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i am tweeting now ? Posted 13 days ago
Apparently yes
will unite all the kinks into one blob of smut
how to handle Commissions ? Posted 8 months ago
Hey guys,
so i've been thinking about how i am going to be handling commission work from now, since my momentary work does not give me much free time and its hard to say when i will get it. So i think i need to try something new. So my new plan is to just take comms and do them whenever i can find the time for them.
So Basicly:
- Commissions will not be restricted to a specific timeframe, but instead can be taken on when ever
- there wont be a concrete release date
- Updates about the progress can be slower than usual
- Prices are still the same as before

Note: This is a test to figure out if this works for me, so it might change in the future.
thanks Posted 10 months ago
thanks for participating in my little poll.
I'll keep these results in mind and focus on these two subjects more. Doesnt mean the other wont get attention, just not in the near future.

1# safari:
III <-- (part4 is already in work)
2# goat imagepack
III <-- (7 pictures already done)
3# other series:
II(both sonic girls) <-- (reaserching good candidates)