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Comms Closed - Thanks Yall! Posted 3 years ago
Hope everyone had a good Vore Day! Closing down new comms for now, gonna work on the ones I got this round. Thanks everyone who PMed. ^^
Vore Day Celebration - Opening up Commissions Posted 3 years ago
Hello folks!

So it's been a little while, but as Vore Day approaches, I'm gearing up to take on some new commissions. As before, I will limit the amount of commissions I have active at once (probably around 4 to 6) so I don't burn myself out, but I won't take things on a first come, first serve basis. I'll try to favor folks that I haven't taken a comm from before or has been a while since I took one from them or ideas I feel I could work best with.

Basically, how this will work is: between now and the end of Vore Day (August 8 ), I'll take PMs with comm requests. After Vore Day, I'll pick the ones that I will work on this round, let those folks know, and close comms till I'm done with that batch. Once finished, well, we'll see then! So if you're interested in...
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Commissions are Closed! Posted 4 years ago
Man, you folks are too kind. xD I seriously appreciate the enthusiastic response I got to my opening up of commissions. In fact, it was enthusiastic, that I really must cap it here and now. Else I'll risk taking on TOO much at once.

So for now, I'm not adding any new comms to the queue until I've worked through what I've taken on. Inquires are welcome, but I won't be adding new slots till I'm ready.

Thanks again folks, and look forward to new content as I work through this queue!
Commissions are Open Posted 4 years ago
Hey folks!

It's been a while, but I am opening commissions again if anyone is interested. Just a couple of updates to be aware of:

1. My prices have changed. The basic model is now going to be: $10 per every 1000 words. So $20 for 2000, $30 for 3000, etc.
2. I'm not necessarily sticking to a first come, first served model. I'll add accepted comms to the queue and go by it roughly, but may take time between comms to do other projects that come up. Don't worry; if anything influences when you'll get your's, I'll be letting you know!

Other than that, inquiries are welcome. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in setting something up or have questions. Thanks folks. :) ...
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Not So Awesome Update Posted 5 years ago
Hey folks! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive. My computer died on me (completely died), so I haven't been around as often or able to do extensive commissioning. A new one is on order. I plan to open up commissions again sometime, but it will be a bit delayed with the computer and all. ^^;
UPDATED - Commissions Closed! Posted 5 years ago
Hey all!

Commissions are now closed! I'll send out a PM to everyone chosen for the first batch. Thanks to everyone who requested a comm. I'll put out another announcement when the next batch is up. :)
New Commission Batch - Sunday June 18 Posted 5 years ago
Hey all!

Just letting ya'll know, I'll be opening up the next batch of commissions this Sunday, June 18. I'll open up slots Sunday morning and close them in the evening. I'll be taking four commissions this batch. Again, this will not be first-come, first-served; I will be favoring people who have never commissioned me before or ideas that I feel I would work better with/have more interest in. So get your ideas ready! :)
Commission Update Posted 5 years ago
Hey folks! It's been a while since I opened up for commissions so... I'm going to open up for commissions soon. XD The end of this week, I'll open up for commissions, but I'm going to do things a bit differently than normal:

To prevent burnout or taking on too many at once, I'm only going to take four commissions at a time. But it will NOT be first come first served. I'll be favoring anyone who has never had a commission before or ideas that I feel I work best with. And if you don't get picked for a slot this time, don't worry. I plan to open up again once I finish the first batch.

I'll put the announcement up here. Hope you all have a good week. :)
Apologies! Posted 5 years ago
Just to let all the folks in the commission queue know, I'm not dead. XD Various life events have slowed my work down tremendously as of late and made it much harder for me to keep my normal pace. I'm sorry for the long wait time you folks have been experiencing. I'm still working through the queue though so don't worry! I will get everyone's story done. ^^
Commissions Closed Again Posted 5 years ago
Just to keep folks updated, I've closed down commissions (that is, taking on NEW commissions) until I finish the current set. I hate making folks wait so long to get their stories, and it takes a good while to get through a dozen projects. xD So I'm trying to determine what sort of commish set up I prefer. Taking them as they come, opening up monthly slots, etc. I'll let you all know when I'm opening commissions for folks again.

If you're already in the queue, don't worry. I will be getting to you! :) Thanks for being so supportive.