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Hi guys,
so you found my vore page. You have some wierd taste in lewds, but that is okay, you are in good company here. Anyways let me introduce myself. I am a hobbiest artist from germany. I enjoy creating a lot of diffrent stuff: characterdesigns, landscapes, Worldbuilding (usually in tandem with characterartwork) and sometimes even sculpting (digitally most of the time, but i dont feel like showing that here). I love exploring interesting concepts, that might sometimes get wierd if not even dark, so you've been warned

What can you expect to see here?
I am using Eka's as a place to post my pregnancy,weight gain and (obviously) vore stuff. In short as long as there is some form of "big belly" involved, you'll find it here.

Where can you find me?
I am mostly lurking around on my discord, posting art and talking about stuff. If you want to get in contact with me, its easier over there. You can come join my discord with this link: my discord
i also have a Furaffinity, where i post the other portion of my lewds my Furaffinity

get illustrations from me ?
I am not as focused on doing commissions nowadays, so you might need to wait quite until i open them up again. Prices can also be found on my Discord together with the post when i am opening them.

What am i willing to draw in commissions ?:
i am ok with drawing things that you can see in my gallery, but i am open to new experiences too. If you want me to draw something that is not represented in my gallery, you can ask me about it. Sometimes i dont even know if i want to draw something so talking about it usually clears that up.

Anyways thats enought about me. Thanks for reading and see you in the comments

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Hey guys,
so i've been thinking about how i am going to be handling commission work from now, since my momentary work does not give me much free time and its hard to say when i will get it. So i think i need to try something new. So my new plan is to just take comms and do them whenever i can find the time for them.
So Basicly:
- Commissions will not be restricted to a specific timeframe, but instead can be taken on when ever
- there wont be a concrete release date
- Updates about the progress can be slower than usual
- Prices are still the same as before

Note: This is a test to figure out if this works for me, so it might change in the future.

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Posted by DarkArtist 8 months ago Report

Surprised I'm not watching you, considering your good work. That has been fixed. <3

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