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Escape the Neighborhood (Vore Game Recommendation) Posted 9 months ago
For fans of my Vore Street text adventure game, I would like to recommend another very similar text adventure game called Escape from the Neighborhood (link: ). It deals exclusively with m/m vore from the prey’s perspective, but the tone, setting and setup are very similar.

In fact, it has so many similarities that I can’t help but feel like my game may have been a direct inspiration, even though it is not listed among the author’s influences. I know that great minds think alike, so it is possible that we both came up with all these very similar ideas independently, but the hyena couple who happen to share the same name as the hyena couple in Vore Street feels like a direct nod to my game.

If my game DID inspire the...
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Thinking about Vore Street Posted 3 years ago
When I made Vore Street, I had to make a lot of compromises due to the limitations of the game engine. There are so many details that I had to leave out because there was no easy way to make dialogue trees. And, unfortunately, the last update to Quest has introduced a bunch of problems that would make further development difficult, and addons like convlib are now faulty (though I’m unsatisfied with how convlib handles dialogue trees). I’ve looked into other engines, but they all have major limitations that would be very difficult to work around. It would almost be easier to make my own game engine, but I don’t have the knowledge or patience for that.

So I don’t know. I really want to flesh out that story more, but I don’t know … I also thought about doing like an RP/ask blog...
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Deleted scenes. Posted 5 years ago
One of the most frustrating things about writing is having to deleted good content. For a story to flow, you need to keep it focused. But I grow attached to ideas and it's painful, for me, to let them go. You won't believe the number of good scenes I've had to delete from my latest story. Part of why I've taken so long on it is because I've been desperately trying to make these scenes work where they don't fit. I hate for them all to go to waste, so I decided to post a few here.

Please note that these scene are incomplete and poorly edited. Also, these scenes are not canon.

(The context is the mother telling the protagonist about several incident where the father tried to get rid of Bambi)

The first incident involved a babysitter....

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Work in progress Posted 6 years ago
It's been a while, and I want to give people something, so here's part of the draft I'm writing. Keep in mind that it's still rough and hasn't been properly edited so there will be errors and clunky wording.

Remembering Chris

Chris was a runt. Otters can sometimes be predators, but Chris was too small. From an early age it was clear that he would only ever be prey. If Brenda hadn’t eaten him, he would have been eaten by someone else. I’m glad my boy ended up in that kind hyena’s stomach; she deserved him. Brenda spent more time taking care of Chris she was practically his mother. I was a single mother working three jobs just to make ends meet; I didn’t have time to raise a son. I knew it would be risky to leave my son alone with a predator,...

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Progress Posted 6 years ago
I'm about halfway through writing the Full Tour Gone Wrong follow-up but I'm finding it hard to stay motivated. I have mixed feelings about vore these days, and making vore content is not really something I can be proud of. Plus, there didn't seem to be that much interest in the story anyway. I'll try to complete it, but no guarantees, and it might take a while. If I fail, I might post what I have written so far as a blog entry.
A question Posted 6 years ago
Just out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in a different perspective on my last story "Full Tour Gone Wrong". There was a lot of detail that I had to leave out of the original that could be added with another perspective - the kind of details that vore fans might enjoy. But I want to gauge interest. Do you guys want another perspective, or do you feel that the original covers the story well enough on its own?
Update Posted 7 years ago
I have a confession to make. Over the last couple of years I've been having a lot of trouble writing (not just stories, but essays as well). It isn't until recently that I figured out what the problem was. The problem was that I had forgotten how to write a first draft. I had somehow gotten it into my head that a draft should be relatively clean and readable so I ended up wasting a lot of time editing and re-editing earlier parts of my work. I progressed at a snails pace - there was no momentum - and I had a lot of trouble staying motivated. I now realize that a first draft is all about CONTENT not wording. To edit before a draft is complete is almost always a waste because the shape of a story changes during the writing process. I'd spend hours cleaning up a first page only to change it...
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Possible new story Posted 7 years ago
Hello watchers (and people who forgot that they are still watching me),

I've been messing with a high school vore setting and I would like to get some early thoughts. I think the story has potential but it uses a perspective and style that I'm not used to writing in (ie first person with tangents and digressions). It's a first draft so there should be many errors but I'm more interested right now in how you think it sounds. Are the digressions annoying? Is it too unfocused? etc. If I do end up writing this story (and I make no promises there) don't expect it anytime soon. I've written 3000 words so far and I don't think I'm even close to the end. But if it does get done there will be loads and loads of vore and vore references throughout.

Below is only the...
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Co-Authors? Posted 8 years ago
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in coauthoring my latest story. I have written and edited the first half and the second half is mostly drafted but unedited, and unfinished. I was thinking that maybe, with some notes, someone else could finish the story for me and I can finally get the damn thing out. I would want final edit but I would not release the story until both parties are happy with the result and I will, of course, credit the story to the both of us.

It's just an idea I've been thinking about. My motivation to write vore is currently at zero and I don't know when that will change, so progress is at a standstill. I would like to get this done so that I can, for now, wash my hands of vore and focus on writing other things but it's hard. My mind has already...
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Stagnation Posted 8 years ago
I am writing this journal because, in my last journal, I said that I would complete my latest story in only a few more days, and I am afraid that it might take much longer than anticipated. The reason is a lack of motivation. To be clear, my loss of motivation does not come the story being “not good enough,” not exactly, anyway. More accurately, my loss of motivation comes from the realization that “not good enough,” is the highest standard that I can reach with vore. I feel that I have hit the ceiling of what I can accomplish through vore.

As far as I can tell, my latest story is as good as the best of my vore work but, to me, that isn’t saying much. I know I can do better, I HAVE done better, but better isn’t possible for me when I write vore. The genre is far too limited,...
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