shrunken


that is trapped within squirms fruitlessly. The sensation is quite pleasant, but the knowledge that someone is slowly being digested within your belly does far more to turn you on, and you feel your shaft gradually stiffen. As you sit there, reclined in your plush chair, you think of what lies ahead. You hunger for power, of course, in part seeking to strengthen your ow

You wake up in your b

ed, as you have now done quite a few times. It’s still a quite unusual feeling to not be in your home realm, but you’re not in a hurry to get back there - by your reckoning, it’s at least a century since you were last summoned to the mortal world, and aside from all the fun that’s available here, there’s a lot of things to discover. While little ever changes on


Just before you leave the house, you cast a glamour over yourself, in order to hide your true demonic nature. In but a few seconds, your wings retract into your body, your tail shrivels away, and your horns rapidly diminish into nothing. This is a weird feeling, but it is an unfortunate necessity when passing amongst mortals.

Speaking of mortals, there seem to be many different kinds of them here. The street is teeming with life

Letting your body slump into the seat fills you with contentment. You’re a little tired, and a visit to a pub - just for some quick food and a drink - was certainly the right call right now. Your sprawling tail coils up around the table that you’re sitting at, and the next one over, but you don’t care. Nobody would dare bother a naga anyway. The waitress comes over, a nervous look on her face. A faint rumble escapes from your long tail; a bulge is visible within. It is the rema

You stir from your sleep, quite aware of your heavy pair of balls. The girl inside them has stopped squirming; she must have exhausted herself. Light filters in through the thin curtains; the pale light of an early morning. You stretch your arms, your great black wings, and finally your tail, before getting up from the chair you had slept in. The room is cool, but you’re not bothered despite being naked. Your infernal soul keeps you warm. The room you’re sitting in must be some kind

A few weak struggles can still be felt from within your belly. A foolhardy sorceress, in the last desperate struggles. You have already absorbed her magical power, and her body will follow soon enough. You gently pet your belly, poking at the woman within. She still squirms, but that merely causes your belly to work faster. Her struggles grow weaker and weaker, and shortly after, they stop completely. No longer being
pleasured by the struggling within you, you merely lie down on

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